big canoe homes for sale: Can you help me find the listing agent ? - 05/12/14 02:56 AM
So many of us cast the net of marketing wide and get many different questions. One that I get a lot is are you the listing agent ? Can you help me find the listing agent ? I ask them why. Well ,(in the case of the foreclosure) they represent the bank. Why in the world I think would you want to deal with the bank directly.
I do listings. When I am lucky enough to get a buyer interested in one of my listings then I am doing a designated agent. Why do people think they will get a better deal … (3 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: The North Georgia Market - 04/24/14 06:51 AM
You have to take Atlanta out of the equation when you are talking about the North Georgia Mountains. Here is what we are seeing. Homes sales are up. I am even getting stuck behind cement trucks again, which means new construction. Prices in our area are about 4 to 5 percent higher than they were last year.
Interest rates remain low and inventory is good. Forget about foreclosures and short sales. Regular homes for sale are priced to sell.
In our mountains you can have USDA loans, FHA loans, VA loans as well as conventional. If you are now looking for … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe in The Snow - 02/16/14 04:24 AM
Well we really have been in the news as Big Canoe once again gets snowed in. Of course all the scenes are Atlanta, including the stuck cars etc.,  So what do things look like in the North Georgia Mountains in the snow ?

This first image is part of our winter wonder land. The trees are covered in snow. It is interesting how in the snow landscape changes to a black and white view. This is a color photo.

This photo was taken a day later. The color is coming back to the woods. It is of the same … (5 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: North Georgia update - 02/12/14 01:31 AM
If you are traveling in Georgia or planning to DONT. The Feds have declared the state a disaster area. The State is in a state of emergency. The weather is really really bad. 
So what does that mean. South of Atlanta as far as Macon there is ice falling. North of Atlanta and in the mountains there is snow falling. I am from the northeast but no one unless you have a dog sled can drive on ice.As for the snow with 4 wheel drive you can go on flat ground. But the mountains are not flat. So you start down a hill and … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe in the Snow - 01/29/14 03:46 AM
The North Georgia Mountains once again got some snow. I am snowed in again. VERY RARE. But despite what you may hear or see about Atlanta ( 60 miles South of us) the situation here was not as bad. Yes the weather man was wrong again about the timing and the accumulation. So how was this handled in Big Canoe ?
If you were coming as a guest or to do work the community gates were closed. This reduced the over all traffic . Also the emergency plan for weather went into effect. So if you made it home to Big Canoe you were … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Show me the Money !! - 01/27/14 03:36 AM
So what is the hardest thing for a buyer to do in today's real estate market ? Some would say it is finding the right agent. I think with all the online tools out there and web sites this is important but not major. Some might say finding the right priced home. In some markets this may be an issue but not so much here and in many other markets. Some might say finding a home that works for them. Not that either,
The answer is financing. When the bank says show me the money you had better be able to do … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe "snow day" - 01/03/14 12:54 AM
Today is a snow day for some of us in Big Canoe. Now I know large parts of the country got clobbered by the winter storm, but here in Big Canoe we got a winter dusting of about 1 to 1and 1/2 inches. You may think no big deal but when you are 2500 feet up and the roads twist and are sloped it is a SNOW DAY !!
The winter weather is part of living in the North Georgia mountains but it is not really too bad . Here is why.
1 Yes it is cold today but already the … (3 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Investing in North Georgia - 11/30/13 02:52 AM
Are you looking to invest in the North Georgia Mountains. Or maybe you are just5 looking to invest in general in real estate. The you really need to listen to the mountain real estate report.
The mountain real estate report is heard every Thursday on Wyyz  Radio in Jasper Ga. We also store shows on our web site We have a great show stored on investing. One of our Realtors owns multiple homes and got stated with just one . he built up a great business through investing. Just Click the listen to the mountain real estate report icon below. All our … (0 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Who is Charlie Ragonesi - 09/03/13 02:10 AM
Whos is Charlie Ragonesi ? A thumb nail of who I am what I do and where I do it follows. The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful and I am blessed to live and work in them. I look forward to working with you.

                                                      These views are why I love the mountains.
I have qualified as a Broker. I am a member of NAR, the Pickens Board of Realtors, Fmls and ActiveRain. I am also a member of the House Values Network. I host a Radio show  The Mountain Real-Estate report heard weekly on WYYZ in Jasper and also … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: financing a home ? - 08/05/13 04:56 AM
Are you looking for a home? have you heard it is tough getting financing ? Well this week on the Mountain Real Estate report we are lucky enough to have a lender on to talk to us about financing. Learn about credit  scores, income to debt ratios and plenty of information about loans and programs. 
At All Mountain Realty we have a group of great lenders we work with. These lenders have proven track records with us. They have worked with first time buyers ,investors, second home buyers or folks living in our mountains that are looking for their dream home. … (2 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Rain Rain go away ! - 07/17/13 04:03 AM
The weather for the eastern part of the country this summer so far has been rain , rain, and then heavy rain. This was different from the spring when it was just rain. Even us folks who live in the North Georgia Mountains were getting a bit depressed. But then 2 days ago...

