big canoe: Winter in the North Georgia Mountains - 02/03/13 11:02 PM
In our area we have snow birds and half backs. These are folks who are just tired of winter and are looking for a place to escape the relentless cold and dreary winter days.  These folks start out as snow birds.
A snow bird is some one who passes through our area on their way to Florida in the winter. Florida in the winter is dry warm and breezy. Especially in the Southern part of the state. Those snow birds move and after 2 or 3 summers some of them become half backs.
I have back is someone who moves North … (3 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe Octoberfest was a blast - 10/15/12 04:13 AM
Once again the Big Canoe Oktoberfest was heavily attended and a blast. The temperature was in the 70's and there way little humidity. The food was German fair with many different types of beer. So we all go off our diets for a day. Of course if you wanted to you could polka some of those calories away

The tents are set up in a really flat area. Yes we do have some flat areas here in our mountains.

Once again the event was sponsored by the Big Canoe property owners association. Admission was free. Big canoe … (1 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe homes for Sale - 02/09/12 01:05 AM
The trends for Big Canoe and the jasper area are as follows;
Today's Market Trends for Big Canoe * ` … (1 comments)

big canoe: North Georgia Real Estate do's and don't Part 1 - 01/13/12 03:35 AM
It is a great time to buy in our North Georgia Mountains.  Here are some of the do's and don'ts
1 Do not "lowball" a short sale or a foreclosure. If you do you probably will not get it. We are seeing more and more of these go for asking or over asking price. Hey THEY ARE GREAT DEALS to begin with.
2 Remember if you are "out there in the woods" on well water, on a gravel road your home may have been reasonably priced but your insurance will be high. The fire component of your insurance can be double or … (3 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe POA Election - 10/14/11 09:33 AM
We are electing 2 folks to the POA Board this fall in Big Canoe. I am 100 percent behind Linda Carrig and here is why.
1 I think a female perspective is important and Linda brings that.
2 Linda is for strategic planning. One example is we have a kitchen outside at Sconti. That kitchen cost 50,000. It does nothing. Now the board is talking about tearing it down and replacing it with a fire place. Tell me who is going to sit around a fire place in the middle of winter, or summer for that matter? This and other examples … (1 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe, Concert on the Green - 10/04/11 02:27 AM
The Annual concert on the green was held in Big Canoe this past Sunday. We were treated to the Reinhardt Symphony as well as their great choir. In addition a very talented Allison Holmes sang an Aria from Madame Butterfly. She got a standing ovation.

This is the venue for the concert! You can see the green below where the band set up. The Lake is Lake Sconti one of 3 lakes in Big Canoe. We all brought food and chairs and sat in awe of these great surroundings.
Here is a view of the set up for the great … (8 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe Sight (photo) - 09/22/11 08:59 AM
You never know what you are going to see around a corner in Big Canoe.This family of 5 turkeys was making its way across the road. They should be looking where they are going !!! I have seen as many as 15 moving through my yard and our great community. Big Canoe is a designated wild Life preserve. That and 27 holes of golf a fitness center tennis and over 100 clubs make Big Canoe a unique Mountain Community. For more information on Big canoe visit us on line at or just give us a call at 706 579 1098. … (6 comments)

big canoe: Holmes Family Trio at Terrace Concert in Big Canoe - 07/22/11 04:12 AM
The Holmes Family trio treated a large crowd at the Terraces in Big Canoe to an evening of great vocals. This concert was more about Gospel and Blues. It was a great concert . The Terraces at Big Canoe are part of the Big Canoe Chapel.  This summer the entertainment has been great and the Terraces committee is to be commended on a super job. Big Canoe provides a great mountain life style. The Terraces concert series is just one of the many things that make Big Canoe , in my opinion, one of the premier Mountain locations any where. Thinking … (1 comments)

big canoe: Birthday Party , Big Canoe Style - 07/15/11 05:07 AM
Linda Carrig, an ActiveRain member had a birthday this week. We celebrated Big Canoe Style. We all went for a boat ride on Lake Petit and partied

Here is a picture of the birthday girl and one of the guests.  Linda is a great agent here in our North Georgia Mountains

Lake Petit in Big Canoe is one of three lakes in Big Canoe it is quite beautiful. And as the sun set the party went on.

As the evening went on there were some who may not have gotten to work the next day on time !!1 … (4 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe a Place for Family Fun II (Photos) - 06/13/11 07:47 AM
My earlier post in this area showed Big Canoe as a place for family fun. Today we have a great family on site and I hope you enjoy the pictures

Mom and her 4 ! kids are out for a romp near a new home construction site. Maybe they think it is a "jungle gym"

Here we have junior stopping for a moment to look around.

Now every parent looking at the photo above knows that look on the Mother Bears face. It is an expression that says , "Where do these kids get all their energy from … (9 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe Mountain Beauty - 05/23/11 09:34 AM
We may all have gardens. But natures garden in Big Canoe is something to behold.  At this time of year we are in Mountain Laurel season. These wonderful evergreen plants provide year round beauty and interest.

