ellijay homes: Subject to Settlement, A cautionary message - 11/04/10 01:58 AM
This message applies to us in real estate but also applies to business in general. Here in Georgia the money goes into Escrow and then is dispersed. So If a buyer ,which happens most of the time, gives us a check for the Earnest money, I want it with enough time to clear. This is standard practise.
But what if a buyer or a renter, for that matter, wires you the money. This is a great way to get funds because you do not have to worry about them right? Not 100 percent right. The funds are given to you subject … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Fire Safety tip II. Why is 20 minutes important - 06/27/10 04:49 AM
I think as a fire fighter, volunteer, after my first post about fire safety I will post some additional tips. Thank you for your comments on the first one and I hope you were as surprised as I was about remote control fire places.
OK,so why is 20 minutes important? In many rural areas we have urban and wild land interfaces. Simply put many of us like the country and live in rural areas. When a  wild land fire starts, containment is a number one priority. In the South and Eastern part of the US , unlike the West, 90 percent … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Amicalola Falls and Photos - 06/20/10 05:21 AM
Amicalola falls is the highest falls East of the Mississippi. This first picture is taken from the top of the falls looking down over 750 feet up !

While looking down and seeing this is great to get the full effect of the height of the falls you should really look up.

Standing in the same spot and lloking up this is what you see. This photo gives you a great idea of just how high up you are at the Falls. It is a heck of a walk up !!!!

Ever wopnder what a "Watershen is? The … (5 comments)

ellijay homes: Fixing an error - 06/16/10 01:37 AM
I made an error in a blog I wrote last week. I asked for ideas and suggestions for the mountain real estate report. IN my post I did mention that we would give credit for an idea used for our weekly radio show. My error was I made the post members only. Really and truly public input is very important. So I repeat my offer. and ask for your help. The mountain real estate report which is heard every Thursday on WYYZ in Jasper after the noon news, is also simulcast on the web as well as stored on our web … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 06/09/10 09:48 AM
This week on the mountain real estate report we have to thank 2 Active Rainers Jenna in Smyrna and Jane Anne in Asheville for providing us with the topic of farming and farm loans. We cover USDA products . In addition we talk about buying foreclosures and why it is wise to use the services of a Realtor. We give a credit to both ladies on the show. If you have topics you think would be of interest to the public. Leave us a message and we will do the research to get them on the air. Our report is heard … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Living, from the folks at All Mountain Realty - 05/26/10 08:38 AM
This weekend kicks off the Summer season here in the mountains. The weather has been great so far and we are looking forward to a long and wonderful summer. When you come up to the mountains and think about owning here please consider the following:
It is beautiful. The spaces may be more open than you are used to. The views are often Great. Prices are really good. BUT DON'T buy on impulse and get carried away. Consult with the pros here at All Mountain Realty. We will work with you to help you find the right fit that will keep … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Fire Safety tip - 01/28/10 04:47 AM
As many of you know I do volunteer fire work. Last night we got a call out for a fire. I have posted safety tips in the past. I only post tips when a situation is odd and is something you could do with out thinking. Last night was one of those times.
OK you have a great roaring fire going in the fireplace. This is one of the joys of mountain living. Maybe you have a take out dinner with some wine and decide to throw the bag, paper, the dinner came in on the fire. So far so good. … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: The mountain real estate report - 12/24/09 04:39 AM
This week in the mountains we talk about the holiday time of the year. The mountians in Georgia are a great place for family and friends. It really is like living in a Christmas Card. We hope you enjoy our show broadcast every Thursday on WYYZ Radio here in North Georgia. Show will start at 2pm est … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Real Estate Talking Rock Georgia Home for Sale 7944 Ellijay Road - 12/20/09 11:59 PM
We have a great new listing in Talking Rock Georgia. It is 7944 Ellijay Road. It is a great 3/3is  ranch. Brick and Hardy-plank siding. It is on 10 Acres !!! It has a 3 acre pond that is full of BIG fish . It is a dream for someone who wants to live in the country yet be close to towns for shopping  and activities. Asking is a market driven low of 499,000  It is on FMLS # 3987520

