ellijay homes: Election day the Post Mortem - 11/06/08 08:06 AM
When I worked on Wall Street in Banking ( Yes I confess to sins in my middle youth) which was right after my earlier Woodstock youth, when ever we put in a system for the bank we would have a post mortem. If the implementation went well there would be 4 or 5 of us at the event. If it went poorly and depending on the impact the numbers grew. So tons of folks are talking about the election so I thought why not do the post Mortem.
52 percent of voters voted for and elected Barrack Obama. It was a … (6 comments)

ellijay homes: Sun Rise - 11/02/08 11:31 PM

It is sunrise in the Mountains and a new week. The outlines of things are still dark. But the day promises to be a full one. Later today as the light develops we will see what this Autumn day brings. All things we do start with the band of light . As we explore and pursue the light shows us the path we are too take and what awaits us. So we begin the day with shadows and faith that things will reveal themselves.

ellijay homes: Mountain Living Big Canoe Style - 10/13/08 04:57 AM

A lot of folks when they think of gated communities have a very different impression than the photo above. While I do not have the "National Geographic" Wild life camera I was able to take this photo from my front porch. You could hear the clucking sounds and see the Turkeys walk through the area.
Living in the mountains is wonderful. It does not need to be remote. Let the pros at All Mountain Realty show you how you can be in areas like this and still have an active adult life style. It is the best of both worlds

ellijay homes: Big Canoe Octoberfest - 10/11/08 11:36 AM
I am just now coming in from a great Octoberfest in Big Canoe. Plenty of good food. Plenty of good beer. And plenty of music and vendors. The best part is it was all free. So you could walk around and see your friends and neighbors for nothing. Many remarked that despite the economy folks seem to have their wallets out for beer and brats.
Big Canoe is one of the premier communities in the mountains. Thinking about the mountains? let the pros at All Mountain Realty be your choice.

ellijay homes: Real Estate Stats for a couple of Mountain Counties, Pickens and Dawson - 10/10/08 01:18 AM
Pickens and Dawson counties are at the Southern edge of the mountains.  For Pickens county
2007 sales   2008 sales            price 2007                 price 2008
688 sold     290 (YTD)             166,5000                    150,000
Dawson County
473           268 (YTD)             185,000                      177,000'
These numbers come from our MLS so they will be a little short on actual sales. However the proportions and the trends remain constant.
What this tell us is that sales will be down this year. Even factoring in the last 4 month we in Pickens will be … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Confused over the bail out - 10/07/08 12:29 AM
Recent events have left some folks confused over the bail out. They thought , hey of we pas this bill things will get better. So why is the market down and doom and gloom economic number coming from every where ?
The politicians did a good job with this bill in the end. The first time it died. In the end they said it was good for main Street. By extension you thought that is you and me. But the bill was really meant to solve a crisis in the capital markets. I do not work in those markets . Most … (5 comments)

ellijay homes: Will the Bailout make our market a little tougher? - 10/06/08 12:46 AM
There are a ton of aspects to this bail out that may or may not effect us. I am curious about one of those aspects. Will the bail out make the short sale market and the REO market get tougher or dry up?
If the banks are having their paper being bought up will they still be looking to "deal" on these ? I am seeing this as a potentially unintended consequence of the bill. But I am not sure if my logic is correct. So please email me or comment on this blog. Do you think the bailout will make … (8 comments)

ellijay homes: Talking Rock Creek Resorts Real Estate - 10/04/08 03:51 AM

This Beautiful lot is a new listing in Talking Rock Creek Resorts. The lot is 1.4 acres and is offered at 34,900. The lot already has septic permit and water run to it. In addition you will have long range year round views. Talking Rock Creek resorts is a gated community in North Georgia. They have a pool and tennis courts. The community is amenity light. It is suited for those who want a second, or primary mountain home and do not want golf or other amenities. The community is directly across from the 3100 acre Carters lake. So bring … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: What I would like to see Happen Next - 10/04/08 02:07 AM
This week in our markets we have had a great deal of turmoil. We have had bills fail. The stock market plummeted. The economic numbers were grim. "THE BILL" passed thru the Senate. Credit started to freeze up. The house got scared and passed  the bill. Wall Street still tanked( Remember the rule , the market rises on the rumor and falls on the fact. So what should happen next week ?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I would like to see a week where I can look at the leaves changing. A week where I can split wood with the Oldies station and … (9 comments)

ellijay homes: The VP Debate - 10/03/08 12:31 AM
Last night I watched the VP debate.  I watched it because I believe I should be judged by my words and actions not by what other people say about me. So I watched the debate to judge the 2 candidates. With out getting into who won or lost, I was generally pleased with the quality of the debate. I did feel that Gov. Palin did not answer a lot of the questions. At one point she even said I may not be answering the questions.... So for me coming across as "down home" was not enough. There were a couple of … (17 comments)

