dalonega homes: Mountain update - 02/27/10 09:27 AM
Home sales in the mountains so far this year are flat. But a lot of that can be attributed to the more than usual snow and ice. I think this is going to be a great year for mountain sales.
Dalton Ga, the carpet capital of America , is starting to rebound and hiring may be back on soon. This will put pressure on prices in the 150000 to 200000 range.
People are starting to be able to sell their homes in other areas . This means that mountain property sales , in the second most popular destination, after ocean property,  … (7 comments)

dalonega homes: North Georgia Wine Country - 09/13/09 04:48 AM
North Georgia has a growing Wine industry. Yesterday we went to 3 Sisters Vineyards. This is near Dalonega  and just a stones throw from Big Canoe and Jasper. When you see these photos remember you are in the North Georgia Mountains not Northern California

It is late summer in North Georgia. This year we have had great weather and rain. So everything is green still.

Can you see yourself standing here in the clear air.  It was so quiet and beautiful. This is one of the many wineries that have started in our mountains.

And of course … (6 comments)

dalonega homes: Let's hear it for us !!!! - 08/20/09 09:22 AM
Our board of Realtors is very active in the community doing many things to help. In general even the community I live in is very active in the county. Today at a meeting it was announced that per capita Pickens County had more volunteers involved in the community than any other county in Georgia !
But wait, the good news does not stop there. We are actually number 3 !!!! in the country. This was great news. I am a volunteer for governance and the fire department where I live so I am doing my part.
Many of the communities here … (1 comments)

dalonega homes: Zondervan Farms North Georgia Real Estate - 08/03/09 01:43 AM
Zondervan farms is a new addition to our North Georgia Landscape. North Georgia has a very active and large horse loving community. Whether you are attending steeple chase in Alpharetta or riding our trail North Georgians love their horses. Zondervan farms specializes in Dutch Warm Bloods
Thatcher is a Champion Warm Blood. Here he is being handled by co-owner of the farm Jody Cunningham. This is a family owned business.  The folks here take care of their animals and work to provide only the best to their clients

Check out this great little guy. The folks at Zondervan breed their … (4 comments)

dalonega homes: Community buying - 07/19/09 05:51 AM
I work with a lot of buyers here in the mountains. The following advice is for those looking to buy in communities.
Community living is great. Whether you have a lot of amenities or few amenities community living offers a lot. Some communities are gated others are not. So the first thing to know is generally in gated communities you pay for the roads. If the monthly dues are zero or very low and you are in a gated community then down the road,no pun intended, you could be faced with a nasty assessment surprise.
The second thing to look at … (2 comments)

dalonega homes: Use the 8 K as a down payment ? - 06/14/09 08:26 AM
In theory one can use the 8k tax rebate as a down payment. I say in theory because I have not found a lender yet who will process this way. But assume this will work out should you  use the money as a down payment? I think it depends.
If you are using USDA or VA I say no. Here is why. Assume the 8k as a down payment will save you about 10-15 dollars a month on a 30 year fixed.  So at the end of year one you will have saved 120-180 dollars. But if you take the 8k … (4 comments)

dalonega homes: Sanity photos - 06/11/09 09:15 AM
Ever have one, or more of those days when;
1 Your Internet connection resembles a Duncan yo yo at work
2 You are rushing to a showing and forgot your lock box key
3 You get to the appointment and the lock box is combo even though your mls says it is electronic. Of course the other agent does not answer the phone.
4 The soil test fails on a land deal
etc etc etc  So how do you stay sane?

Even in a thunderstorm the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains provides a moment of peace, tranquility and sanity

dalonega homes: The Visitor - 05/24/09 02:56 AM
So here we are Sunday Morning. Raining AGAIN here in North Georgia. We are eating breakfast in the living room watching TV. Naughty us! When suddenly a face appear in the window a couple of feet away from us. It is the first Black Bear we have seen this season. Talk about a morning wake up! This guy was probably about 1 to 1 1/2 years old. I made the mad dash for the camera. But he was gone. He did leave evidence that he was here though!           I will have camera at the ready and hopefully get a picture of … (10 comments)

dalonega homes: USDA Loan Repairs Be advised !! - 05/21/09 09:33 AM
Many of us in Rural areas do USDA loans. USDA is 100 percent financing and often works out to be less costly than FHA with 3 % down!!! One of the benefits to this type of loan is you can finance up to 102 percent of the appraised value of the home. This extra money is typically used for closing costs. However if you have a buyer that is getting a great deal on a fixer upper beware !
You do have to escrow money etc like you do for FHA repair loan. But there is a BIG difference. If the … (9 comments)

dalonega homes: Remember the Movie? A Mountain Scene - 05/20/09 08:12 AM
A very famous movie , Sgt York, with a very famous actor Gary Cooper is a classic. For those of you who remember the movie The whole trouble York got into was over a piece of bottom land. In the mountains bottom land used to be the most valuable. Why? because it was flat less rocky and you could farm it. Look at the photo below.      Pickens County is where this scene was shot. Take a look at the lush green and growing grass. This is bottom land. It is surrounded by mountains. Look how dense the grass is. Just as … (4 comments)

