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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



My title for this blog is the most ambitious yet ! So here goes. We deal in real property. Real property has always been recognized as a thing of Value. Many of you read The Good Earth in School. It was the land that made the poor serf Olan I think was his name rich. The down fall of the family t...
I attended a local board meeting yesterday. I learned that the long range and short range(less than 3 years) problem facing Realtors is a lack of trust. A big part of this lack of trust is that NAR reported last year 50 percent of those who are new never made it past the first year. Personally I ...
Our clients fold ,spindle and mutilate our spirit on a regular basis. We are no walk in the park to each other either. There are many things we see on our MLS's. Here are my top peeves with my fellow Realtors. It would be interesting to see what could be added1 Directions.There are distances to b...
If you are thinking about moving to the mountains do you think about when you should look ? Now I am not talking about interest rates market conditions etc etc. That has been done to death...BORING. I am talking about other conditions you should consider in deciding when to look.The most overlook...
You will have to pardon me I was a history major in College. I just find the similarities between Realtors and Ancient Greeks very interesting. For those of you who did not major in history let's review.The Ancient Greeks were a proud bunch. They invented many things. Much of their learning was t...
In my last blog I talked about buying water property. Especially water property that was on a Corp of Engineer Lake. In this blog I am writing about mountain property. Your buyers or friend moving to the mountains may be coming from an urban or different setting. They are looking for mountain pro...

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