jasper: It is snowing !!!! - 12/12/10 04:21 AM
Not ready for a picture yet but we have snow today! I have lived in North Georgia for 23 years. I have never seen a white Christmas yet. Now it could be in the 70's on Christmas or.......
If the weather keeps up like this I will be splitting more fire wood today and taking snow pictures tomorrow. I cannot imagine folks in the North who get shut down over snow. For us it is only a day . I am rambling a bit but it is so exciting to see the first snow fall. Also by tomorrow it will likely … (6 comments)

jasper: Casino Night in Big Canoe - 11/07/10 07:07 AM
Next Friday Night is the Fire department Casino night Fund Raiser in Big Canoe. There are about 50 tickets remaining. It will be a great night. All in All we are selling 250 tickets and there are about 70 quality prizes that have been donated. So your odds of having a great time are 100 percent and your odds of winning a prize are pretty good. There will be hot hors dove's as well as 2 drinks that go with each ticket. if you are in the area and looking to have a great time. Check out the Big Canoe Fire … (0 comments)

jasper: They are rushing to our doors!!! (Photos) - 07/25/10 03:44 AM
From my office window in my home you can see a client rushing to my doors.

Maybe I should have less steps to walk up as she seems to be a little hot in her coat

Like any good host there was some water and a little left over cat food . So our visitor did not go hungry. Would not want to make her mad.

She did bring her kids. I explained to them no eating in the car if we are going to look at houses !!!
Mom did have "a word " with the kids … (20 comments)

jasper: Jasper Georgia Marble Capital of the South - 03/28/10 04:17 AM
I live in Jasper Georgia. It is known as the first mountain city and the marble capital of Georgia. Jasper is at the Southern end of the Appalachian mountains. This gives us relatively mild winters along with great summers. We car close to Atlanta but still full of wilderness and really a life style which reminds one of a slower gentler time.
Jasper is also an area where marble is still mined and used through out the world today.

This Picture was taken at last years Marble Festival parade. For those of you who have seen Doc Hollywood with Michael … (5 comments)

jasper: Big Canoe and the rains - 09/25/09 07:26 AM
Many of you saw the pictures of the relentless Rain in the Southeast. Atlanta was devastated in many areas. We in Big Canoe, only 45 miles to the North of the suburbs had a lot of rain too. Many of you have seen the pictures and the terrible damage. We have all contributed to help those who are flooded. But in the mist of devastation there is also beauty.
The picture below captures the beauty of the Upper Falls at Big Canoe. So along with the tragedy come blessings as well. The roar of the water was amazing

jasper: Ball Ground Scene - 09/20/09 09:35 AM
It is Fall here in the Mountains. This photo was taken yesterday in Ball Ground. At this time of year there are fields and fields of Golden rod. Beautiful wild flowers bloom all year in the North Georgia Mountains. Whether you are looking in Big Canoe, Jasper, Ball Ground, or other areas in our mountains, the folks at All Mountain Realty are here to work for you. We are your mountain experts . Give us a call at 706 579 1098.


jasper: Jasper Georgia Real Estate and Radio WYYZ - 07/30/09 06:23 AM
WYYZ radio in Jasper is the epitome of a local business. They broadcast Gospel as well as talk radio. They have won numerous awards and in fact this year alone they one 4 merit awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasting.
We present the " Mountain Real Estate Report" on Wyyz weekly. But that is only part of the story. The folks on WYYZ have been featured by the New York Times. I was honored when they asked me to help interview U.S. Senator Isakson about his housing bill. Wyyz also cover events in the mountains. You can get local events … (4 comments)

jasper: Ghosts of the Forest photo - 06/09/09 07:46 AM
If you are quiet when you walk you are often treated by nature. These are the Ghosts of the forest
I call them Ghosts because you can hardly hear them moving. Just a gentle rustle in the woods and as you look you catch the movement.
I find animals in the forest have a noise level in reverse to their size. When you are walking you hear noise like a mountain lion is coming through the woods. Guess what it is almost always 2 squirrels chasing each other. Or one squirrel rummaging for food.
Then you her4 a gentle rustle and … (8 comments)

jasper: Big Canoe Photos IV - 05/09/09 01:08 AM
I posted the lower falls in the nature valley the other day. If you walk about a mile through the wood you climb gently to the upper falls. in Big Canoe. Now there are also the Nancy Wolmack Falls here to. Beautiful woods. The sound of rushing water and privacy. I hope you remembered your picnic basket. Doesn't your neighborhood have 3 sets of falls? No ? Consider the great mountain experience that is Big Canoe.

jasper: Gardening in the Mountains - 04/20/09 04:00 AM
Gardening in the Mountains can be a real chore. We have a hill full of a few different types of Daffodils. The problem is they need to be split and moved to keep flowering. This leads to gardening in the Mountains. Mountains are after all rock covered with dirt. You do not have to dig far down to hit rock. But also what holds the dirt on the side of a mountain? Trees! So yes if you miss the rock you usually hit some roots. Here you Garden with a pick ax.
Ever see that guy on Victory Garden? He takes … (4 comments)

jasper: Spring in Big Canoe - 04/15/09 07:45 AM
Spring is coming to the Mountains. One of the Mountain Beauties are the Native Azaleas. Here is a picture of a rarer golden one that is in Bloom. They also have a great scent. This is one of the natural mountain treasures. Get your hiking boots on and come visit us in beautiful, affordable Big Canoe. And when you do call the Experts at All Mountain Realty to help you find that great mountain home or land.

