big canoe homes: The Hammer and the PC - 09/14/11 03:37 AM
This is NOT a post about taking a hammer to your PC or ipad. It is a post about understanding. In today's world we are often overwhelmed with Technology. So to me the key is to understand why a hammer and a PC are very much the same. First the Hammer.
If you look at a hammer you can see it has a blunt area, a handle, and a forked end. Even if you weren't sure what a hammer was for you might be able to guess. It is in fact a tool . It is a tool with a specific design. It has … (19 comments)

big canoe homes: Set one goal - 09/09/11 08:28 AM
Look around. Look at all the info that is out there. Then ask yourself," If I set only one goal what would it be?" It should be the goal that you think will give you the most bang for the buck. Then set it. Make a plan on how to achieve it and have at it. Once you are successful you will want to do more .
Want to teach a horse to jump? You could set the bar where it needs to be and work like crazy to get the horse to go over it. Or you could set the … (2 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe lake home for sale (Photos) - 09/01/11 01:43 AM
Many of you have asked for photos of the Lake home we are currently marketing in Big Canoe.Remember we are not yet listed. However we have had showings and the opinions are WOW when it comes to price, quality ,and location of this home. This is a home that was listed at 553,000 not long ago. Also the home across the street sold for 699,000 all cash less than a year ago !! So here goes;
This first Picture is from the part of the lot on Lake Petit. As you can see even in dry weather there is plenty of … (4 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe, Bent Tree, Talking Rock Creek, just a few of our Mountain Communities. - 08/05/11 04:48 AM
 Big Canoe Bent Tree and Talking Rock Creek Resorts are just 3 of our great North Georgia Mountain Communities. The North Georgia Mountains remain an economic, undiscovered gem of a place to live.

This is an untouched photo. Did you see last of the Mohicans ? This scene about 1 hour from the Northern end of Greater Atlanta could have been the one they used at the start of the film.

Maybe you are tired of cramped living and communities with homes one on top of another. Well this is Lake Petit in The mist in the gated community of … (3 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Real Estate, What is my home worth? - 08/02/11 10:05 AM
Live in Big Canoe Georgia and want to know , What is my home worth ? Get a no cost opinion of value at Why ? Did you know that the number one reason for a home not selling is price? Values change frequently. So upon receipt of your request we will prepare you report and reply within 48 hours. Be informed. Get a professional opinion of value. You will be glad that you did.
You can always visit us on our web site  and get our free information

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Life Style, photos - 07/26/11 02:42 AM
One thing I love about Big Canoe is the unexpected. So while I was working this morning I was treated to the following sight. This young person walked up our back stairs and found his way to the back deck. This one is about a year old and just a great sight to see.
The Photo above is him backing down the stairs after he saw me. Thing you want a natural experience and not a gated community. Think again. Big Canoe is a natural gated community in the North Georgia Mountains. Bordered by wild life management areas and with … (5 comments)

big canoe homes: Holmes Family Trio at Terrace Concert in Big Canoe - 07/22/11 04:12 AM
The Holmes Family trio treated a large crowd at the Terraces in Big Canoe to an evening of great vocals. This concert was more about Gospel and Blues. It was a great concert . The Terraces at Big Canoe are part of the Big Canoe Chapel.  This summer the entertainment has been great and the Terraces committee is to be commended on a super job. Big Canoe provides a great mountain life style. The Terraces concert series is just one of the many things that make Big Canoe , in my opinion, one of the premier Mountain locations any where. Thinking … (1 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe in Winter (Photos) - 01/11/11 02:46 AM
Is it Minnesota? Are they long lost  pictures of the Russian front? No it is Big Canoe Georgia. We have had our second snow storm in as many weeks. For some of you it may be a, so what?  Let me tell you the mentality here.
"Oh look it is snowing ! We have not had snow in so long. Wow it is really pretty. Quick run and get the camera before it all melts."  
This is NOT the case now or the case of the first time in 100 years Christmas Day snow event. It is very pretty. There is a lot … (5 comments)

big canoe homes: Snowed in Day 3 - 12/27/10 03:41 AM
Today will be the last day of being snowed in. Some time today I should be able to get my car. But I did my 30 seconds, (See almost Christmas blog) and I am good. What I have been able to do is catch up on tons of paper work.  I am also getting very organized. so I think I will by tomorrow be able to roar into 2011. My new mantra is , : When life hands you house stranding snow, Make a snow man "!!!

