ball ground homes: The lasting, so far, effect of the housing crisis - 02/06/15 03:55 AM
The bubble burst. Folks who bought land,condos, and homes in 2004 -2008 maybe still be upside down today if in fact they have managed to hold on to the property. So the immediate effect was a general decline in housing prices as now foreclosures and short sales figured into "comps". In addition, as housing slowed many industries that rely on housing for their well being suffered. 
But this post is not about the recession and finances. It is about the lasting psychological effect of the crisis. Todays' buyer is looking at housing as an investment. Not so much as an investment in … (21 comments)

ball ground homes: First Time Buyer Information The Mountain Real Estate Report - 09/23/11 09:48 AM
This week the Mountain Real Estate Radio show is dedicated to first time buyers. It is not just about looking for a home. Nor is it just about getting financing. First time buyers need to consider many things in order to be happy, successful first time buyers. Linda Carrig and I put together the Mountain Real Estate report each week. It is not only about the North Georgia Mountains. As is the case for this show it is about Real Estate in general. Hope you enjoy the show and if you have an ideas for topic going forward we love to … (0 comments)

ball ground homes: How the conversation should start - 09/10/11 06:04 AM
I do a lot of work with first time buyers. My conversation starts the same way EVERY time. Have you gotten your pre-approval from your lender ? If not do you have a lender? if not I can send you a list of good lenders. I then explain why this step is critical. I usually set them up on Listing Book and send out an email with lenders. I do follow up in a couple of days about the Lender. If we do not get past that first step we go no where.
Explain to your first time buyers why doing … (10 comments)

ball ground homes: How I saved money and lost the sale of my home - 04/21/11 02:25 AM
This is a story that I think all can relate to. The home owner wants to sell the home. The home owner is tight on the appreciation against  what they owe. The home owner decides to use a discount brokerage. The brokerage tells them you can get listed for X. Want a yard sign add 10 dollars. Want a lock box add 25 dollars. And so it goes. The seller lists for X
Enter me the Agent with a buyer. I see the house on the MLS. I call and the seller answers.( This is a positive as it usually does … (6 comments)

ball ground homes: Is Now the Time to Buy? Better question, Why Buy at all !? - 03/04/11 01:45 AM
I cannot tell you how many blogs I have read or how many times I have answered the question, Is it a good time to buy? The question is it a good time to buy is very subjective. It requires an opinion of the market, thoughts on where it is going, and the financial as well as emotional state of the buyer. So lets ask a different question. Why buy at all ?
A recent survey by NAR showed that home owners versus rentors were more likely to be committed to neighborhoods. They were happier in their homes than renters. Home owners … (1 comments)

ball ground homes: North Georgia Today - 01/18/11 09:24 AM
In our mountains today we are seeing more and more first time buyers come out. We do have somewhat of a shift from vacation buyers and second home buyers to folks looking to take advantage of this market. Many renters are singing the same song. The home I am renting is going in to foreclosure.  We still have 100 percent financing available for veterans and as part of rural development. Now is a great time to consult with your local expert here at All Mountain Realty and own your first home.

ball ground homes: It is different in Georgia - 12/16/10 02:01 AM
Atlanta is a great hub for business. Other areas of Georgia are great retirement areas, or just beautiful and you would want to live there. So if you are moving to Georgia there are some thinks that you should know about how we process real estate transactions.
1 Wwe are a title State. This means that if you are unfortunate and face foreclosure it is non judicial. Fact is you sign at the closing saying you can be foreclosed on with out going to court.
2 We use closing attorneys. We almost never close in Escrow.
3 Up until 2010 we … (5 comments)

ball ground homes: Lightening strikes Twice - 10/12/10 09:53 AM
Lightening does indeed strike twice in Real estate. And it may become more than an odd occurrence. I am working with a buyer, again , who may have no credit. Always pays bills , has no credit cards, however in this case there are car payments that may help us out. This may be more and more the norm as young folks tighten their belts in these uncertain times. So if you are working with young first time buyers yo ironically have to advise them on how a little debt is a good thing!!Ssecond time it has happened to me in … (4 comments)

ball ground homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 07/14/10 08:00 AM
This is a show for first time buyers. In fact we interview a first time buyer whose first name is John. He is an actual buyer who worked through us. John talks about the steps he took and the direction he got . He and his fiance got a great deal and because they worked so well with us and followed the steps needed the process went smooth for them. So this show is aimed at helping folks who are looking to buy. We talk about what should eb done with John in order to make things go smoothly and have … (0 comments)

ball ground homes: The word is Value - 07/05/10 08:26 AM
I posted about this a while ago . But recently I have felt the need to post it again. Many out there are looking only at foreclosures and short sales. But truth be told what they should be looking for is VALUE. Value can be found in short sales and foreclosures . But it can also be found in conventional sales. If you are a first time home buyer do not fall prey to the media hype and limit yourself to looking at one type of property. Let your Realtor show you value. What it s called after that , short … (4 comments)

ball ground homes: Terraces concert this week in Big Canoe - 06/29/10 02:50 AM
This Friday is the long awaiting Army Jazz band concert at the terraces in Big Canoe. There will be tail-gating and plenty of food. The concert is free ! It is this Friday and should start around 6 pm Last year we had close to 1000 people there to see this great event. So get out your lawn chairs. Bring your coolers. And do a no rain dance. Big Canoe is a great mountain community with a lot of things to do year round. If you are interested in Big Canoe call the pros here at All Mountain Realty.