This lovely hole in the clouds appeared. There was blue sky ! The sun is now out.  So in words of the last stanza of a famous song
" wait a minute it stopped raining.
Guys are swimming Guys are sailing
Playing baseball Gee that's … (2 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: The Real Estate Professional - 07/09/13 04:37 AM
Real Estate folks are often not thought of as "professionals." Maybe this comes from Glen Gary Glen Ross.  Or maybe they think of Charlie's Mother on  2 and 1/2 men. I am sure you can come up with another whole host of reasons for why the public some times has a low opinion of us. So it is when a friend came to us and said, "I want to be a Real Estate agent."
We had a long discussion about marketing and branding and the work involved. "Yes", he said, " this is what I want to do." I thought this is … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe Homes for Sale , Community update - 07/08/13 01:19 AM
There are currently 270 homes for sale in Big Canoe. The number continues to hover around 10 percent of the total number of homes in the community. The good news if you are trying to sell in Big Canoe is that the number of contracts are up some what this month and over last year.
If you are a buyer there is good news for you too ! There are 59 homes in the community currently for sale with a price of 250,000 or lower. These prices are really a lot lower than before the bubble burst. If you were looking … (0 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe Rescue, A blog of 2 minds - 07/01/13 02:25 AM
 Mind 1.  As a member of the Big Canoe Volunteer Fire department and the North Georgia wild land task force I extend my sincerest good wishes and share the sorrow of the loss of 19 wild land fire fighters in Arizona. Many of us are volunteers and give back to our communities. I do not know if any of the members of the lost crew or the other fire fighter lost were volunteers. Bu it really does not matter. The fire that took them didn't care.
Mind 2. As a member of the Big Canoe VFD we are often called on … (4 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Mountain Market Snap shot - 06/12/13 02:56 AM
The North Georgia Mountains are experiencing part of the housing market rebound. Prices are up about 8 percent in many of our mountain counties. Inventory in the under 200,000 category is Very Very tight. Homes appear and go under contract really quickly.
Thankfully the foreclosure market is shrinking. Last year at this time we had 60-90 homes in foreclosure in the market area.  Now we have 15. All indicators are that the market is recovering.
Now we are not moving at the pace of Atlanta or other areas in the country. But then our rate of slippage was not as steep … (1 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: The Mountain Real Estate Report 5/27 - 05/27/13 05:13 AM
The Mountain Real Estate report is heard through out the North Georgia Mountains on WYYZ Radio  Jasper. Also it is streamed on line and store on our web site.
This weeks show is dedicated to buyers. The focus is on what can go wrong for a buyer which will cause him or her not to get a loan. A blog by Kathy Sheehan was the inspiration for this show.
In todays tough lending market it is important to know what you should not be doing when you are home shopping. It is also important to know what you should be doing. … (2 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Is it Spring in BIg Canoe - 03/28/13 06:08 AM
You could argue that it is not Spring in Big Canoe. After all our mountain temperature dropped into the 30's and the 20's at night right after the first day of Spring. We even had 2 days of snow. Not a ton of snow but enough to cover the roads and look pretty before it melted . So is it Spring?

Going around in Big Canoe we are seeing sights that indicate it is spring.

You can see that the young men's fancies have turned toward love. Judging by this group if this were ancient Rome,... well … (3 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Old Fashioned Barber shop in Jasper Georgia does it again - 03/17/13 03:52 AM
For those of you in the area there is no better place to sit relax and get a quality hair cut than the Old Fashioned Barber shop in Jasper Georgia. Hey even if you are in Canton it is worth a trip ! The 4 barbers, Mary, Misty, Crystal and Heather all do great work. This is important. Because no matter who is available at the time you are in for a quality hair cut.
The conversation is good and the atmosphere great. I actually enjoy seeing my hair get long so that I can have an excuse to sit in … (3 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: RETSO is back in Atlanta - 03/14/13 04:41 AM
The Real Estate Technology show known as ReTech South or RETSO is coming to Atlanta April 4 and 5. This show is THE premier show for those who want to work with today's technology and apply it to their business.
I have been to every RETSO show since the start . So this is RETSO 6 for me. Here is why I will be there. The first RETSO I went to I left with a Head ache and some great ideas. I had no idea what to expect. What I got were a bunch of great ideas and made some good … (2 comments)

big canoe homes for sale: Big Canoe Community Update March 2013 - 03/07/13 04:41 AM
Folks are always asking me how is the market here in the Big Canoe community. Last year at this time there were 303 homes on the Market. Currently there are 249 Homes on the market. In 2011 there were approximately 78 sales. In 2012 there were 112 sales. So if you ask me how is the Market in Big Canoe ? I would have to say it is improving
The Market all over the North Georgia mountains is improving as well. We are seeing multiple bids on foreclosures and the over all number is going down. In Big Canoe we are seeing … (0 comments)

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