jasper homes: Are you frozen in the summer heat ? - 07/07/16 04:17 AM
It is the summer active season in our North Georgia mountains. People are in pools . People are hiking. It is tee shirt and shorts weather. But some folks are frozen.  What causes  " the big chill."
1 There is an election coming up and I am worried about who is going to win
2 There is a potential recession looming around the corner.
3 House values are not increasing.
4 House values are going to fall.
5 Brexit is going to effect the market
And on and on it goes.
Here is what I know. Mickey mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice fooled around with a crystal ball . … (2 comments)

jasper homes: The lasting, so far, effect of the housing crisis - 02/06/15 03:55 AM
The bubble burst. Folks who bought land,condos, and homes in 2004 -2008 maybe still be upside down today if in fact they have managed to hold on to the property. So the immediate effect was a general decline in housing prices as now foreclosures and short sales figured into "comps". In addition, as housing slowed many industries that rely on housing for their well being suffered. 
But this post is not about the recession and finances. It is about the lasting psychological effect of the crisis. Todays' buyer is looking at housing as an investment. Not so much as an investment in … (21 comments)

jasper homes: Sights in Big Canoe this year - 12/21/11 06:38 AM

 Here are some of the great sights we saw in Big Canoe this year. The top photo was fun. I think if she had a camera the doe might have taken a picture of me for her Blog.
The next picture down below was an exciting event. This guy was looking down at me as I was walking on the road.
The camera was a little shaky but you can see why !!

This last Photo was taken of the Moubtain mist. In a way you can see that the mountains breath. Their breath rises from the trees … (7 comments)

jasper homes: Happy Holiday !!! Or Not - 12/20/11 07:30 AM
This is a week for celebration . So whatever holiday or group of holidays you are celebration the folks here at All Mountain Realty wish you all the best. But if you do not celebrate the holidays in this season then celebrate what they mean. The mean light. They mean peace on Earth. They mean bounty. All folks no matter what their religion, or non religions are can celebrate a time when good wishes and giving spirits are front and center.
So Have a great holiday season whether you are celebrating a particular holiday or just the spirit and the hope … (2 comments)

jasper homes: Big Canoe Homes for Sale update - 12/13/11 08:16 AM
Last year in Big Canoe there were 92 homes sold. This year the number will probably be 75. There are currently 263 homes on the Market in Big Canoe.  The average sales price is 15 -25 percent less than 2 years ago. The good news is Big Canoe is financially strong and a great place to live. So if you have ever been to Big Canoe and went wow I wish I could live here now you can. Home prices for good 3 bed room 2 bath homes start in the 200's. However there are bargains from time to time in … (4 comments)

jasper homes: Big Canoe in winter - 12/02/11 07:02 AM
2 days a go I posted a blog about our first snow in the mountains of Big Canoe. There were also pictures. Folks often ask about the mountains in winter. Today it is in the 60's and all the snow is gone. In fact the last couple of days have been great in the high 50's or low 60's with plenty of sunshine.
This type of weather is why we love living in the North Georgia Mountains. Yes we get some snow in winter but all the seasons are great. You do not have those long Grey cold snow filled winters. … (5 comments)

jasper homes: Big Canoe winter wonderland - 11/29/11 07:18 AM
Today we woke up to snow. It came really early to us here in Big Canoe. The interesting thing about it all is if you drove out of Big Canoe today and through places like Jasper and Ball Ground. there was no snow. Only at the higher elevations did we get this great dusting and great sights.
When considering living in the mountains you have to consider elevation. The higher you are the cooler you will be in the summer. But you also might get a little colder and have some snow in the winter when others down mountain do not. … (6 comments)

jasper homes: Hey wait a minute !! ( photos) - 11/27/11 06:50 AM
This is not the North Georgia Mountains. However it is a couple of pictures we took on our vacation in Hilton Head. What a great place to visit. If you go there you must also visit the great town of Bluffton.

This first photo is the beach in Fog with wife Sally. The beach is really quite unique in fog as everything blends together . Going in November means there are less crowds but still weather in the 70's

You cannot really hear the birds in this photo. They are squawking, We are NOT turkeys!! It was a great … (7 comments)

jasper homes: Big Canoe in The Fall Photo - 11/23/11 01:25 AM
It is a little past the fall. I took this photo in Big Canoe on November 1st. In our North Georgia mountains the leave peak around the last week of October first week of November. There are mountains in the back ground and you can see the sun just up over them. This is also my Thanksgiving post. Because who could not be thankful to be blessed with this type of view off the back deck.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving

jasper homes: Big Canoe Sights (photo) - 11/04/11 07:51 AM
These shots were taken outside of my home office in Big Canoe. It is amazing to think, for a kid from NYC, that you can be sitting working and see these types of things go by. The other day it was a Barn owl sitting in a mountain Laurel. Today it is these guys. Can anyone say Thanksgiving is coming ?

