benttree: Wed Photos - 05/13/09 05:55 AM
As promised I have been keeping an eye on a couple of stands of Mountain Laurel. These evergreen plants are beautiful. They are long lived. The branches even form great shapes. They are poisonous to Deer so they do not get chomped down to the ground. Most of all they grow wild and just present you with a breath taking display. The display can last even 2 weeks. And as Fran the man told me they are the native shrub for Pennsylvania. So enjoy Natures garden.These Mountain Laurel are growing wild near a fence at the border of a yard. Why … (4 comments)

benttree: Big Canoe Photos II - 05/07/09 07:21 AM
In my last set of Photos I show cased Lake Petit and some of it's surroundings.
Big Canoe has about 1/3rd of its area as set aside Green Space. If you walk some of the many many hiking trails you will come upon the lower falls. This beautiful sight is well worth the walk.
Natural beauty as well as natural  air conditioning in the summer. This close up of the lower falls shows the masses of water that cascade over them.Moving back a little from the falls you can see what a great Natural setting they are in. Tired of Subdivision … (6 comments)

benttree: Is it an alien? - 04/21/09 08:56 AM

Yes first there was a strange noise and then with Camera in hand i ran out the door. I was not looking up at the sky but down at the ground. This big Tom Turkey was moving through my yard and I managed to snap him going through.He looked to be about 20 pounds. which is big for a wild guy.
Ben Franklin wanted to make it our native bird due to its beauty and intelligence. Red Foxx joked about it. But when you think of gated communities do you think of this? If not think again . Beautiful Big … (5 comments)

benttree: Gardening in the Mountains - 04/20/09 04:00 AM
Gardening in the Mountains can be a real chore. We have a hill full of a few different types of Daffodils. The problem is they need to be split and moved to keep flowering. This leads to gardening in the Mountains. Mountains are after all rock covered with dirt. You do not have to dig far down to hit rock. But also what holds the dirt on the side of a mountain? Trees! So yes if you miss the rock you usually hit some roots. Here you Garden with a pick ax.
Ever see that guy on Victory Garden? He takes … (4 comments)

benttree: Spring is coming - 04/17/09 04:10 AM
The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful. These pictures are in Big Canoe. They are the same shot but different seasons. You can tell by looking at them why folks want to be here and why it is so beautiful here all year round.
Big Canoe is amenity rich and in the Southern end of the mountains. If you are looking for a great Mountain home contact us . we work in Big Canoe and many of the great areas through out our mountains.

Top photo is early spring things are just greening. Next photo is fall. The third photo is … (6 comments)

benttree: Spring in Big Canoe - 04/15/09 07:45 AM
Spring is coming to the Mountains. One of the Mountain Beauties are the Native Azaleas. Here is a picture of a rarer golden one that is in Bloom. They also have a great scent. This is one of the natural mountain treasures. Get your hiking boots on and come visit us in beautiful, affordable Big Canoe. And when you do call the Experts at All Mountain Realty to help you find that great mountain home or land.

benttree: Big Canoe Snowy Day photos - 04/07/09 12:51 AM
 April and can you believe snow! These photos were taken from my back and front porch in Big Canoe. Now the beauty of snow here in the mountains is by tomorrow it will be gone, I think. One photo shows the snowy mist over the mountains and the second photo shows the snow in the trees and Mountain Laurels. . Oh by the way Big Canoe is a gated mountain community. Do these photos change your image of what yo think a gated community is? For a great outdoors and amenity filled experience Big Canoe here in the North Georgia Mountains … (5 comments)

benttree: Give me Land..... - 04/02/09 12:41 AM
Currently in North Georgia land sales are slow. The reasons for this is are clear.
1 Investors have become skittish or in fact were over extended and have been forced to pull back
2 Land loans are not as easy as they once were
3 People are not buying as much to build as the inventory of existing homes is high, and priced well.
4 Construction loans are harder to get than conventional loans
Given all of the above if you are looking for great land deals, Now is the time to buy. We see great tracts consistently under 15,000 an … (0 comments)

benttree: Spring ! ? - 03/30/09 02:52 AM
This weekend in the South we got a big burst of COLD air. All the plants that we moved outside  had to come back in. So the question is when is it really spring !? 
If you count Spring as the last frost date then Spring in our area is April 15. If you are in the mountains it could even be a little later. So be advised. Do not let those warm March days fool you. Wait a little longer to plant.Don't worry if you are a little late the plants will catch up !
I am itching to get … (3 comments)

benttree: Safe Haven - 09/16/08 09:24 AM
When you were a little kid did you have a safe haven? Most of us did. We ran home. Now that home may have been an apartment, a condo, or a house with a white picket fence. But whatever it was it was home. We felt if we ran home from whatever was chasing us we would be safe.
Today as adults we have a safe haven. It is still called a home. When markets crash, oil prices go up, and things do not make a lot of sense, the home is the safe haven. It is the place where families … (7 comments)

