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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



These 2 lots in Talking Rock Creek resorts will have great views when the vista clearing that is done with home building happens. The pictures are my attempt to show these views. These lots are 7200 each. You could buy the pair at 68,000 each . Each lot is close to an acre and 1/2. This is a moun...
I read many Q&A's here on active rain. I respond to some. What stikes me is how people save a little money and how that costs them a ton later on. Here are some common problems that hopefully yoube avoid 1 The quitclaim deed. This is my favorite. The qiut claim deed can be filed 100 percent corre...
Too New to be on the MLS system yet This great 3 plus acre lot is in North Georgia's premier mountain community Big Canoe. Lot is over 3 acres. On an up slope. Has excellent views. (Some pictures taken from cleared space next door)  The good news about this lot is that while it is private and has...
Yes gas prices have us all down. I am not blogging about this as we have done it to death. But if you are buying in the North Georgia Mountains, why not let your fingers do the walking? We at All Mountain Realty have provided links to our multiple listing service right on our web site. The good n...
Summer is now in full swing. What this means to the North Georgia mountains are a spate of festival, outdoor events and activities. The water situation in the mountains so far is good. Remember Atlanta is the one and their lakes are tied up in 3 state politics. Some communities have eased their w...
I cannot yet post pictures so forgive me. Rain folks are working on it. This weekend we have a tennis mixer for all to play in. We have the Sconti opening, and we have a great concert at the Terraces Saturday night. Just one weekend of fun in the mountains. But that is not all. Things are in full...
The much looked forward to Sconti lake concert was a great success. This concert is free and the Dekalb Symphony was up to the challenge. Imagine an outdoor concert on a lake where we all come to set up picnic tables and watch. The imagine it is FREE. This is one of the best 4 letter words the En...
There have been some interesting goings on in Big Canoe lately. Folks outside of the community have posted with glee about a contemplated 1% sales fee on property and recently about a move to recall a director. Let's set the record straight, When you live I a community as beautiful and as amenity...
We are in a deal right now that repeats itself over and over. The issue is clear title. Here are some rules of thumb. Use an attorney to do a title search. Spend a buck. In this case a home has clear title but one of the lots that go with it does not. It does not because there was a quit claim de...

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