It is a bit late now for bears. But the other day one ran across the road in front of me and was gone before i could get the Camera out and going. Enjoy the fall. Big Canoe is … (6 comments)

jasper homes: Go Navy ! - 11/03/11 08:04 AM
Our son is now a Navy man. We went to great Lakes for the ceremony. It was great. Drums, marching, bands, and speeches. There were 500 graduates in the various groups. Son Joe did great and got a special pin for sharp shooter. ( I guess video game playing pays off). This is a post from a proud dad here at ActiveRain.

He may look a lot like my wife's family but he is MY boy.

jasper homes: Jasper Georgia, Marble Festival - 10/03/11 09:06 AM
The Marble festival was this past weekend in our North Georgia Mountains. The weather could not have been better. Well maybe it could have been a couple of degrees warmer. It was fun for all . Folks who live here and folks who visit had a geat time.

There were rides for the young at heart and great fun for the kids.

There were tons of exhibits and food vendors. The set up was in Newton Park. So right after the morning parade folks went to see all that there was to see. And of course there were culinary … (5 comments)

jasper homes: You found Problems during your inspection , How do you handle it? - 09/26/11 10:13 AM
You have found your dream home. And it is priced well . You are having an inspection. Now if you are dealing with a foreclosure you need read no further. The Seller will tell you it is as is. So here we have the home you love , not a foreclosure , and the inspector has found some issues that you feel need fixing. Often the seller is asked to make the repairs. I do not like this approach and here s why;
The seller is selling the house. Is he going to find EL Primo repair person or El Cheapo? I … (5 comments)

jasper homes: First Time Buyer Information The Mountain Real Estate Report - 09/23/11 09:48 AM
This week the Mountain Real Estate Radio show is dedicated to first time buyers. It is not just about looking for a home. Nor is it just about getting financing. First time buyers need to consider many things in order to be happy, successful first time buyers. Linda Carrig and I put together the Mountain Real Estate report each week. It is not only about the North Georgia Mountains. As is the case for this show it is about Real Estate in general. Hope you enjoy the show and if you have an ideas for topic going forward we love to … (0 comments)

jasper homes: How the conversation should start - 09/10/11 06:04 AM
I do a lot of work with first time buyers. My conversation starts the same way EVERY time. Have you gotten your pre-approval from your lender ? If not do you have a lender? if not I can send you a list of good lenders. I then explain why this step is critical. I usually set them up on Listing Book and send out an email with lenders. I do follow up in a couple of days about the Lender. If we do not get past that first step we go no where.
Explain to your first time buyers why doing … (10 comments)

jasper homes: Always Verify - 08/14/11 06:50 AM
I am working a deal now in a town home complex. The listing agent is great. I have the buyer. So I got all his information and just because I am me I went to the town home  association to verify. Well the monthly fees were higher than they were listed on the property in MLS. Also there is an initiation fee. 
Money issues are NOT things you want to find out about at the closing table. Or worse close with the wrong information and be potentially libel after wards. So ALWAYS verify. Here are a couple of tips.
If you … (6 comments)

jasper homes: Jasper Georgia Real Estate, What is my home worth? - 07/28/11 02:38 AM
Live in Jasper Georgia and want to know , What is my home worth ? Get a no cost opinion of value at www.valuehomesource.com.  Why ?  Did you know that the number one reason for a home not selling is price? Values change frequently. So upon receipt of your request we will prepare you report and reply within 48 hours.  Be informed. Get a professional opinion of value. You will be glad that you did.

jasper homes: Jasper Old Fashioned Barber shop II, OR how do I look ? - 07/26/11 10:18 AM
Today I treated my self to a haircut, no a hair experience at the Old Fashioned Barber Shop in Jasper. This is post number 2 about this great Barber shop. If you saw the classic movie Barber Shop, or the female version with Queen Latifah then when I tell you the Old fashion Barber shop is that experience mountain style you will know what I mean.
The Barbers are great. The coffee is good and the atmosphere is friendly and very inviting. The shop itself is centrally located In Jasper on Church street

There is plenty of parking. Based on … (6 comments)

jasper homes: Buyer asks the wrong question - 07/05/11 10:15 AM
I got a call today which reminded me of something I blogged about a while ago and it needs review.
A very nice lady and I talked today and she asked about a property , "Is it a short Sale?" Now that is the wrong question. It could be right if you are in a hurry to buy. This was not the case. Buyers are watching HGTV and listening to the news. They want to know if the property is a short sale,  or a foreclosure, or a corporate transfer. What they should want to know and ask their Realtor is IS … (4 comments)

jasper homes: The Vintage Barber shop in Jasper - 06/01/11 02:41 AM
The Vintage Barber shop is exactly what it says it is. A small building on South Main Street in Jasper Georgia.
The Barber poll works and is the traditional advertisement. There is a bench outside where you can sit if you do not want to wait inside. This shop has many things that make it a wonderful experience. The shop is under new management and was caleed the Old Fashioned Barber shop
It is not called a boutique, a salon, or a hair emporium. It is a Barber shop. And it really is a barber shop in the many ways that some … (4 comments)

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