ellijay homes: Safe Haven - 09/16/08 09:24 AM
When you were a little kid did you have a safe haven? Most of us did. We ran home. Now that home may have been an apartment, a condo, or a house with a white picket fence. But whatever it was it was home. We felt if we ran home from whatever was chasing us we would be safe.
Today as adults we have a safe haven. It is still called a home. When markets crash, oil prices go up, and things do not make a lot of sense, the home is the safe haven. It is the place where families … (7 comments)

ellijay homes: Where art thou oh Lehman Brothers? - 09/15/08 12:25 AM
                               Well now that you have heard the news about Lehman Brothers do you feel like my friend above? You shouldn't. This has been coming for a while. These are the guys  took a beautiful thing, the housing market, and turned it into a commodity. These are the guys that have inflicted pain on home owners and all the folks involved in our industry for 2 years. These are the guys who perverted the American Dream. So Good bye. I am glad you did not get bailed out. I am sorry for the working folks that will lose their jobs. I … (9 comments)

ellijay homes: Health Food Southern Style - 09/14/08 09:53 AM
I am a transplanted New Yorker.I have been here almost 24 Years. Each section of the country has it's beauty . But it also has a uniqueness that adds the human touch to an area. The picture below is a typical North Georgia Mountain store. You can tell by the Chimney and the wooden structure that the building has been around for a while.
It is a Health food store. now aside from the appeal of the building there is a certain incongruity to this photo that is uniquely Southern. In the Land of North Georgia just outside Atlanta you can … (10 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Lakes Part 4 Benttree - 09/12/08 12:14 AM
This is the last of my posts on Mountain Lakes. The Lake today is Lake Tamarack in Benttree. Tamarack is about 100 acres and again just wonderfully nestled in the mountains.
The community of Benttree offers Golf, Tennis,  Swimming, and an equestrain center. I hope you have enjoyed these photos. The goal was to show how the Southern end of the North Georgia Mountains are a beautiful wonderful  place.  This first Picture shows the expanse of the lake The photo to the Left and below was taken from the boat launch area. You cannot imagine how sweet the grass smelled and … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Mountain Lakes Part 3, Grandview Lake - 09/11/08 08:25 AM
If you have been following this series remember in Part 1 I posted a map. These lakes are all within a 20 mile circle. The North Georgia Mountains are a beautiful place. I have also posted about a couple of towns and after the lakes I will go back to culture and towns. But what I am trying to convey is that land here can go for as little as 30,000 for a developed GOOD acre. Larger tracts sell at 10-15,000 an acre. Water front and view is higher. You are close to facilities but out in nature. The weather is … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Real Estate Mountain Lakes Part 2 Big Canoe - 09/09/08 06:50 AM
Big Canoe is a great Mountain community. Almost 10,000 acres with , among other things 3 great mountains. The top Picture is Lake Petit in the mist. It reminds one of Golden Pond . I have posted before with Lake Petit at Sunset. It is about 98 Acres and is wonderful to canoe on or launch a pontoon boat.
The second Picture is lake Sconti. It is in the middle of the cGolf course at Big Canoe. In the summer the Symphony sets up on the green in this picture and we set up our picnic tables and listen to the … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Fannie and Freddie now living with Sammy. The end game - 09/09/08 12:08 AM
So by now we all know Uncle Sam has taken in his 2 wayward children Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac . But as this a temporary situation what is the end game? There are a number of proposals out there.
1 Nationalization. In this scheme The 2 giants would become an agency of the government. This in my opinion is a terrible idea. The government is big enough( read too Big) and they are not very efficient. Ever try to, or know any one trying to get a green card? In any event the Government does not need another layer of … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Lakes in the mountains Part 1 Fausett Lake - 09/08/08 07:57 AM

There are a lot of great Mountain Lakes in the North Georgia Mountains. I am focusing on an area  that is about 20 to 25 miles around. The first lake community is around Lake Fausett. This lake is about 40 acres. There are great homes around it. It is Nestled in the mountains. I am including a Map of all the lakes I will feature over the next couple of days. With this lake you have prices for lots as well. This is a gated and non gated community. It is on the southern end of the mountains and as … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Ball Ground Georgia Part 2 - 09/06/08 09:24 AM
This is a historic home here in Ball Ground. Many have asked about prices. This on is on the market for 417,000. It was built in 1906 and is in pretty good shape. For sure it will need work. But restored you could have a B/B or a combination Antique shop and Tea room. Or you could make it your private residence. This is a Picture above of one of the many Pocket Parks in Ball Ground. There are bencesd Gazebos and fountains. You can sit and read the paper and watch your neighbors go byAbove is main street Ball Ground. … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Ball Ground Georgia Part 1 - 09/06/08 08:55 AM
Ball Ground is a small town in Cherokee County . It is at the foothills of the mountains. Many people consider this tiny town, No traffic lights, unlike Jasper, to be the new up and coming area. The Name Ball Ground is unique. It is unclear whether it is derived from Battle Ground, as this was the site of a famous battle between the Creeks and the Cherokees. Or Ball Ground as it was the site of many ball games played by the Native Americans.  This first pictures shows the flat and green areas that are Ball Ground. The Etowah River … (0 comments)