dalonega homes: Southern Culture Photo - 05/20/09 08:00 AM
In the South there is a love affair with trains. in many country and Blue grass Songs you hear references , and music mimicking trains. Listen to a good version of Orange Blossom Express if you are interested. So what we are seeing now is builders and developers acknowledging the tradition of the train and the South. Below is a new mini Mall. It is done in the tradition of an old train depot. There are many of these now dotting our landscape. They are pleasing to the eye and take into account the environment. This new trend toward the old … (1 comments)

dalonega homes: Shaun Johnson Wins Dancing with the Stars ...So what? - 05/20/09 01:10 AM
Olympic gymnast Shaun Johnson won the Dancing with the Stars trophy last night. So what ? Here is what
 Shaun is 17 and the youngest competitor to win. She is not a long legged model. She is a strong gymnast. So for her this did not come easy. She did not have a dancers build for sure. Nor was she very comfortable with her male partner at first. But what she did was show that a young lady who does not have a dancers body or training could overcome obstacles with hard work. She also showed that all the touching etc … (2 comments)

dalonega homes: New ways to Juggle - 05/15/09 06:39 AM
In this market many of the old ways used to sell a home or for that matter to entice a person to buy are not working. In a way the "short sale" is our innovation aimed at keeping people out of foreclosure. The government local and national has cash incentives. There are some other things we are using. You may find some of these ideas helpful and maybe share some of your own.
1 SWAP. Got a seller who is looking to move?  Consider making an alliance with a Realtor in the area your seller is looking to move to. A … (1 comments)

dalonega homes: North Georgia Mountain Scenes - 05/02/09 09:20 AM
The scenes below are very different. They do show the difference i the mountain views and settings that are possible. The first scene of lovely fields and green is on Yukon Road near the town of Ellijay. Ellijay is a great mountain destination and famous for its' apple festival. The land is green and even though it is in the mountains there are pretty green valleys where folks farm and grow stuff.  Next picture is of Grandview Lake. In the back ground you can see Sharp top mountain. You see small boat houses along the shore line. What these very different … (4 comments)

dalonega homes: The week is over - 04/25/09 09:43 AM
This was a great week. Great because the sun came out. We have had some bad weather. So for us in North Georgia real estate is now starting to get busier. Here is hoping that we can help folks buy , who are first timers, sell who need to sell , and invest for their future. All Mountain Realty provides a number of great services  to help you  enjoy mountain living. Read our posts and see that we are the mountain experts.Give us a call at 706 579 1098. You will be glad you did. 

dalonega homes: Big Canoe Fire Department , or how to spend a Saturday - 04/25/09 09:34 AM
This Saturday I continued to work on my volunteer fire fighting. Yes I took a day off from Real Estate. When buying in the mountains insurance prices are influenced greatly based on fire coverage. Some communities like Big Canoe have their own fire Department. And while you do pay monthly fees in the end your insurance is down. I am one of the volunteers and spent this Saturday Training. So I could not help including this photo.
What did I learn? NEVER stand in front of a fire hydrant when it is being bled!!!


dalonega homes: Listing a home, some free advice - 04/15/09 07:58 AM
Ok so we all know how to list homes. We all have , or should have presentations that are slick. If you do not stop reading. But what about selling the listing.
Somewhere in your presentation there is a slide that shows how activity happens right in the beginning. But how many of you take the listing and get it on line before the work needed on the property is done. At All Mountain realty it takes us 2 days to do a listing. Why? Day one s introducing and viewing and pricing the property. At this point the seller either … (3 comments)

dalonega homes: Mountain Real Estate Report - 03/25/09 11:50 PM
The Mountain Real Estate report heard every Thursday on WYYZ radio in Jasper is being Submitted for a GABBY award. Linda Carrig and I are really excited about this. A GABBY is a Georgia Radio award given in many categories for best show in State. The submission is only step one. BUt being recognized for the value we provide as Realtors is very heartening. You can listen to the show on our web site www.allmountainrealty.com or listen live at 1490 AM here in the North Georgia Mountains.
I feel like I am in an episode of Frasier. Wish us luck !!

dalonega homes: If it is too good to be true....... - 06/23/08 09:42 AM
I read many Q&A's here on active rain. I respond to some. What stikes me is how people save a little money and how that costs them a ton later on. Here are some common problems that hopefully yoube avoid
1 The quitclaim deed. This is my favorite. The qiut claim deed can be filed 100 percent correctly and you still may not have clear title. All this deed does is convey title. But if there is an earlier claim or liens the quit claim deed does not help you. Nor does the clerk who tells you it is fine. The … (9 comments)

dalonega homes: 8103 Wilderness Parkway Great Lot listing in Big Canoe - 06/22/08 04:01 AM
Too New to be on the MLS system yet This great 3 plus acre lot is in North Georgia's premier mountain community Big Canoe. Lot is over 3 acres. On an up slope. Has excellent views. (Some pictures taken from cleared space next door)  The good news about this lot is that while it is private and has great views it is easy to get to. Also behind it is green space !! Next to it the lots are also large so this will have great privacy. The price?? 80,000. For this type of set up in this community with underground … (2 comments)

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