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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



Recently Chase issued its 15 declining marekt states. Other institutions have declining areas within States. What does this mean to you as a Realtor? What can you do about it?First a declining market is one where the lender has said the prices of hoimes are going down. This is often because  the ...
Our Market is tough. We are not declining like some but it is tough. Sales in Georgia are down 22% against last year which were 15% down against the previous year. Yes there are buyers out there. But it is taking more time to find them. It is taking more time to work with them. They are wanting t...
I have decided to do this and track the week of a Realtor ! So yesterday was Monday and my blog was about inspiration. Today is Tuesday. Today we have a sales meeting . We do this monthly. I am the Broker for All Mountain Realty. As part of our sales meeting we have a training. This is not for sa...
 This picture is just one view of a tract that is about 150 acres we are working to sell. We have a buyer !!!!! But the seller is the problem. When selling tracts there are good things and bad things. Unfortunately some of the things that sellers think are good are bad. These are things to consid...
Last night I went to bed a tired struggling Realtor and today I wake up a protesting college student. My last blog I thought, got it all out of my system. But I think I was wrong. Maybe because it is spring...Any way here is my answer to the mortgage crisis. Take everybody that has a sub prime lo...
Yesterday I attended a seminar and they were talking about a change and a turn in the Georgia Market. The speaker was a very nice person. He was head of the GAR. I am all about good news, but.... Foreclosures in Georgia will hit an all time high this month. That is if we exceed the all time high ...
Our business has it's own language. We talk about free hold, earnest money, riparian rights, metes and bounds and so on. You remember all this stuff from real estate school right? In each market there are sub sets of words and phrases unique to that Market. Our market is no different. Here are a ...
There are a few common mistakes sellers make. We are all pretty much familiar with them. The big one is I am priced here $$$$$$$$$    so I can negotiate. This is the biggest mistake I think . Seller overpricing leads to the home being overlooked.However there is one mistake that sellers make that...
 We good Folks at All Mountain Realty didn't always live in the Mountains. In fact we lived in the Northern area of Atlanta in Marietta. These 2 pictures are of our back garden that my wife and I, with occasional help from our son created from woods. I am posting this to show why so many folks lo...
All of us Realtors and Sellers worry about prices. Declining prices are a problem. But let's put this in perspective. Every body that said housing prices always go up lied! Prices trend up but there have been enough blogs and posts showing a roller coaster effect where prices rise but also have d...

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