ellijay homes: Jasper Georgia The first Mountain City - 09/03/08 09:11 AM
The following are some scenes in Jasper Georgia. We call Jasper the First Mountain city as it is at the base of the Appalachian mountains. This is small town America. It is only 50 miles from Atlanta and there is beauty, tradition, and a cosmopolitan flavor to it all .Every town has a feed store for either horse cattle or other livestock
                    Wyyz Jasper is the local radio station. They play a mix of country , rock and on the weekends gospel. Inside is a piano and a microphone. You get the feeling that the movie "Oh Brother Where Art … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: Open Houses - 08/30/08 10:03 AM
This weekend put on an open house in Big Canoe. We had 3 houses open. One was new construction on Lake Petit for 849,000. One was on the Golf course at 529000. The third was also on the golf course at 599,000. Now this was chancy as it is Labor day weekend. But we advertised it this way
Friday 3-530 Realtors only. Saturday 1-3 General public. For the Realtors we had Margaritas and a gas card give away. For the general public we had the same give away but no Margaritas. We emailed to our local board members and to the … (3 comments)

ellijay homes: When Dinosaurs roamed the Earth - 08/28/08 03:31 AM
Yes contrary to popular belief there were humans alive with dinosaurs. I know because I feel like I was there. Now before Fran the man says, "Aw shucks I missed it!!" Rachael Welch was not there running around in a leopard skin.
Why do I feel this way ? Because something is lacking. It is called personalized  customer service. It is becoming a thing of the distant past. I was at a show in Atlanta and asked the exhibitor to call me.  I want to buy his product. Did he call me . No. He emailed me. If I had wanted … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: Hello Faye - 08/25/08 07:01 AM
A great deal of business in the North Georgia Mountains comes from our neighbors to the south, Florida. So a question that we are often asked is do you get Hurricanes in Georgia ? The answer is yes.
After all Georgia is a coastal state. Many of us remember Hugo which just missed us and ended up making Land Fall in South Carolina. So while it is rare it does happen that we get big storms. Now in the mountains those storms, like Faye now, are usually big rain events. We like the rain in the mountains. It keeps the trees … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: North Georgia Mountains Update, AND a National Geographic lesson - 08/16/08 07:32 AM
Many agents report activity picking up in the North Georgia Mountains. This is a good sign. I myself have a buyer and of the 3 homes we picked to see 2 went under contract. But aside from this type of information the AJC ( Atlanta Journal Constitution) did a big piece on Cousins properties. Cousins is a publicly traded company and a mega real estate management/development company. Cousins is buying properties at an increased rate in our area.
Cousins plus Warren Buffet , Trump and Ted Turner are all buying. What this means is the marekt in their opinion is probably … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: This week in housing - 08/11/08 05:45 AM
We have seen the price of oil retreat under 115 a barrel. We also have seen the stock market rebound a bit. In addition we have seen the dollar get stronger overseas. It is too early to call these events trends. But it is interesting to note them. Bottom line is if liquidity returns to the markets folks will have cash to spend.
Housing starts are at a low which puts pressure on prices on existing homes. So if you are looking to buy now is a good time. Make sure you buy with in your means. remember a fixed rate … (4 comments)

ellijay homes: Why North Georgia? - 08/07/08 11:59 PM
If you have read some of the blogs posted on Active rain that relate to Markets you will see that the Atlanta Market is one of the growing ones. What this means is that North Georgia is growing.
Now if you could have the advantages of a large city with living in the mountains wouldn't you. Given the ability to telecommute living in the mountains is becoming more and more a reality. Also as office space grows at a much faster rate out side Atlanta commuting becomes easier from the Mountains to the Northern office parks than from Atlanta out
Ecologically … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: A couple of observations about our market - 08/07/08 01:21 AM
There are a couple of things I think people over look when deciding to buy or not to buy. There is fear in the market for sure. But Donald Trump and Ted Turner got there starts in markets like this. There is a school of thought on Wall Street that says since most people lose money in the Market you should do the opposite. So buy when others are selling etc .
Our housing market is a little different. We are all afraid and are having our savings eaten up by inflation. Usually the biggest check you write is for rent. … (1 comments)

ellijay homes: Looking for Horse Property? - 08/06/08 01:10 AM
We at All Mountain Realty are uniquely able to help you find the right horse property. One of our agents is a long time horse owner and obviously involved in the business. Another of our agents works with her sister from time to time who has a working business with Dutch Warm Bloods.
I have recently completed the first credited course in Georgia given to train agents on Horse property. So contact us at 706 579 1098. Visit us on line at www.allmtnrealty.com or www.georgiasno1agent.com .
If you are selling a horse farm our experts will market your unique property the way … (2 comments)

ellijay homes: What price amenites ? - 08/04/08 06:12 AM
Many communities have amenities. Some are gated. Some have golf , some have pools and tennis. Some are loaded and some are not. In some cases you pay whether you use them or not. In other cases you are Ala Carte. The raging question is, What are the amenities worth?
This question usually rages around the time something needs to be paid for or if there is a proposal to add things that all are paying for.
In my opinion as long as the amenities provide value and do not price folks out of the market as it relates to association … (0 comments)

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