bent tree homes: On line Marketing , What I Hate (mini Rant) - 04/19/11 03:02 AM
Yesterday I was on line and ready to buy. But in the end I was frustrated. So for all you on line marketeers let me clue you in on what I absolutely hate and I suspect others hate too.
1 I get an email and before I delete it, it is actually something that I might want . I click the link in the email  and go no where. If you cannot get that right I do not want your product.
2 I get to a web site to buy  product X . All I see is how great the company … (11 comments)

bent tree homes: Sights in Big Canoe - 03/15/11 07:33 AM
Big Canoe is North Georgia's premier community. It has a great balance of Amenities open spaces and wild life. On my way home yesterday I was treated to some of the wild life.  This can only mean one thing. Spring is in the air. To learn about Big Canoe or many other areas in our North Georgia Mountains contact the pros at All Mountain Realty at 706 579 1098 or visit us on line at

This guy was crossing the road strutting his stuff for the ladies. So the question is in the photo below is he showing off … (9 comments)

bent tree homes: What every HOA needs to hear - 03/01/11 09:41 AM
Home Owners Associations can be great things. I have been lucky in the communities I live in . For the most part the HOA folks have been great. But this is not an across the board situation. So here are some things you HOA folks out there need to know.
You may have brought into a neighborhood for a high price. As you see prices decline do not try to get property owners to upgrade their homes through new restrictions. All you will do is force more people out and make the existing homes harder to sell.
Making homes harder to … (4 comments)

bent tree homes: Economic Recovery, Housing lags, why? - 02/10/11 02:31 AM
There are some interesting dynamics, of the human kind, in the economic recovery that I believe are going on. I am not an economist but the numbers are all moving in the right direction. So lets focus on the human aspect of the recovery. We know that home prices in many areas are still falling and in other areas are still low and not recovering. So why is housing lagging behind?
My first thought, is jobs. Why take on the responsibility of a home if you are unsure about your job or the ability to sell if you are transferred? This is … (3 comments)

bent tree homes: Snowed in !!! - 01/10/11 08:54 AM
Once again we in North Georgia are snowed in. It looks like a couple of days before we get out. It is so beautiful. I will post some shots tomorrow. But rather than despair I am working full steam. I am calling folks who want to do business this year. This is a good thing. Why? Because they are trapped at home as well. So we are all talking and sharing our snow stories. I am also doing a bunch of paper work and web site work. All in all I am more productive now than I am usually. For my … (2 comments)

bent tree homes: Big Canoe Christmas - 12/18/10 10:05 AM
The chapel will be decked out for a great Big Canoe Christmas. There are many parties to go to. This week so far I have seen a bunch of Florida and out of area tags on our roads. This is a great sign. The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful around this time of year. Whether you are celebrating in Big Canoe , Bent tree or anywhere in our great Mountains have a save holiday. Drive safely as it can get slippery when it is cold.

bent tree homes: Best Bagels in Atlanta - 12/17/10 08:12 AM
Today I had lunch at B& B Bagels just out side of Atlanta. B&B is on McFarland road between Highway 9 and Georgia 400. You can't miss it . It is a diner with a whole bunch of cars parked around it. I am a transplanted New Yorker and so heard about B&B. I stopped by for bagels . Almost immediately my nose smelled New York Deli. The place was packed. I bought a couple of bagels and went home and feasted. They are as good as any bagel I have ever had in the tri -state, ( you North Easterners … (7 comments)

bent tree homes: Title Insurance now more than ever !!! - 12/01/10 06:37 AM
Title Insurance is that "pesky" thing a good Realtor will insist you get on a home or a piece of land. Now more than ever you need it. Just one claim where you have to go out an hire and attorney will cost you more , even if you are OK, to defend than the money you spend one time at the closing.
I insist all my Buyers get titile insurance and if they do not I send them an email advising them that they should get this. I ask them to respond to me and tell me they got my … (7 comments)

bent tree homes: Mountain Real Estate report - 11/24/10 01:52 AM
This week we have Steve Moranos of Steve Moranos All state as our guest. While you are cooking the Turkey you may want to listen. We go over some very important issues about insurance and home ownership. The Mountain Real Estate report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ Radio in Jasper right after the noon news and announcements. It s posted here on ActiveRain and is available on our web site Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

bent tree homes: Alice, DON'T EAT THE MUSHROOMS !!!!! - 11/11/10 03:09 AM
In the great Lewis G Carrol Story about Alice in Wonderland there is a part about Alice biting in to a mushroom. Now the Jefferson Airplane did a great song about this too. ( Am I aging myself?) So depending on what Alice bit into she got smaller or larger. Well today we are biting into the mushroom big time. The Mushroom being the value of my home.
"Oh Dear," says the home owner. "Our values have dropped 20 percent. Our third bedroom has disappeared. I sure hope Spot was not in there when it happened!" "Oh my" says the home … (3 comments)

