canotn homes: Big Canoe Photos III - 05/08/09 12:12 AM
I am featuring a community in these photos that I have been posting lately. I am going to feature, in the future, many areas here in our Mountains. You may be looking at this first photo and thinking you are in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Let me assure you this is the North Georgia MountainsWhen you first enter Big Canoe you go through the woods under this wonderful covered Bridge. This is one of a few in the community. Now when you go home to your subdivision at night is this what greets you ? If you take blood pressure medicine you … (5 comments)

canotn homes: The week is over - 04/25/09 09:43 AM
This was a great week. Great because the sun came out. We have had some bad weather. So for us in North Georgia real estate is now starting to get busier. Here is hoping that we can help folks buy , who are first timers, sell who need to sell , and invest for their future. All Mountain Realty provides a number of great services  to help you  enjoy mountain living. Read our posts and see that we are the mountain experts.Give us a call at 706 579 1098. You will be glad you did. 

canotn homes: What does the new plan for housing mean for the Market ? Plain Advice - 03/27/09 08:37 AM
We have a number of new plans outlined, rolled out, presented, with flourish and fan fare. However the toxic assets plan is now being rolled out for the first time. I wonder what this will mean for our market?
What I think will happen is that the good deals will start to go away. After all if investors along with Uncle Sam buy these things up aren't they going to sell them for more than they paid? So I am thinking this is yet another way for the rich to get richer.. Sorry for the Cynicism.
What it means for regular … (7 comments)

canotn homes: To Build or not to build , That is the question - 03/18/09 12:32 AM
Land sales are a large part of our business in the mountains. By all accounts land sales are really really slow. Some communities have a 2 year inventory at the current rate of absorption. There are 3 things that effect land sales here.
1 Investors. In the not so long ago days of easy money investors could buy land to hold for investment with less than good credit for very little down. Those days are over. So the easy money that fueled speculation has dried up slowing the land markets price increases incredibly
2 But the Question of building has effected … (7 comments)

canotn homes: Interview with Senator John Isakson - 02/18/09 11:37 PM
On Tuesday on WYYZ radio we interviewed John Isakson Senator from the State of Georgia. Senator Isakson has been a champion of home owners and a great advocate. He spent 33 years as a very successful Realtor in the Atlanta area. Given what is coming outr of Washington today this interview may be of interest to many of you. It gives you a sense of the FINALLY awakening in Congress to the p[light of the home owner. A As creating and using a link is beyond my ability even with the help of Brad at Active rain I am giving you … (4 comments)

canotn homes: Real Estate, Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Mountain Market Update - 02/09/09 11:31 PM
So what is happening in our North Georgia Mountains?
1 Unemployment has gone up to almost 10 percent. This is rare for us. But key industries like the carpet industry are slow.
2 Tourism on the other hand seems brisk. Folks are not traveling as far as they used to. So people from Atlanta and even North Florida are vacationing in the Mountains.
3 The North Georgia Mountains still remain a great value. You can find 1 acre GOOD buildable lots in excelent loacaions for prices as low as 20,000. Homes declined in value approximately 8 percent in 2008. You can … (4 comments)

canotn homes: Come out Come out - 12/29/08 11:45 PM

In 2008 I felt like a Munchkin. Some one dropped a market on my House !!! The wicked witch had a Wall Street Address. Her minions were not flying Monkeys but Credit Default Swaps and CDO's.
So here are the questions . Are lower interest rates the Ruby Slippers ?  Will Buyers come out? I think so. I think the storm is just about over. As Realtors maybe when we get to Emerald City we should be asking the Wizard for some Tums. But regardless, The opportunity is here. It is now . And in the end we will … (10 comments)

canotn homes: Now is a great time to buy. But what if you own a home ? - 10/20/08 07:11 AM
With out a doubt this is one of the best buyers markets ever. The next time it may come around is,... who knows. The last buyers Market was in 1987. So it was 21 years ago. But what if you are selling a home and thinking about buying up? Is it a good move? Let's examine the details.
You may be wanting to move up for more room, more land, a better location to a job, better schools or a ton of reasons. So let's for the sake of the discussion say you are in a home today that is worth … (2 comments)

canotn homes: Mountain Lakes Part 4 Benttree - 09/12/08 12:14 AM
This is the last of my posts on Mountain Lakes. The Lake today is Lake Tamarack in Benttree. Tamarack is about 100 acres and again just wonderfully nestled in the mountains.
The community of Benttree offers Golf, Tennis,  Swimming, and an equestrain center. I hope you have enjoyed these photos. The goal was to show how the Southern end of the North Georgia Mountains are a beautiful wonderful  place.  This first Picture shows the expanse of the lake The photo to the Left and below was taken from the boat launch area. You cannot imagine how sweet the grass smelled and … (0 comments)

canotn homes: North Georgia Mountains and Big Canoe update - 08/27/08 12:49 AM
It would appear that Faye is finally leaving us. It was a major rain event. We needed some. Ouor lakes are full . The land is green. usually late rains like this make for great fall color. So if you are not going all the way to New England to see the leaves you might want to consider a trip a little closer to home. This is from last year. Pretty neat stuff,  The top picture shows the at the peak season. The bottom picture shows how it starts. No matter how you slice it it is really quite pretty.


canotn homes: What do you know about your buyers ? - 12/23/07 02:34 AM
What do you know about your buyers ?  If you have been in this business for more than 1 day you probably can say; 1 I know what they can afford and are approved for. 2 I know whether they have to sell to buy. 3 I know what they are looking for , and 4 I know there time frame. If you do not know these 4 things when working with a buyer then you need remedial real estate sales 099.
However there is one other thing you should know. You should know your buyer. When your buyer asks you," if I see a FSBO … (5 comments)

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