ellijay homes: The Reaction - 06/05/09 05:08 AM
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is Newtonian physics at its best. In politics we have the Thermidor reaction to the French revolution.  In finance we have the bank reaction to the mortgage crisis.
Never mind that the crisis was created by the very lenders, at least those still standing, in the first place. Never mind that a short sale should really take 1/10th of the time a foreclosure does since everybody comes out better. The banks today are in a state of change and shock. This is the reality we have to deal with.
So … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Why Buy now? - 06/04/09 02:49 AM
Why buy now? There are a ton of reasons not to buy.
1 The economy is weak. I am worried
2 Housing values have gone down we are not at the bottom
3 There are a lot of costs involved in buying  a house
4 My credit is not that good
5 I have now money for a down payment
You can add a bunch of additional reasons I am sure you have heard them all. But consider
1 If you have a good job in a weak economy values are available that would normally not be
2 You never know … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: There should be a law....... - 06/02/09 02:38 AM
Years ago while driving through Florida a stone fell from a bridge and cracked my windshield. It was a scary thing and I was upset about the obvious expense. But then a co-worker from Florida told me about a law that allowed me to make a claim and get reimbursed. I made the claim, filled out the forms, and got a check. I thought gee, This is a state standing behind their commitment to provide safe roads. I was happy.
Now I am writing this post because I have some time on my hands. I have that time on my hands … (8 comments)

ellijay homes: The Godfather, Avian style photos - 06/01/09 04:22 AM
Geese are great animals. Like in the Godfather, family is everything. A Gander will face down an SUV when his family is crossing the road. These shots were taken near a mountain lake as a family prepared to cross the road. This shot is of the geese preparing to cross. In the shot below the Gander is taking offense at me as I have stopped in his path and he wants to get his family across the road. i moved along after this shot as he made me an offer I couldn't refuse


ellijay homes: Wordless Wed. Well almost Wordless - 05/28/09 07:14 AM
Recently a pretty 3 acre lot sold in our mountains. It was wooded and had a stream behind it. It also had a nice flat building site. As lots go it was a good one as it is on a paved road and had county water. The price it went for was 80,000. But what made this lot special was the view:
Looking across the country road from the lot this is what you would see from your front porch
Looking to the left, or on your side porch you would see the barn more green great horses and the stream … (11 comments)

ellijay homes: Upgraded or Outdated. Why? - 05/24/09 05:11 AM
Jim Crawford wrote a blog about agents stretching the truth a bit when it comes to comments about a listing being updated and saying a home is upgraded or outdated. It is an interesting post and a good read. It dovetailed with a conversation I had this morning.
What got me to writing this post was that this morning at breakfast AFTER the visitor, (See my earlier blog The Visitor), we were watching HG TV . My wife asked me is it necessary to do all these upgrades in a home? We as Realtors take for granted the mantra of new … (8 comments)

ellijay homes: Memorial Day - 05/23/09 05:24 AM
Today while driving to get some supplies I saw on Highway 53 in Dawsonville a number of flags lining the highway. Supporting each flag was a cross , a persons name , and the war they died in. Among the celebrations the cost f this day should be remembered . So when I got back into my community I took this picture.
         Long may she waive. Our flag symbolizing our freedom and the joy of this holiday. Below is the MIA/POW flag which makes us mindful of the sacrifices many have made. Have a great holiday weekend. Its is great … (5 comments)

ellijay homes: The Tate House, History in the "Pink" - 05/21/09 12:52 AM
North Georgia is the Marble Capital for the U.S. Many of the public buildings around the country and even in Europe have Georgia Marble in them . One of the prominent families in the marble business, which is still active today is the Tate Family. In fact in the mountains the town of Tate is a pretty little village. You can even buy homes made by Sears in the 1920's. Sitting in the village is the Tate House.
Front of the Tate house features pretty columns and gardens. Of course the home is made of marble. In fact a vein of … (9 comments)