benttree: When Dinosaurs roamed the Earth - 08/28/08 03:31 AM
Yes contrary to popular belief there were humans alive with dinosaurs. I know because I feel like I was there. Now before Fran the man says, "Aw shucks I missed it!!" Rachael Welch was not there running around in a leopard skin.
Why do I feel this way ? Because something is lacking. It is called personalized  customer service. It is becoming a thing of the distant past. I was at a show in Atlanta and asked the exhibitor to call me.  I want to buy his product. Did he call me . No. He emailed me. If I had wanted … (2 comments)

benttree: Great Lot Listings in Talking Rock Creek Resorts - 06/28/08 08:45 AM
These 2 lots in Talking Rock Creek resorts will have great views when the vista clearing that is done with home building happens. The pictures are my attempt to show these views. These lots are 7200 each. You could buy the pair at 68,000 each . Each lot is close to an acre and 1/2. This is a mountain dream location  for your home . 
These lots are both on Rebakah Ridge you can see the mountains thru the trees. The view will be year round and long range … (1 comments)

benttree: The New, Newer, Newest Plan for Housing - 03/25/08 03:06 AM
I listen to the Newest plan for the housing market by Senator Clinton. This one made much more sense than the other bailout plans she had. But one of the things that struck me was how far behind the curve government is. When they actually start doing things to bailout folks usually it is too late and the market has turned. Even the Bear Sterns bailout is interesting as last night I heard a gentlemen talk about how if the Fed holds these mortgages long enough they will actually make money !! They apparently have done so in the past.
This leads … (3 comments)

benttree: Gated Communities in North Georgia - 03/16/08 03:35 AM
All Mountain Realty works in the gated communities of Big Canoe Talking Rock Creek  Benttree and Lake Arrow Head. This is not to say we do not work else where. I am writing this blog for folks who are looking for homes or property ,or agents who have clients looking for proerty in these communities.
It is important to know that you do not have automatic access to these communities. So if you are thinking about driving up and looking around you may have to think again. In some cases you will be refused entry. In other cases you will be … (1 comments)

benttree: Helping First time buyers - 03/13/08 01:01 AM
The first time buyer is a unique animal. Usually they are really worried about money , are often young, and are insulated. By insulated I mean they shop on line and really somehow think they do not need a Realtor. The problem is what they do not know can hurt them!!!!
As a Realtor what I try hard to do is establish contact. I do not start out talking about homes. I start out talking about financing. I talk about credit scores, and rates, and loan programs. By doing this I am building rapport with the buyer. I am seen as … (5 comments)

benttree: Neighbors - 03/10/08 05:16 AM
Living in the mountains means you do not have neighbors, or do you? This young lady decided to visit the   other day. She came with her new family. But I was unable to snap a picture as she was not happy to see me even on my back deck.
Living in the mountains does however mean you can see for miles. On misty days the smoke rises up from the
hills. It is almost as if the you can see the mountains breathing.  So far I have seen owls with snakes in their talons, Turkey, Deer, Bear, Eagles, various types of Hawks, … (4 comments)

benttree: Politics ! Politics ! Politics ! Rules for Politics - 02/20/08 03:05 AM
I have been reading a good number of posts lately about politics. should you post about them ? Should you comment on posts about them? What about other sensitive subjects ?  So without further ado and with vim and vigor here is my one and only political post.
First let me excerpt something from a blog by Danny Thornton. Definition, Horse Sense: The unique intelligence possessed by horses which prohibits them from betting on people. Now maybe I do not have any horse sense to post about this subject or maybe my sense comes from the other end of the horse. Here … (6 comments)

benttree: 413 Disharoon Ridge Big Canoe Georgia for sale 30143 - 02/11/08 02:24 AM
This a new price for a condo for sale in Big Canoe. It is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo. It is very clean and the seller has added features that make the unit very attractive. The price is 155,000. For those of you who know Big Canoe with its 27 holes of golf, tennis, swimming, boating, and so much more you know what a great price this is.  Not yet listed on the MLS. Live year round or use part time. Unit can be added to rental program !!! Sewe more on our web site

benttree: Spring - 02/09/08 05:01 AM
What I love about the North Georgia Mountains is it is almost spring !!!. Here we are in February and the daffodils are poking their heads up as if to say, "Can we come out now?" The Lenten roses are up and flowering and the crocus is out. There are buds starting to form on the trees.
The days are getting noticeably a bit longer too. This is not 100 percent a good thing. I used to be able to get up at 7:20 and still catch the sun rise. Now I have to get up at 7. Small price to pay. … (1 comments)

benttree: Capturing the spirit of the Mountains - 01/29/08 11:55 AM
Our company name is All Mountain Realty. Our motto is Capturing the spirit of the mountains. This is rather an interesting concept.
In todays world and with folks looking to move to the mountains ,What is the spirit of the mountains? I believe we are blessed in the North Georgia Mountains. The blessing has taken the form of late development. 
Late development has caused us to look at other areas and say , wait a minute. Fannin County is almost 50 percent deeded or in trust Green. Union County, Gilmer and Pickens counties boast some of the best green conscience communities. Lumpkin County … (2 comments)

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