jasper georgia homes for sale: building in Big Canoe - 02/26/16 03:47 AM
If you are thinking about building in Big Canoe lot selection is  a critical first step. The folks here at All Mountain Realty are the people you should work with during this first step. Here is why.
1 Lot price can be a deceiving factor when budgeting. If you think the less you pay for the lot the better off you are you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. In our mountains the taken for granted concrete can be very expensive. If the lot you by has a sharp slope you may spend an extra 40,000 plus for concrete retaining walls. Also depending … (1 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Jasper Georgia a secret mountain gem - 07/23/14 05:01 AM
Jasper Georgia is a quiet great place to live. jasper homes average, outside of the gated communities,  150,000. So you can live on an acre or more in at least a 3 bedroom 2 bath with out breaking the bank.
"Downtown Jasper" , I am an ex NYC kid, so I am a bit of a downtown snob, is growing with new and different restaurants. We are experiencing a growth in business and shops. All of these indicators tell me that Jasper is poised for growth . 
What makes Jasper unique is that it is called the First Mountain City. We are at the … (1 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: North Georgia update - 02/12/14 01:31 AM
If you are traveling in Georgia or planning to DONT. The Feds have declared the state a disaster area. The State is in a state of emergency. The weather is really really bad. 
So what does that mean. South of Atlanta as far as Macon there is ice falling. North of Atlanta and in the mountains there is snow falling. I am from the northeast but no one unless you have a dog sled can drive on ice.As for the snow with 4 wheel drive you can go on flat ground. But the mountains are not flat. So you start down a hill and … (1 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Big Canoe "snow day" - 01/03/14 12:54 AM
Today is a snow day for some of us in Big Canoe. Now I know large parts of the country got clobbered by the winter storm, but here in Big Canoe we got a winter dusting of about 1 to 1and 1/2 inches. You may think no big deal but when you are 2500 feet up and the roads twist and are sloped it is a SNOW DAY !!
The winter weather is part of living in the North Georgia mountains but it is not really too bad . Here is why.
1 Yes it is cold today but already the … (3 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Is it Spring in BIg Canoe - 03/28/13 06:08 AM
You could argue that it is not Spring in Big Canoe. After all our mountain temperature dropped into the 30's and the 20's at night right after the first day of Spring. We even had 2 days of snow. Not a ton of snow but enough to cover the roads and look pretty before it melted . So is it Spring?

Going around in Big Canoe we are seeing sights that indicate it is spring.

You can see that the young men's fancies have turned toward love. Judging by this group if this were ancient Rome,... well … (3 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: The Black Friday alternative - 11/25/12 01:54 AM
Black Friday , or the day after Thanksgiving has become a major event for some. Now the way i see it on Thanksgiving you have a home full of family and friends. You eat a bunch, maybe watch the Lions game, and drink some too. Then after the clean up you waddle off to bed only to get up at 4 am to go shopping.
You could get together the next day and ...

Hike through the North Georgia Mountains. This great stream meanders through the Wildcat recreation area. It is about a 3 minute ride from the North … (4 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: The Computer and the Hammer, a tale for our Age - 06/08/12 06:59 AM
Imagine if you will global warming thaws out an ice berg in Siberia and suddenly UGG the cave man, having been frozen for 9,000 years springs back to life. As UGG walks around he finds a hammer that someone has dropped. He picks it up and examines it. UGG swings it a few times and thinks. "what a good tool for clunking small Mammoths over the head with." The other side of the hammer may be a little more confusing. After a while UGG realizes that the other side of the hammer can be used to pry things up or open … (19 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Jasper Georgia Statistics - 02/15/12 04:55 AM
The statistics for Jasper Georgia and Pickens county in our north Georgia mountains can be seen below.

There are some interesting lines. . Jasper in the mountains is at or above the average for the State of Georgia. Pickens county , where Jasper is, is way above. The difference her is Big Canoe. Big Canoe is an upscale community in Pickens county and accounts for the big difference. Now you can see at the start of the year so far all the lines are close together. This means that if you are buying in North Georgia Big Canoe is a … (1 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Big Canoe Real Estate, Questions answered Part 1 - 02/06/12 07:37 AM
Folks looking to buy or sell in Big Canoe often have questions. In this series I will as a Realtor who works in Big Canoe as well as the North Georgia Mountains do my best to provide answers to the most asked questions.
Why are the association fees so high in Big Canoe ?
The Association fees in Big Canoe are approximately 225. 00 per month. The main reasons for these fees are simple:
 ROADS In a gated community in Georgia the community is responsible for the roads. In Big Canoe there are over 100 miles of mountain roads that … (2 comments)

jasper georgia homes for sale: Big Canoe at 8 am - 02/03/12 06:54 AM
3 days a week I go to a 7 am class in the fitness center in Big Canoe. In the winter it is dark on the way there. But coming back at 8 am it gets pretty crossing the dam over lake Petit and watching the day start.
The sun in ths pictue is just coming up over lake Petit. The lake is 95 acres and just clean and beautiful.

When one turns around you can see the sun reflecting on the mountains. Now it is winter here but can you see any homes? They are there. Big Canoe does … (4 comments)

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