ball ground homes: The Mountain Real Estate REport - 06/17/10 01:54 AM
This week on The Mountain Real Estate Report we cover 3 topics. The first deals with Housing starts and some recent numbers. We offer our interpretation of these numbers. The second is the ABC's or the steps buyers should go through BEFORE shopping for a home. We here at All Mountain Realty are here to help with all those steps. The third area is a discussion on the "Quit Claim Deed and how it can sink a deal by clouding a title . we hope you enjoy the show and welcome comments and suggestions for futre shows. Your browser does not … (4 comments)

ball ground homes: The mountain real estate report - 06/03/10 08:00 AM
The Mountain real estate report is heard on WYYZ Radio every Thursday after the noon news and announcements. If you missed any shows you can hear them on our web site This weeks show is a continuation of our theme about buying a second home or investment property in the Mountains. We also use part of the second half of the show to talk about HAFA . We hope you enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

ball ground homes: What's in it for you ? - 05/06/10 07:54 AM
I have gone on a number of listing appointments recently and the sellers have had that look on their faces that says, "Whats in it for you?" You may be thinking why, as I am going to get a listing. But not so.
Scenario 1
Many sellers I am working with have agreed to see me and told me they need to do a short sale. I sit down with them and the first thing I do is direct them to the government web site. If they have income then they may be eligible for a loan modification.  If they get … (6 comments)

ball ground homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 03/19/10 02:15 AM
This weeks radio show focuses on folks who are in trouble in their homes. Linda and I discuss different ways you can try to avoid foreclosure . We also talk about avoiding a short sale as well. In other words we want to keep you in your home first. Even though as Realtors we are not financially compensated for much of this information, we believe we are private property advocates first. Enjoy the show … (1 comments)

ball ground homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 03/05/10 08:13 AM
Through out the North Georgia Mountains every Thursday after the noon news we broadcast the Mountain Real estate report. If you are in Pickens, Gilmer, Cherokee, or Dawson Counties you can hear us live on WYYZ Radio. If you miss the show you can hear us here on ActiveRain or on our web site The mountain real estate Report is brings real estate information to it's listeners . We provide tips and strategies on buying , selling and investing in our beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Enjoy the show … (1 comments)

ball ground homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 02/25/10 01:42 AM
What would the North Georgia Mountains be without the Mountain Real Estate report? Poorer for the experience says I !! Ha. This week we cover a great new listing that can be had for a great price. we also cover why winter is a great time to look at mountain property and homes. We talk about new contract changes in Georgia and the role of the Realtor as well. The Mountain Real Estate report is heard every Thursday on Wyyz Radio and on line her at ActiveRain as well as on our web site Enjoy !!! … (2 comments)

ball ground homes: Look at the Market !!!! Seller and Realtor Advice - 02/16/10 11:45 PM
Often times we work with Sellers who are, very rightly so, house proud. Being house proud is important. But you must look at values. So for example if you need new kitchen counter tops and your home is in the 200k and under price range then you are not going to get your money out of replacing the old ones with granite. Use a great new ( less expensive) laminate instead.
The point is talk to you Realtor about your market and sprucing up. This is more true today than ever due to the new way we do appraisals.
If you … (8 comments)

ball ground homes: Winter wonderland Photos - 01/30/10 02:02 AM
One of the joys of higher elevations is a winter scene. Sock up on Wine and Cheese the day before. Make sure you have lights and fire wood just in case you lose power and settle in for a day . These are photos of our latest storm. We have been hit hard this year so far. While many to the North got considerable snow we were just on the line . A few miles south or even at lower elevations in our community it was a rain event. Enjoy the photos
This photo is off our front deck. As it … (12 comments)

ball ground homes: Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Specials - 01/21/10 11:24 PM
Short sales, foreclosures,and specials are all words that make folks lose there reason and good sense. The only word that matters in a real estate transaction is value. If you are getting good value then the deal is good. If the value is not there then it does not matter if the home is a special, foreclosure, or short sale. So if you are out looking for a home the MAIN limiting factor you should have is value. 
When you call us at All Mountain Realty that's what you will find. Folks call us all the time and ask about foreclosures, … (5 comments)

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