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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



My Sister-in-law is here visiting us from England. She loves looking at homes. So while my wife is working I take her around with me as I preview homes and communities. It is interesting to note the observations of a visitor to our country. 1 Most of the homes here seem bigger to her. Yes we have...
When we give our sellers a list of things to repair and the price for their home they are sometimes overwhelmed. I am starting a new pricing strategy. I am giving the sellers a list of things to do that require sweat equity. These would be the cleaning and uncluttered type of things. And then if ...
Well the Mountain Real Estate report did not win a GABBY. But heck we were submitted and nominated so we are very happy. Also thanks to those who sent us answers either in response to my blog or emailed directly about ideas for the show. You can hear the report tomorrow around noon EST on our web...
I was born and raised in the city of New York . I am used to landmarks . Things like the Statue of Liberty the Empire State Building, Times Square, etc etc where things I grew up with. So as i traveled and got older I was used to landmarks as a part of directions. When we moved to North Georgia I...
The mountains are really beautiful this year.There are some things you should do to take care of yourself while traveling in them 1 Always walk in pairs. You may think if you twist and ankle on a wooded hike you can use your cell phone for help. I am here to tell despite what you see on TV with t...
This photo was taken 15 years ago. My hair was dark then. My son and I went to a wedding of one of my cousins. It was his first time in a suit and his mother was not there. So we made a deal. In Feb in South Carolina we went to the pool so he could swim and burn of energy. Along the way I ended u...
Right now in the North Georgia Mountains it is breezy and warm. Further South it is just flat hot ! Banks and Shane were here in concert this weekend . What great fun. There are boating and party events all over the mountains. When you come to the mountains if you decide to buy consult your local...
Today is fathers day and I am actually out showing property this afternoon. But I am taking a moment to post my best wishes to all those Dads out there. Don't get caught in the work trap. Remember any time you spend with your kids is quality time. So even if you can't take them to Disney world yo...
One of the driving forces behind our housing market is market /people mobility. In some markets this is a greater factor than in others. People move. Jobs move. People are relocated. People sell to retire. A factor in this market that has a drag is the immobility that exists today. People can't s...
Look at these pictures. Why aren't you calling me to live here? Look Out Mountain is a beautiful patch work of valleys and mountains. Since the Mountain is in many places a plateau you can have a rare combination of pasture land at elevation and mountains views You can be minutes from the great s...

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