ellijay homes: Listing a home, some free advice - 04/15/09 07:58 AM
Ok so we all know how to list homes. We all have , or should have presentations that are slick. If you do not stop reading. But what about selling the listing.
Somewhere in your presentation there is a slide that shows how activity happens right in the beginning. But how many of you take the listing and get it on line before the work needed on the property is done. At All Mountain realty it takes us 2 days to do a listing. Why? Day one s introducing and viewing and pricing the property. At this point the seller either … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Spring in Big Canoe - 04/15/09 07:45 AM
Spring is coming to the Mountains. One of the Mountain Beauties are the Native Azaleas. Here is a picture of a rarer golden one that is in Bloom. They also have a great scent. This is one of the natural mountain treasures. Get your hiking boots on and come visit us in beautiful, affordable Big Canoe. And when you do call the Experts at All Mountain Realty to help you find that great mountain home or land.

ellijay homes: Doing the Opposite - 04/14/09 12:29 AM
When we formed all Mountain Realty in Sept of 07 we set out goals. I laugh about the one I tell folks , We want to get in at the bottom. (Achieved). Some tell me at least you didn't have to go through the pain of scaling back.
One of the goals was to go after buyers. That has been a strategy. Contrary to the mantra you need sellers, and you do, we focused on buyers instead. Why , we figured that is who has the money. Kind of Willie Suttonish.
Now in ths big buyers market we are shifting our … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Study the Lion - 04/13/09 12:45 AM
Use the Lion as your example for how you should be in your business. The Lion uses all his strength even when the prey is a rabbit. So in your business you should be a Lion too. Small closings, a general inquiry, something that seems more of a distraction than actual business can pay unexpected dividends.
It only happens if you are a Lion. Face it a Lion is respected ,held in awe, and feared . You should be respected, and held in awe by your clients. You should be feared for your tenacity by your competition. So study the Lion.

ellijay homes: Some must have web sites - 04/10/09 12:32 AM
The Mortgage crisis and the bail outs have brought out the sharks and predators. There is an up tick big time on Mortgage fraud. In Fact CNN reported drug crooks are shifting to Mortgage fraud as it is more lucrative. People in trouble can be prey. So here are a couple of web sites you should have for folks asking about refinancing or looking for debt relief.
www.makinghomeaffordable.gov is a great site that guides you step by step through mortgage and debt relief.
In Georgia  www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/homeownership/index.asp will help you in our state. This link will even direct you to free classes … (7 comments)

ellijay homes: Jasper Georgia Real Estate - 04/09/09 12:31 AM
I was searching for information and came across some interesting statistics about our market. Over the last 8 years housing prices are up. Over the last 2 years they are relatively flat. In terms of numbers of sales this is where we see the greatest swing. As numbers of units sold over the last 2 years are down.
What this means , and I believe it is true all over the mountains not just in Jasper is that since mountain property is the second most sought after  behind water front, our values are holding. So if you are looking to buy … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: North Georgia Mountain Update - 04/01/09 12:28 AM
This year so far has been tough in the mountains. Winter seems to have lasted forever. Also lay-offs in some of the industries, notably carpet have effected the local economies. We are often a lagging indicator of the market. So while other areas were experiencing high rates of value decline not so much us.
But lately the declines have excelerated. So in some ways while thers are rebounding we are struggling. The news is nt all bad. Given the economic state we already see more and more local folks traveling and exploring the mountains as we are close to them. We … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Big Canoe Caravan - 03/31/09 06:43 AM
Every other Tuesday the Big Canoe community has a multi agent multi-firm caravan. Even though some times it is tough to get there , it is well worth it.  You get to see new listings in person. You get to network with other Realtors.
You get 15 -20 depending on the turn out price opinions on a property. You also get to talk about what you are looking for or hear that some one might be looking for something you just have listed.
The Big Canoe Caravan is so successful that now the Benttree community has one too. Agents working together … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Spring ! ? - 03/30/09 02:52 AM
This weekend in the South we got a big burst of COLD air. All the plants that we moved outside  had to come back in. So the question is when is it really spring !? 
If you count Spring as the last frost date then Spring in our area is April 15. If you are in the mountains it could even be a little later. So be advised. Do not let those warm March days fool you. Wait a little longer to plant.Don't worry if you are a little late the plants will catch up !
I am itching to get … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: What does the new plan for housing mean for the Market ? Plain Advice - 03/27/09 08:37 AM
We have a number of new plans outlined, rolled out, presented, with flourish and fan fare. However the toxic assets plan is now being rolled out for the first time. I wonder what this will mean for our market?
What I think will happen is that the good deals will start to go away. After all if investors along with Uncle Sam buy these things up aren't they going to sell them for more than they paid? So I am thinking this is yet another way for the rich to get richer.. Sorry for the Cynicism.
What it means for regular … (7 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Real Estate Report - 03/25/09 11:50 PM
The Mountain Real Estate report heard every Thursday on WYYZ radio in Jasper is being Submitted for a GABBY award. Linda Carrig and I are really excited about this. A GABBY is a Georgia Radio award given in many categories for best show in State. The submission is only step one. BUt being recognized for the value we provide as Realtors is very heartening. You can listen to the show on our web site www.allmountainrealty.com or listen live at 1490 AM here in the North Georgia Mountains.
I feel like I am in an episode of Frasier. Wish us luck !!

