dawson county: The Funky Chicken In Dawsonville - 10/26/09 07:44 AM
The Funky Chicken is NOT a dance people do who have had too much to drink at weddings. It is a great Art Gallery Between Big Canoe and Dalonega Georgia

The sign outside tells you you have arrived. The place is a great art gallery. Artists store their works their on consignment.

Much of the work is done in metal and can be out door art. The Pig on the left is made from an old gas canister that you use to cook and grill. The Funky Chicken is just one of the many surprises you can see in … (6 comments)

dawson county: Sanity photos - 06/11/09 09:15 AM
Ever have one, or more of those days when;
1 Your Internet connection resembles a Duncan yo yo at work
2 You are rushing to a showing and forgot your lock box key
3 You get to the appointment and the lock box is combo even though your mls says it is electronic. Of course the other agent does not answer the phone.
4 The soil test fails on a land deal
etc etc etc  So how do you stay sane?

Even in a thunderstorm the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains provides a moment of peace, tranquility and sanity

dawson county: Ghosts of the Forest photo - 06/09/09 07:46 AM
If you are quiet when you walk you are often treated by nature. These are the Ghosts of the forest
I call them Ghosts because you can hardly hear them moving. Just a gentle rustle in the woods and as you look you catch the movement.
I find animals in the forest have a noise level in reverse to their size. When you are walking you hear noise like a mountain lion is coming through the woods. Guess what it is almost always 2 squirrels chasing each other. Or one squirrel rummaging for food.
Then you her4 a gentle rustle and … (8 comments)

dawson county: Shaun Johnson Wins Dancing with the Stars ...So what? - 05/20/09 01:10 AM
Olympic gymnast Shaun Johnson won the Dancing with the Stars trophy last night. So what ? Here is what
 Shaun is 17 and the youngest competitor to win. She is not a long legged model. She is a strong gymnast. So for her this did not come easy. She did not have a dancers build for sure. Nor was she very comfortable with her male partner at first. But what she did was show that a young lady who does not have a dancers body or training could overcome obstacles with hard work. She also showed that all the touching etc … (2 comments)

dawson county: Mountain Surprises - 05/06/09 07:48 AM
One of the things that I enjoy in the spring in the mountains is hiking through the woods. Some times on cut trails, sometimes along stream banks, some time just through open fields. Spring is a great time to hike. The weather really hasn't heated up yet and there are mountain surprises. Walking around a bend to discover rhododendrons in bloom is ia great surprise. Yes you grow them in your garden. You feed them, spray them, prune them, mulch them, water them, and love them. Then you see them in the wild . Mother nature is smiling at you in … (1 comments)

dawson county: Give me Land..... - 04/02/09 12:41 AM
Currently in North Georgia land sales are slow. The reasons for this is are clear.
1 Investors have become skittish or in fact were over extended and have been forced to pull back
2 Land loans are not as easy as they once were
3 People are not buying as much to build as the inventory of existing homes is high, and priced well.
4 Construction loans are harder to get than conventional loans
Given all of the above if you are looking for great land deals, Now is the time to buy. We see great tracts consistently under 15,000 an … (0 comments)

dawson county: Federal Reserve Cuts Rates - 10/08/08 12:30 AM
The Federal Reserve in a surprise move cut interest rates by 1/2 a point. This leaves the Fed Funds rate at 1 and 1/2 percent.  What this means is that borrowing money should get cheaper. The bailout has made it easier. Lets talk economics.
In the housing market there is the notion that NOW is a great time to buy. Even in the media I am hearing it. Rates may drop some for loans. Our market may start to pick up. We are starting to see activity grow. But all is not great.
In the financial markets the news is not … (5 comments)

dawson county: Get in at the Bottom - 09/28/07 12:39 AM
We have changed our name. We are now All Mountain Realty. I am the broker and a few of us have started a new firm. People say to us. Why now? I tell them ,"get in at the bottom". Isn't that the old saying? What All Mountain Realty is and how we do it maybe isnt't that important. But for you folks who have taken the time to read this blog here is what is important.
Statistics show that after Ocean property 32 percent of retirees want Mountain property. The North Georgia Mountains are in my opinion the best bargain, and that … (3 comments)

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