ellijay homes: Shaun Johnson Wins Dancing with the Stars ...So what? - 05/20/09 01:10 AM
Olympic gymnast Shaun Johnson won the Dancing with the Stars trophy last night. So what ? Here is what
 Shaun is 17 and the youngest competitor to win. She is not a long legged model. She is a strong gymnast. So for her this did not come easy. She did not have a dancers build for sure. Nor was she very comfortable with her male partner at first. But what she did was show that a young lady who does not have a dancers body or training could overcome obstacles with hard work. She also showed that all the touching etc … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: A diiferent look at Reverse mortgages - 05/19/09 03:17 AM
Most of us understand in some degree or another the value of a reverse mortgage. Let me describe a real situation that is maybe not so apparent.
An older buyer calls me and wants to relocate here. They are selling their home and are going to get about 175,000 for it. They own the home clear as they have been in it for 30 years. Factoring in moving expenses and new furniture they tell me they do not want to spend more than 150,000 for a home. They want to pay all cash so they live mortgage free.
Now they have … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: New ways to Juggle - 05/15/09 06:39 AM
In this market many of the old ways used to sell a home or for that matter to entice a person to buy are not working. In a way the "short sale" is our innovation aimed at keeping people out of foreclosure. The government local and national has cash incentives. There are some other things we are using. You may find some of these ideas helpful and maybe share some of your own.
1 SWAP. Got a seller who is looking to move?  Consider making an alliance with a Realtor in the area your seller is looking to move to. A … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Wed Photos - 05/13/09 05:55 AM
As promised I have been keeping an eye on a couple of stands of Mountain Laurel. These evergreen plants are beautiful. They are long lived. The branches even form great shapes. They are poisonous to Deer so they do not get chomped down to the ground. Most of all they grow wild and just present you with a breath taking display. The display can last even 2 weeks. And as Fran the man told me they are the native shrub for Pennsylvania. So enjoy Natures garden.These Mountain Laurel are growing wild near a fence at the border of a yard. Why … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Buyers ask your Realtor about your loan - 05/10/09 03:53 AM
Buyers often use Realtors for the home, but do not ask them about a loan. Now Realtors are not loan experts for the most part. But a good Realtor will know about products available. Case in point was a blog I posted about a buyer losing 22,000 on a deal due to bad decisions.
I often recommend Mortgage brokers as they shop loans. However if you are using Georgia DCA you cannot use a Mortgage broker unless in rare cases that company is going to hold the paper. So a mortgage broker may offer you a number of options but not … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Surprises - 05/06/09 07:48 AM
One of the things that I enjoy in the spring in the mountains is hiking through the woods. Some times on cut trails, sometimes along stream banks, some time just through open fields. Spring is a great time to hike. The weather really hasn't heated up yet and there are mountain surprises. Walking around a bend to discover rhododendrons in bloom is ia great surprise. Yes you grow them in your garden. You feed them, spray them, prune them, mulch them, water them, and love them. Then you see them in the wild . Mother nature is smiling at you in … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Talking Rock Creek Cabin - 05/04/09 03:04 AM
This cabin is a great new listing in Talking Rock Creek . The community is literally across the street from Carters lake. Carters lake is a 3100 acre Lake and very pristine. The home is in the gated community of Talking Rock Creek. Association fees are 500 per year. The home is 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom and sits on over 1 1/2 acres. It is a beautiful Mountain Get-a-way. FMLS # 3896018 Price 177,800 built 2006

This is the front of this beautiful log home. The community is gated so you have another set of locks protecting your weekend get-a-way … (9 comments)

ellijay homes: North Georgia Mountain Scenes - 05/02/09 09:20 AM
The scenes below are very different. They do show the difference i the mountain views and settings that are possible. The first scene of lovely fields and green is on Yukon Road near the town of Ellijay. Ellijay is a great mountain destination and famous for its' apple festival. The land is green and even though it is in the mountains there are pretty green valleys where folks farm and grow stuff.  Next picture is of Grandview Lake. In the back ground you can see Sharp top mountain. You see small boat houses along the shore line. What these very different … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Chrysler goes Chapter 11 - 05/01/09 12:24 AM
It was a sad day yesterday when I saw that Chrysler went Chapter 11. I remember the first time When MR. Iaccoca went to DC got a loan and turned the company around. That was a great moment and a great partnership between Government and Business. Yesterday was just a sad event.
In the end the saddest part may have been the Hedge funds that would not come to agreement over a settlement to keep Chrysler a float. The President looked genuinely pissed off. In the end I think the hedge fund managers greed and short sightedness will prove this victory … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Bent Tree New listing - 04/23/09 10:06 AM
We have a new listing on Little pine road in Benttree . It is a lot . It is about .88 acres. It has a pretty stream running down the side. Location in this community is very good . Asking price is 28,000 !!! This is a really good price. Bent tree has golf Tennis and an equestrian center. This is a beautiful community and the fees run approximately 1300 a year .  Build your mountain get away in this secure gated community in the North Georgia Mountains

ellijay homes: The small things - 04/22/09 12:20 AM

Your walking along in the woods. Maybe you see a stream. You are looking at the birds and the trees. In the summer the woods can be dark and cool. Fun to walk in and then you see it. Take a closer look (below). The mushroom is this small intricate thing that springs out of the ground. It is life. It has it's own birth, death, and reproduction. So we post great landscapes and all kind of pictures. I know I do. But along the way we need to see the beauty in the small and understated. It helps us … (10 comments)

ellijay homes: Spring is coming - 04/17/09 04:10 AM
The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful. These pictures are in Big Canoe. They are the same shot but different seasons. You can tell by looking at them why folks want to be here and why it is so beautiful here all year round.
Big Canoe is amenity rich and in the Southern end of the mountains. If you are looking for a great Mountain home contact us . we work in Big Canoe and many of the great areas through out our mountains.

Top photo is early spring things are just greening. Next photo is fall. The third photo is … (6 comments)

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