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Christmas - 12/18/10 10:05 AM
The chapel will be decked out for a great Big Canoe Christmas. There are many parties to go to. This week so far I have seen a bunch of Florida and out of area tags on our roads. This is a great sign. The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful around this time of year. Whether you are celebrating in Big Canoe , Bent tree or anywhere in our great Mountains have a save holiday. Drive safely as it can get slippery when it is cold.

big canoe homes: Best Bagels in Atlanta - 12/17/10 08:12 AM
Today I had lunch at B& B Bagels just out side of Atlanta. B&B is on McFarland road between Highway 9 and Georgia 400. You can't miss it . It is a diner with a whole bunch of cars parked around it. I am a transplanted New Yorker and so heard about B&B. I stopped by for bagels . Almost immediately my nose smelled New York Deli. The place was packed. I bought a couple of bagels and went home and feasted. They are as good as any bagel I have ever had in the tri -state, ( you North Easterners … (7 comments)

big canoe homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 12/02/10 01:03 AM
This week we have a very special guest on our show; Ricky Jordan Fire Chief for Big Canoe. Ricky talks about unique situations and fire hazards here in our mountains. Also Ricky has holiday tips to keep us safe while stringing all those lights having those great winter fireplace fires. On the coast one needs to be concerned with waether and making preparation for storms. In the Mountains fire safety is the main concern. The mountain real estate report is aimed at bringing important inforamtion at all aspects of home ownership in the mountains. Enjoy the show and the great informatin … (2 comments)

big canoe homes: Jennifer Grey wins Dancing with the Stars - 11/24/10 01:40 AM
I am a sports fan, love splitting wood, hunt when I can, and thanks to my wife am addicted to Dancing with the Stars. I have followed the show since season 1. I think the attraction is seeing people out of their comfort zone working and sweating to achieve something. In the end the prize is a mirror ball trophy. The trophy can't be worth more than a hundred bucks. But for 12 tough weeks you have all kinds of well off celebrates working their butts off to win this thing. There is a lesson in this about pride.
Every year … (2 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe, Bent Tree, the North Georgia Mountains and cold weather - 11/05/10 08:45 AM
Today and tomorrow and maybe through Sunday we will have our first really cold weather here in Big Canoe, Bent Tree and the North Georgia Mountains. Temperatures will be below freezing for most of s over night with day time highs in the 50's. So what does this mean?
We have had some rain and even as high up as I am some snow flurries. driving can be tough if the roads do not dry out. In our twisty turny, up, and down, terrain wet roads with leaves can be treacherous . Wet roads with leaves covered with some frozen spots … (0 comments)

big canoe homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 11/03/10 09:49 AM
This week we cover 2 main areas on the Mountain Real Estate report. The first part of the show talks about the current Market and trends. The second part of the show is dedicated to the buyer who makes a low ball offer. You may be surprised to learn that aside from the obvious not getting the deal a buyer making a low offer in the end may be spending more. And there are potential other negative consequences associated with a low offer. Hope you enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Homes Update - 11/01/10 10:16 AM
There are currently 271 listed homes on the market in Big Canoe. This means there are really about 300 on the market.  Projecting the year out it looks like 90 homes will sell this year. That is up from last year. But if you do the math it means a 3 year inventory.
What you should know about Big Canoe, other than the photos and stories I post is : It appears our association fees will stay the same for 2011. It also appears that our capital reserve funds and debt retirement funds will become more and more robust. Also Big … (0 comments)

big canoe homes: The year in Review - 10/22/10 07:56 AM
Yes it is almost year end and I think it is time to look back on 2010 and view the changes that effected our industry.
The word value was replaced by the word foreclosure.  This change was not a good one. Folks often mistook buying a foreclosure for buying a value. Often times people said, "we want to see foreclosures." The foreclosures were sometimes good deals but not always. Some folks listened and bought something that was a better value  and not a foreclosure. Others unfortunately just saw that word.
Short sales continue to be problematic. Depending on the number of … (5 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Homes Update - 10/16/10 02:37 AM
Big Canoe homes for sale as of Oct 16 are 283 homes on the market. The price range is from 219,000 to 3,200,000. This is a really large range and is testament to the great diversity that is Big Canoe. Another interesting note is that homes below 200,000 for the first time do not appear in the numbers. People realize what a great one time opportunity is out there in this market and they have gobbled these homes up. Any home for a bargain hunter under 275,000 in Big Canoe really and truly is a bargain. Let the pros at All … (0 comments)

big canoe homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 10/13/10 08:29 AM
This weeks show talks about the foreclosure moratoriums that are going on. We also talk about first time buyers who have no credit. We cover a lot of ground in this show and in conclusion we are left with the fact that now more than ever in this complex market you need the services of a Realtor. Enjoy the show. Your browser does not support iframes.

big canoe homes: Mountain Real Estate Report Nominated for GABBY - 10/06/10 07:53 AM
For the second year running the Mountain Real Estate Report is being nominated for a GABBY. The GABBY is radio's award for a broadcast. Last year, and our first year nominated, we placed well. We are hopeful that this year now that we have some experience in this arena we may do better. The Mountain Real Estate Report has been providing information for North Georgia listeners on the air waves and on line for close to 6 years. Wish us luck and stay tuned !!

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