bent tree homes: Interview with The Federal Reserve - 11/10/10 07:01 AM
Earlier today I posted a link to the Mountain Real Estate report. This week we had a guest from the Federal reserve bank on our Radio show. I am placing the link in this blog. The radio show lasts about 25 minutes and the first 2 minutes are introduction followed by 20 minutes of the interview. So for those of you who may have missed this earlier I think if you have 20 minutes or so you might find this really interesting. After all the boys and girls at the Fed are the ones that are supposed to know what is … (0 comments)

bent tree homes: Fall is in the air and on the Trees - 11/05/10 08:53 AM
I took these photos around my home today. As you can see fall comes late to our North Georgia Mountains. I will be out and about this weekend looking for some good shots and the fall colors. This year mother nature did not co-operate as much as we would have hoped. but still fail is such a pretty time of the year.

This first fall picture is off my back deck here in Big Canoe. Tomorrow and over the next few days I am hoping to get some really good additional shots in

bent tree homes: Big Canoe, Bent Tree, the North Georgia Mountains and cold weather - 11/05/10 08:45 AM
Today and tomorrow and maybe through Sunday we will have our first really cold weather here in Big Canoe, Bent Tree and the North Georgia Mountains. Temperatures will be below freezing for most of s over night with day time highs in the 50's. So what does this mean?
We have had some rain and even as high up as I am some snow flurries. driving can be tough if the roads do not dry out. In our twisty turny, up, and down, terrain wet roads with leaves can be treacherous . Wet roads with leaves covered with some frozen spots … (0 comments)

bent tree homes: Advice for Sellers - 10/25/10 08:13 AM
We all know this is a tough market. And we know that as sellers when we are cutting prices to the bone paying a Realtor is really tough. So you may think I will sell on my own. Now there have been many blogs here on ActiveRain about why you should use a Realtor. The reasons are numerous and have been often stated. But there is one thing I have never seen given as a reason. How many time has this happened to you. If you are a Realtor the call goes something like this. " I saw this house for … (2 comments)

bent tree homes: Mountain Real Estate Report - 10/20/10 08:59 AM
This weeks show cover the land buying process her in the mountains. land is a good deal right now and there are many opportunities, as well as pitfalls. In addition one of the topics that get requests to go over again is getting your home ready to sell. We cover this as well as general market conditions here in our mountains Enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

bent tree homes: Bent Tree homes update - 10/16/10 02:43 AM
Bent Tree homes for sale as of Oct 16 are 103 on the market. Prices range from 79,900 to 849,000. Bent Tree has a great diversity of prices and homes for sale showing what a diverse community it is. With Tennis Golf and equestrian center and More Bent Tree is a great place to buy for those on a budget looking for a quality mountain home. let the pros at All Mountain Realty help make your Mountain owning dream come true.

bent tree homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 10/13/10 08:29 AM
This weeks show talks about the foreclosure moratoriums that are going on. We also talk about first time buyers who have no credit. We cover a lot of ground in this show and in conclusion we are left with the fact that now more than ever in this complex market you need the services of a Realtor. Enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

bent tree homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 10/06/10 06:27 AM
The Mountain Real Estate report is heard through out our North Georgia Mountains. We service multiple counties and great communities like Big Canoe and Bent Tree. This weeks show focuses on the problems in the foreclosure market that have hit 23 States. In addition we provide great information on buying a foreclosure. we talk about loans that work and requirements for the many products out there. Enjoy the show Your browser does not support iframes.

bent tree homes: The Herd Mentality - 10/05/10 09:59 AM
The story goes that J.P. Morgan was getting his shoes shined one morning on the way to the office. The shoe shine boy was telling J.P about the stock market and how he was doing well in it. Now we do not know whether the shiner knew who he was talking to. But J.P. as the story goes went in that day and started to liquidate his holdings. His thinking was if the shoe shine boy is playing the market the market is over heated. That was in the summer of 1929.
Our housing market went through the same thing in … (3 comments)

bent tree homes: Who needs a Realtor ? - 10/03/10 04:44 AM
In days not so long gone by Realtors were necessary. People drove around and saw signs. They called a Real Estate agent who was listed on the sign. In each Real Estate office there were books of listings that Real Estate folks had access to. The buyers came to those brick and mortar buildings. Real Estate folks had big cars to drive families around and look at homes. When you decided on a home you went to your bank put 20 percent down, unless you were a veteran, and away you went.
Enter the information age and access to the listings … (12 comments)

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