jasper: Big Canoe Snowy Day photos - 04/07/09 12:51 AM
 April and can you believe snow! These photos were taken from my back and front porch in Big Canoe. Now the beauty of snow here in the mountains is by tomorrow it will be gone, I think. One photo shows the snowy mist over the mountains and the second photo shows the snow in the trees and Mountain Laurels. . Oh by the way Big Canoe is a gated mountain community. Do these photos change your image of what yo think a gated community is? For a great outdoors and amenity filled experience Big Canoe here in the North Georgia Mountains … (5 comments)

jasper: Winter is Over - 03/29/08 01:50 PM
I am not talking about the weather or the season. But that is over too. I am talking about the Real Estate Winter.
This real estate winter is what I call a nuclear winter. That is, it was a people made winter. It was not a normal cycle of appreciation and slow down. It was boom and then it went boom! It was a nuclear winter.
Those of us who are survivors of this nuclear winter look with hope at every bit of green. We see the numbers of home sales rise. We see housing closes passing housing starts. In the same way … (6 comments)

jasper: The New, Newer, Newest Plan for Housing - 03/25/08 03:06 AM
I listen to the Newest plan for the housing market by Senator Clinton. This one made much more sense than the other bailout plans she had. But one of the things that struck me was how far behind the curve government is. When they actually start doing things to bailout folks usually it is too late and the market has turned. Even the Bear Sterns bailout is interesting as last night I heard a gentlemen talk about how if the Fed holds these mortgages long enough they will actually make money !! They apparently have done so in the past.
This leads … (3 comments)

jasper: The Federal Reserve - 03/21/08 12:36 AM
The other night after Tennis 4 of us decided to go to dinner. We talked about sports politics and many other things a bunch of guys out for a meal and a couple of beers talk about. One of the things that struck me and I hear so often is, "The government is bailing out the brokerage houses. The government is bailing out the banks. Many ,many, people think, still, that the Federal Reserve is part of the government.
The Federal Reserve, from now on the Fed , is not a branch of the government. It is not a cabinet position. … (3 comments)

jasper: Gated Communities in North Georgia - 03/16/08 03:35 AM
All Mountain Realty works in the gated communities of Big Canoe Talking Rock Creek  Benttree and Lake Arrow Head. This is not to say we do not work else where. I am writing this blog for folks who are looking for homes or property ,or agents who have clients looking for proerty in these communities.
It is important to know that you do not have automatic access to these communities. So if you are thinking about driving up and looking around you may have to think again. In some cases you will be refused entry. In other cases you will be … (1 comments)

jasper: North Georgia Real Estate today - 03/09/08 03:36 AM
If you have client's looking in the mountains this is an update on the North Georgia Market.
We are really well priced. In fact the New York Times did a piece on us interviewing one of my brethren Realtors here. Since mountain property is the number 2 destination for retirees this blog may have relevance in your area.
Most people labor under the misconception that Georgia is flat. Their experience is either driving down I 95 on their way to Florida or a brief stop over in Atlanta changing planes. 
There are great mountain destinations in Georgia. The Appalachian trail starts in Georgia. Elevations are … (2 comments)

jasper: Many New Listings - 03/08/08 06:24 AM
If you have folks looking for land or homes visit us on line at www.georgiasno1agent.com  or www.allmtnrealty.com
We have some great opportunities that are new in the land and home area. We have 51 acres at 13,500 an acre. We have developed lots starting as low as 22,000. Some of these are yet to be loaded. We have homes at 199,000 and condos at 159,000. We even have a new lake house under construction. It is a 5/5. The prefinished price is 749,000. So if you have folks looking in the mountains we have an opportunity that should fit their budget. North … (0 comments)

jasper: Did I say spring was coming ? - 03/08/08 05:49 AM
A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of flowers and said spring is coming. Of course when I woke up this morning it was snowing like crazy. Now yesterday it was in the 60's. I am thinking did I say spring was coming? Was that me? Can I delete the blog so no one remembers ?  I figured hey let me get out do some quick shopping and then get back up on my mountain. I was going to take a bunch of pictures and post them. Well guess what . The temperature is really cold. But the ground … (1 comments)

jasper: The Recovery - 03/05/08 12:16 AM
Many of us have buyers , or sellers who are listening to the news . The news says that the recovery in housing will not happen until 2009. So buyers are sitting on the fence and sellers are scared. Let's quickly review.
Buyers missed the date where interest rates fell under 5 %. They may miss the date whwree rates were under 6%!!
More importantly here is what does not happen. You do not go go to bed on December 31 2007 in despair and wake up on Jan 1 2009 to paradise. There are no ruby slippers to tap. The recovery … (1 comments)

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