ball gorund homes: Chrysler goes Chapter 11 - 05/01/09 12:24 AM
It was a sad day yesterday when I saw that Chrysler went Chapter 11. I remember the first time When MR. Iaccoca went to DC got a loan and turned the company around. That was a great moment and a great partnership between Government and Business. Yesterday was just a sad event.
In the end the saddest part may have been the Hedge funds that would not come to agreement over a settlement to keep Chrysler a float. The President looked genuinely pissed off. In the end I think the hedge fund managers greed and short sightedness will prove this victory … (3 comments)

ball gorund homes: Ellijay Georgia Apple Festival - 09/21/08 07:25 AM
As noted earlier about Jasper, the mountains are full of fall festivals. The Ellijay apple festival is one of the biggest. It is Oct 11 and 12 and the 18 and 19th. The famous antique car parade is on the 19th. Get there early so that you do not have to park miles away. To find out more about the festive go to You will find directions and all the information you need to have a great day in the country. And after you have been to the marble festival and the Apple festival visit us on line at … (3 comments)

ball gorund homes: Here we go Again !!! - 09/16/08 11:59 PM
Well the Feds are now in the insurance business. We are bailing out AIG. Naturally the price of oil goes up again today. This whole thing amazes me. The idea that if you are big enough and screw up bad enough some one will save you is now the new motto on Wall Street. Too bad Lehman Brothers you weren't big enough to get help.
Her is the real issue . YOU CANNOT DEREGULATE THES GUYS  as others have suggested. Why ? Because when they screw up you and I are called on to bail them out. If you deregulate then … (11 comments)

ball gorund homes: LISTEN CONSUMERS !!!!!! - 08/30/08 03:58 AM
I answered a Q&A writer today. And it strikes me that folks making probably one of their biggest investment decisions do not use a professional Realtor. It just amazes me . For aches and pains you go to a doctor. For a car you go to a mechanic. If you are buying a used car for 2,000 bucks you say, "can I have my mechanic look at it?"  But for a 200,000 home you go in blind. Then when things do not go exactly as planned I read your questions here on Active Rain . So I ask myself WHY ??? … (4 comments)

ball gorund homes: Mountain Update - 07/21/08 08:29 AM

Prices in the North Georgia mountains are holding steady. Yes there are foreclosures and some short sales. But over all prices are steady. Now the opposite side of this is the length of time it takes to sell. This  has ballooned to over 100 days in many cases. This is an average so you know there are some properties that are well over this.
A sign of building slowdown can be felt here. North Georgia is the carpet capital of the US and a force world wide. The low value of the dollar always aides this industry. It makes … (0 comments)

ball gorund homes: Big Canoe Update: New Sconti opens - 07/15/08 12:59 AM
With much fanfare and not a little controversy the new club house is open. The reviews, despite the Pollyanna proclaimations of Smoke Signals, are mixed.
I have eaten there once. I have found the food to be good. The staff to be friendly and trying hard. The value to be good.
Having said that. I have also been turned away when there were obvious seats available. The menu selection is limited and the staff needs more training. Which all leads us to ask the question why didn't we contract the job out to a company that knew what they were doing?. … (2 comments)

ball gorund homes: Independence Day. What does it mean ? - 07/04/08 03:25 AM
In a strictly political sense we are talking about a bunch of guys who said, What do we need your British for? But that is only the start of the story.
We are very dependent. My main PC is on a work bench right now, talk about realizing how dependent we are !!! We are dependent on the  power company water company etc etc . So what does it mean to be independent and what are we celebrating. We are celebrating the ability to think and have independent thought. We are celebrating the right to speak and act on more of … (5 comments)

ball gorund homes: Big Canoe Update - 07/01/08 07:55 AM
This Saturday is the Reinhardt Big Band at the Terraces. On the 4Th of July there is a fire works display. Also on the 5Th is a tennis round robin mixer. Add this to all the other things Big Canoe offers on a regular basis and you can see why we are North Georgia premier mountain community. Visit us on line at www.georgiasno1agent.comfor more information or call us at 706 268 1028. We are All Mountain Realty Serving Big Canoe and so much more in our North Georgia Mountains

ball gorund homes: North Georgia Real Estate - 07/01/08 06:14 AM
If you are looking for information about North Georgia Real Estate and real estate information you can listen to the Mountain Real Estate Report. Heard every Thursday at 11:05 AM EST. on Wyyz Radio 1490 Am in Jasper. .Out of range? No problem Show is simulcast on the web at Or if you miss the show listen to it stored on our web site or 
Email us and let us know what you think . Or call us at 706 268 1028. Our show is over 1 year old and going strong.

ball gorund homes: Big Canoe Update - 05/30/08 02:26 AM
Sales in Big Canoe mirror the national averages. In other words they are slow. This means that this is a GREAT time to buy. This is North Georgias' premier Mountain community. With 27 holes of golf , tennis , a fitness center, 3 lakes and so much more Big Canoe combines the Mountain experience with things to do.
If you want to sit back and chill you can. If you want to listen to a concert in one of the many free events we have here you can. What about nature you say? Yesterday I watched a turkey walk through my … (7 comments)

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