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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



I do not usually do speechless Sunday as it is the day I make up for my sleep deprived week. However this morning I walked out on the front porch with coffee in hand. I was listening and trying to see a woodpecker that was busy in one of the trees in our yard. Never saw it. But managed to get a p...
This was a great Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for. We had a house full of company . They left today. We had a great party Friday night. We had friends and family here for a fun dinner on Thursday. One of the things I am most thankful for is there were no fire calls . Usually at this...
The Mountain Real Estate Report is broadcast every Thursday on WYYZ Radio out of Jasper. This Thursday we give out a Turkey cooking tip as well as talk frankly about whether or not , as NAR says, Now is the time to buy. We cover some reasons to buy OTHER than potential appreciation. Have a Happy ...
Thanksgiving is becoming a holiday that may be better called Reconnect day. It is a time to reconnect with family and friends . During the year we become involved in day to day. We often miss seeing family and friends. We have less dinners at the table. So Thanksgiving to me is a day , after the ...
The Mountain Real Estate report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ Radio in North Georgia. It is broadcast over the web and stored on our web site , This week Linda and I review some nuts and bolts about buying and selling. We talk about the appraisal and pricing for the se...
I am a private property advocate. What does that mean? It means I support the bills that go through our state legislation that defend the rights of property owners. Property cannot move. So it is an easy target for those who want to raise money through taxes. This struggle goes back to the Doomsd...
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ Radio in North Georgia. This week we interviewed the President of the Mountain Conservation Trust. The trust is a non profit group aimed at preserving land. It is not just a green acres thing. The trust takes land use into considera...
If you are looking for a home in Big Canoe this is a great time to buy. Prices are really good right now. Yes you will have association fees but you do get a lot of things for your money. As my wife and I drive and look at beautiful North Georgia scenes we always end up saying, "OK after we sit o...
If you are looking for a Mountain home or land now is the time to look. NOT because of the 8,000 credit. NOT because of the new 6500 existing home buyer credit. NOT because prices are very very good. NOT because interest rates are low. NOW is the time to look because the leaves are off the trees!...
If you are looking for a loan modification and have been turned down you may wonder why. If your loan is commercial you will almost always be turned down. The question is why. After all weren't we all taught that 80 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing ? Here is one answer. ...

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