big canoe homes for sale: building in Big Canoe - 02/26/16 03:47 AM
If you are thinking about building in Big Canoe lot selection is  a critical first step. The folks here at All Mountain Realty are the people you should work with during this first step. Here is why.
1 Lot price can be a deceiving factor when budgeting. If you think the less you pay for the lot the better off you are you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. In our mountains the taken for granted concrete can be very expensive. If the lot you by has a sharp slope you may spend an extra 40,000 plus for concrete retaining walls. Also depending … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: The Old Fashioned Barber Shop in Jasper Ga. going strong - 02/18/14 05:34 AM
The Old Fashioned Barber Shop is going strong in Jasper Ga. Founder Mary Caraway has made the shop one of the most popular spots in town. The shop features large old time barber chairs, a coffee pot that is always full, and most importantly a place to go for a great hair cut.
Town news is often exchanged among the many folks waiting to get their hair cut. This makes the Old Fashioned Barber Shop a real step back in time. And, in my opinion, it is a great thing.

 The Three Barbers from Left to Right, are Misty, Mary, … (2 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: There NEVER was a Housing crisis (mini rant) - 08/27/12 11:35 PM
I have to tell you I am sicked and tired of hearing about the housing crisis, the housing bubble, or how when housing rebounds so will the economy. Along with the above phrases go the causes, People never should have got the loans. The government forced banks to make loans. Etc etc. It is all BULL.
The problem in housing was, plain and simple the financial industry. It was the financial industry that got deregulated , had tons of money and needed a place to put it. They put it in housing. And when they could not stuff more in housing … (3 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Son Joe is in the Navy - 09/05/11 03:10 AM
Last week I took my son down to the Navy recruiting office where i left him. He was shipped out to Great Lakes for basic. I am proud of him and miss him all at the same time. I am his Italian father. so I say to my wife , I wonder what Joe is doing now? She says thinks like, Oh he is having a leisurely lunch. or depending on the time of day she will say they are probably having diner and a movie.
Now I know she is making fun of me. Hey isn't that part of a … (7 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe Georgia ,The Terraces - 08/15/11 09:12 AM
The Terraces season ended last Saturday night in Big Canoe. This summer we had 9 concerts and each one of them was fun and different. We ended the season in this great open air venue with The Atlanta Dixie Land Band.  We had rock and roll, a mini symphony, Banks and Shane, and a host of different musicians and music. But now the Theater is empty.
 You Can get an idea of the beauty and the size of the venue from the picture above and the one below .The chairs are empty and the theater is now quiet. The theater held about … (3 comments)

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