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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



There was not going to be a working with boomers 2 except for a headline I saw in business week. The headline read Boomers Nest Egg Shrinking. So the question is should you dump working with boomers? The anser is no. My blog gives some great strategies for working with boomers. But if the nest eg...
Getting insurance in the mountains is a tricky business. You need to be aware of the factors that go into the cost of Home owners insurance. Living on the coast may create different types of policies for insurance as it relates to weather. Living in the mountains does the same thing Enter the gre...
WYYZ radio in Jasper is the epitome of a local business. They broadcast Gospel as well as talk radio. They have won numerous awards and in fact this year alone they one 4 merit awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasting. We present the " Mountain Real Estate Report" on Wyyz weekly. But t...
I am I guess now an "Old Guy". I am not sure when this happened. I suspect it did not happen all at once. I am sure many of you reading this blog can empathize with me. I know I am an old guy because I am 6 foot 4. This is important because when I was a young guy in stores people would say ,"Hey ...
Today the mountain that I live on is covered in mist and periodically it rains. A picture of this would just be all white and not really convey the beauty of the mountains in any weather. So let me quote Carl Sandberg The fog "The fog comes n on little cat feet Sits silently on its haunches and m...
This morning I had some early appointments so as I crossed Lake Petit Dam I was able to take this photo This is the sun rise over Lake Petit. It was a great warming wonderful sight. If you notice there is not a cloud in the sky. As I sit and write this post it is pouring rain and thunder is rumbl...
We had a great deal of rain this winter and spring. It seemed the flowers and plants really loved it. Along with the flora comes the fauna. We have had a lot of fawns late this year. I was able to snap this one before it ran away. Being a City kid for a lot of my life makes moments like this real...
We are putting together a seminar for buyers in North Georgia. The seminar will be August 22. It is by invitation so you need to call us to reserve a spot. We will have lender's and insurance folks there. We are going to cover how to buy with 100 percent financing. We will also go over the credit...
Every Market is different but in different areas I am hearing the same thing. Yes there are buyers out there. Yes there are loans out there. However buyers are coming in with really low prices and negotiations are tough. Some of you are lucky in that your market has not gone through the pain that...
I am going to make a prediction. Yes I really am the illegitimate child of Nostradamus 14 generations removed!. Or at least some one who watch the amazing Karnak on Johnny Carson. Here it is . Many, many, many, buyers are going to get shut out on the 8k credit because they are going to wait till ...

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