Can you just see yourself on this front porch looking out at your own pond sitting … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: The North Georgia Mountains today - 12/06/09 01:50 AM
Today in the North Georgia Mountains it is chilly and a bit windy. The air is crisp and clean. Even though the leaves are off the trees it is still wonderful to look out at nature. The point here is if you are looking for a mountain retreat or a place to live full time consider the North Georgia Mountains. Why?
1 We have great gated communities like Big Canoe and Bent Tree.  These communities offer a full experience of nature and amenities.
2 We have rural land if you decide to go green acres
3 We have great schools and … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: This is a great time to look for a home - 11/07/09 08:33 AM
If you are looking for a Mountain home or land now is the time to look. NOT because of the 8,000 credit. NOT because of the new 6500 existing home buyer credit. NOT because prices are very very good. NOT because interest rates are low.
NOW is the time to look because the leaves are off the trees! Now you will see your views that may have been hidden. Also you can get a really good look at the lay of the land. Also temperatures are wonderful for walking right now. So if you are looking in the North Georgia Mountains … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Jasper Marble Festival - 10/03/09 09:25 AM
Today was the Jasper Georgia Marble Festival. The Apple festival in Ellijay Georgia is going on now too. Fall is a time for festivals in the mountains. We are celebrating great weather , harvests and getting ready for winter. Jasper supplies much of the countries marble and the festival is a lot of fun.
I was having an open house. But before you feel too sorry for me I was right along the parade route .Here are some pictures .
There are folks out waking and floats pulled by pick up trucks

Of course all the local fire departments had … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: Jasper Real Estate Mountain Report - 09/10/09 08:13 AM
The Jasper Real Estate Mountain report is heard each Thursday on Wyyz. We cover Jasper, as well as listeners in Gilmer and Cherokee counties. This weeks show is aimed at providing information to folks who may need a loan modification or are thinking about a short sale. We post the Mountain Real Estate report on our web site www.allmountainrealty.com as well as here. Folks can see the topic for the show and choose to listen if they missed it as it aired. If you want to be a guest on the show just contact me and we will try to work … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Foreclosure rate still high - 08/31/09 05:46 AM
The national foreclosure rate reported today is still high. As of this time today the markets have reacted in a negative way. So what is the problem?
The Government bail out program and loan re-modification programs have actually worked! Some of these programs were started by the last administration and modified and expanded in this one. So again the question is, what is the problem?
The problem pure and simple is the lagging indicator in a recovery called the unemployment rate. Folks who are in trouble now are folks without a job . These folks do not qualify for modification. They … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Two totally unrealted events of today - 08/29/09 10:00 AM
Event 1 . I keep my camera in my car for photo opportunities. When I got in my wife said, "too bad you took the camera. There was a bear in the yard and guess what he was doing?' That's right he was Sh&&^^&^&ing in the woods. I missed a golden opportunity to have this photo to post. I would have been able to document beyond a doubt the answer to the age old question, Does a Bear  S@#$@t in the woods.
Event 2. Because I have been nagged to death by far flung relations Yesterday I joined face book. Almost … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: Looking to Start a Real Estate Career in the North Georgia Mountains pt 7 - 08/24/09 05:56 AM
This is the last part in the series. I hope you all enjoyed it. The last thing we have not covered is choosing a firm to associate with.
Like many other areas you have choices. But if you choose a big name make sure they are established in the mountains. If you are new to mountain real estate this is key. There are not a lot of us up here.So chances are the folks in your firm will know a lot about the counties and areas you want to deal with. In my county for example there are 20,000 people. I … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Looking to Start a Real Estate career in the North Georgia Mountains Pt 3 - 08/17/09 01:12 AM
In parts 1 and 2 we covered getting started and land sales. It is now time to move on to housing. In the mountains you will run into homes that are different from other areas.
1 Log Cabins. You will have buyers who want the cabin feeling and look at log homes. You are not an expert but it is good to know some things. The number one question is maintenance. I would suggest going to a log home show. Learn from all the builders there. So in the South for example ,white pine tends to hold up better to humidity … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: The answer is ...... - 08/17/09 12:57 AM
Remember the amazing Karnak? Well here is a prediction from me. It may be as valid as Karnak.
If you are counting on an extension of the 8K credit don't. The merits of the credit , which are many, aside, there is an over riding issue. The issue is budget deficit. I think that pressure from our creditors will make us very careful in any measure that would increase debt. After all the market is picking up so you could say the credit has done it's work.
This is not a popular opinion I know. In fact it raises another issue. … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Looking to Start a Real Estate Career in the North Georgia Mountains pt. 2 - 08/15/09 08:39 AM
So you have read Part on and you are funded. You have your license and are ready to go. The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful and there is a large amount of land available for sale . So you are getting involved in land sales. You figure hey they are not as complicated as a home.
Did you know that E & O insurance generally runs higher if you do a lot of land sales ? Here is why
1 You need to consider first and foremost is the lot buildable? In Georgia a level 3 soil test is the first … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: REMEMBER TO DISCLOSE Informational Post - 08/14/09 08:18 AM
This year we have been involved in 3 listings that belonged to others and we are the second party in to try and sell the home. What makes these 3 unique is the homes were built before 1978. In all three cases when we presented the seller with the REQUIRED Lead Paint Disclosure they looked at us and said , "What's this?"
In Georgia you are required to disclose, if the house was built before 1978, the fact that there might be lead based paint. Yet in all three of these cases the disclosure was not done. I am going to … (8 comments)

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