This beauty is one of many Mountain Laurels in my front yard. How do you care for them? I have no idea. They grow and treat us every year to wonderful displays of flowers. I am afraid to feed them, or even water them as they seem to be doing just fine thank you.

These are the flowers close up . They are … (4 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe Community update - 02/27/11 06:18 AM
The community of Big Canoe seems to be getting ready for spring. To learn more about our North Georgia Mountains and Big Canoe visit us at There are some things you should know about Big Canoe other than the pretty pictures. The community has a capital reserve fund and a debt retirement fund built into the Association fees. The current board is not ranging and fees for 2011. The community is financially very well off.
When looking at communities this is very important. Consider what is going on at Reynolds Plantation if you need evidence of how easy it is … (2 comments)

big canoe: Ludlow Porch services at Big Canoe Chapel - 02/14/11 09:09 AM
A folk radio hero Ludlow Porch passed away last week. His real name is Bobby Hanson. There will be a service for him in the Big Canoe Chapel on the 19th. For those of you who do not know who this nationally syndicated radio show host was here goes. Basically he had a show and callers  rang in from all over the country. He talked folk and talked about people who live in the country. The Mountain Real Estate Report we do on Wyyz radio followed Ludlow Porches show every Thursday. I often tuned in to catch the end and listen … (5 comments)

big canoe: Half backs, A Non Superbowl Post - 02/03/11 02:40 AM
It is close to Super Bowl Sunday so one might expect a post titled Half Backs to be about the  relative strengths of the running games of the teams playing. But  this is abouta different type of Half Back
Given all the snow and miserable weather in the North and Mid West folks thoughts turn to warmer places. Many folks make the move to Florida. Some buy a second home and some move there full time. This post is about the full timers.
It gets hotin Florida. The summers can betough and the hurricane season is a worry. What typically happens is … (2 comments)

big canoe: Snowed in !!! day 3 and a question, and photos - 01/12/11 05:02 AM
Today is ice day.The sun is coming out and now as the snow melts we deal with ice. This is just part of the cycle. Sally took these pictures today and they are truly lovely

Yesterdaysphoto of the same scene above all you saw was white and mist. Today we see sun. The mountains are truly beautiful
This picture is of Oglethorpe Mountain. You can see the ice in the trees. it was taken off our front porch. Oglethorpe is famous as up until 1930 it was the starting point of the Appalachian Trail

Looking out the back … (7 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe in Winter (Photos) - 01/11/11 02:46 AM
Is it Minnesota? Are they long lost  pictures of the Russian front? No it is Big Canoe Georgia. We have had our second snow storm in as many weeks. For some of you it may be a, so what?  Let me tell you the mentality here.
"Oh look it is snowing ! We have not had snow in so long. Wow it is really pretty. Quick run and get the camera before it all melts."  
This is NOT the case now or the case of the first time in 100 years Christmas Day snow event. It is very pretty. There is a lot … (5 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe community update - 01/05/11 01:12 AM
Happy new Year to all the great folks who live in Big Canoe. The finances in Big Canoe look good. This is very important for home values. Also with all the amenities and services fully funded for 2011 we are off to a good start. Big Canoe also has a capital reserve fund that is growing as well as a debt retirement fund. So if you are looking for a great place to live and are looking a solid solvent communities consider North Georgia's premier community Big Canoe

big canoe: It is snowing !!!! - 12/12/10 04:21 AM
Not ready for a picture yet but we have snow today! I have lived in North Georgia for 23 years. I have never seen a white Christmas yet. Now it could be in the 70's on Christmas or.......
If the weather keeps up like this I will be splitting more fire wood today and taking snow pictures tomorrow. I cannot imagine folks in the North who get shut down over snow. For us it is only a day . I am rambling a bit but it is so exciting to see the first snow fall. Also by tomorrow it will likely … (6 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe Community, The fitness center - 11/17/10 10:10 AM
One of the great amenities in Big Canoe is the Fitness center. It is available all year round and really is a great place to work out.

The indoor pool in Big Canoe is a big hit. Especially in the winter months. There are classes as well as water therapy sessions. The pool is not totally chlorine but uses a balance of products to provide cleanliness.

This photo is just one part of the main machine room. There are many wait machines as well as machines designed to promote Cardio health. In addition there is a room dedicated … (6 comments)

big canoe: Big Canoe sights (photos) - 11/14/10 05:45 AM
This  marks the end of the Fall season for us in the North Georgia Mountains. Here are a couple of pictures taken from a home in Big Canoe. I am not sure how you get better mountains views. The green you see are the great evergreens so even in Winter we will have some green views. If you are looking to buy in the mountains consider North Georgia. We are centrally located between , Atlanta, Asheville, and Chattanooga. We are affordable.  And we are the shortest drive from Florida. So if you are looking stop here. You will be happy you did

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