ellijay homes: North Georgia Update, Snapshot - 03/18/09 12:16 AM
There is some new news coming out of our area. In the Atlanta area the inventory of homes is about at 8 months. This is about 4 months below the National average. There is talk about, are you ready,  a potential housing SHORTAGE in 2010!!!
We do see in the mountains inventory shrinking in the lower price ranges. I believe this is due to the first time buyer incentives that are out there. Many of the folks we are working with are first time buyers.
This should be tempered by the unemployment which is still going up. There are a couple … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: North Georgia Real Estate today - 03/08/09 10:31 AM
The North Georgia Market is facing a number of challenges. We were not effected by the housing bubble as much as other areas of the country. However the economic slow down has us feeling the pinch. State wide unemployment number hover around 8.5 percent. But the Atlanta area is higher around 9 percent and Dalton in North Georgia is over 10 percent. Dalton is the carpet capital of the U.S. and less houses being built means less carpet needed.
So for us in the mountains we saw a general decrease in prices in 2008 of approximately 10 percent. This is very … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: The Canary in the Coal Mine - 03/06/09 05:38 AM
In 1995 Barings Bank Collapsed. It was the Oldest Merchant Bank in England founded in 1762. It was nick named the Queens bank. The collapse was caused by one man trading electronically.
This collapse was the Canary in the coal mine. It highlighted a component of the age we live in. 1's and 0's travel really quickly around the electronic world. In a matter of minutes billions of dollars can be traded. But we did not learn from this collapse. Instead in 2000 we passed the commodities act that re-legalized practices that were made illegal in the early 20Th century because … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Interview with Senator John Isakson - 02/18/09 11:37 PM
On Tuesday on WYYZ radio we interviewed John Isakson Senator from the State of Georgia. Senator Isakson has been a champion of home owners and a great advocate. He spent 33 years as a very successful Realtor in the Atlanta area. Given what is coming outr of Washington today this interview may be of interest to many of you. It gives you a sense of the FINALLY awakening in Congress to the p[light of the home owner. A As creating and using a link is beyond my ability even with the help of Brad at Active rain I am giving you … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: More than EVER you need a Realtor - 01/23/09 07:48 AM
There is a stream of thought out there that says, "Hey there is the Internet out there Realtors are obsolete. To me it is like saying I brush my teeth, I read on WEBMD I do not need a dentist. Now more than ever you need a Realtor. Why ? Here is why.
In these tight times you may be looking to spend as little as possible. So you think I will buy a home that is less expensive, or buy a manufactured home. But if that home is not on city water and on a gravel road, or even a … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: North Georgia Today, Jasper ,Big Canoe, Get it sold plan - 01/13/09 11:27 AM
The North Georgia Mountains are feeling the effects of the slow down in the economy and the bursting housing bubble. But unlike many other areas we did not have that big a bubble to burst to begin with. While other areas grew at 50 percent a year or better over 3 years we averaged a 10 percent growth in prices. What that means is we saw a 30 plus percent increase in prices for 3 years. Now if you bought 3 years ago and are selling today you are down about 10 percent in price. So if you do the math … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Jasper Georgia Home, Foreclosures and the problems with them - 12/21/08 06:38 AM
OK take a look at the house below. I did a BPO on it. Here are the problems. The house is great. But it is full of trash. Will the bank clean it out? In this case yes a little. Will the bank bring in some one to make sure things work?  Probably not. The fight over this home is the listing price. It may be listed as low as 125,000. A really great deal for some one other than the lender.
This brings me to the point of the post. If lenders will spend a little time and clean up … (18 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Real Estate - 12/03/08 05:08 AM
There are a lot of mixed messages in the media today. The big DUH is that we have been in a recession for a year. Tell me something I didn't know!!! One of the other messages is prices of homes are declining. A third, since I said mixed messages, is that interest rates are falling.
Lets look at Mountain property and declining prices. It is true that in the mountain counties prices have dropped about 10 percent for homes in 2008. But this number is VERY misleading. First off you have different groups of buyers. You have folks who live in … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Know your Lender and your Loans - 11/17/08 11:24 PM
As a Realtor the single most important thing we bring to the table is knowledge. In today's financing climate knowing your lender(s) is key. Do not be sucked in by programs and incentives from lenders you do not know. If you are going to use a new lender investigate them . Find out how they write loans and how they work. Talk to other Realtors that may have used them. If you have a solid mortgage specialist or broker make sure THEY are not shopping your loans to banks they have not worked with before. 
We were supposed to see the … (6 comments)

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