ellijay homes: No one seriously considers bailing us out - 10/02/08 12:40 AM
As I watch the bailout debate  and the bailout bill morphing  I am struck by one thing. The boys and girls in DC say how complicated this all is . Well guess what  give the money to us. IT IS OUR MONEY in the form of taxes so give it to us. The hot blog says  take the 85 billion you gave AIG and give it to us so we can pay off our mortgages makes perfect sense. It is a lot less than 700 billion . There is precedent. After all we give 10 billion a month to a bunch … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Where will they be? - 09/27/08 03:29 AM
Where will all the 200 economists that Shelby from Alabama is holding up be if we do nothing and the economy collapses. It is really interesting watching the drama unfold. The Democrats are supporting the President more than his own party !!!. You could not do theater this good.
We know something must be done. But the Wamu experience shows =us that there is money in the market to buy up fallen companies. I am pleased with the way Congress did not rush to judgment this week. I hope that what comes out of this is a good strong package that … (8 comments)

ellijay homes: Give Congress their Due - 09/23/08 11:56 PM
It is so much fun to bash Congress that it almost seems wrong to say something nice about them. Yesterday in between work and showing homes I had the bail out hearing on in the back ground. I am so happy that Congress is not going to be stampeded into this program which looks worse and worse upon examination. I learned there were 3 buyers for AIG but they held out for Uncle Sam figuring they would get a better deal. They were wrong. I learned that these guys want to sell toxic paper at a high price. I also learned … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Ellijay Georgia Apple Festival - 09/21/08 07:25 AM
As noted earlier about Jasper, the mountains are full of fall festivals. The Ellijay apple festival is one of the biggest. It is Oct 11 and 12 and the 18 and 19th. The famous antique car parade is on the 19th. Get there early so that you do not have to park miles away. To find out more about the festive go to www.georgiaapplefestival.org. You will find directions and all the information you need to have a great day in the country. And after you have been to the marble festival and the Apple festival visit us on line at www.allmtnrealty.com … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Be careful what you wish for - 09/19/08 08:02 AM
Tomorrow is USTA tennis day. We are on the road to Blue Ridge. The team we are playing is number one. So tonight , Friday night, I will make the supreme sacrifice and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Now as to the title of this blog
Blue Ridge is a beautiful place. Lake Blue ridge is well known and hard to get a property on for less than 600,000. But when the Blue Ridge tennis team comes to see us in Jasper they all wish they lived here. Why? Because we are in the mountains like they are but … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: It's Outrageuos - 09/19/08 12:08 AM
The new almost proposed Government plan is outrageous. What is happening is the boys in DC, the Fed, the secretary of the Treasury etc have gotten together and decided that YOU AND I should pay for the bail out of the speculators. They have decided that YOU AND I should pay for those who screwed up. They say it is bad for us. When they say us they mean them. They give you all kinds of doom and gloom scenarios. Well here is one for you. We will devalue the currency so much that you will need a wheel barrel of … (5 comments)

ellijay homes: Real Estate The trails of Big Canoe - 09/18/08 08:45 AM
The Trails in Big Canoe are wonderful and along the way we discover some great gems. Above is a picture of a working still . This is part of the tradition. Didn't you see the Dukes of Hazzard ? It remains a testiment of a bygone era. Below is the Lower Falls They are actually about 20 feet high. You need water to run a still. And even though it is September and dry they are still running and very pretty. Below the falls is the Disharoon Cabin and the plaque outside it. It is a large one room with a … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: "SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!!" Wall Street Style - 09/18/08 07:56 AM
The current situation is confusing concerning and a bit frightening. You may be asking yourself how did this happen?  Why did it happen. As a former Wall Street Banker ( yes I admit it) I am writing this blog as a simple way of giving insight into this mess.
You are in Business. You have money. The more money you have the more assets you have. Some of your assets are cash, bonds stocks, investments. Mainly liquid or easily liquidated assets. The you have your home , the sticks and bricks the not so liquid asset. The more assets you have … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Big Canoe Real Estate update. Obey the rules !! - 09/17/08 01:04 AM
Recently the board at Big Canoe proposed a capital initiation fund amendment  to our bylaws. This fund is proposed and out to the voters in Big Canoe. The purpose of this post is not to discuss this local issue. Although if you ask me I am against it. This post is meant to remind Realtors of their obligations.
Even though this fund has not been approved, or turned down, it is now an item for disclosure. The GAR rules are pretty clear. Many think that until the rule is passed they do not have to deal with it. However the rules … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Here we go Again !!! - 09/16/08 11:59 PM
Well the Feds are now in the insurance business. We are bailing out AIG. Naturally the price of oil goes up again today. This whole thing amazes me. The idea that if you are big enough and screw up bad enough some one will save you is now the new motto on Wall Street. Too bad Lehman Brothers you weren't big enough to get help.
Her is the real issue . YOU CANNOT DEREGULATE THES GUYS  as others have suggested. Why ? Because when they screw up you and I are called on to bail them out. If you deregulate then … (11 comments)

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