lake petit homes for sale: Big Canoe in the Snow - 01/29/14 03:46 AM
The North Georgia Mountains once again got some snow. I am snowed in again. VERY RARE. But despite what you may hear or see about Atlanta ( 60 miles South of us) the situation here was not as bad. Yes the weather man was wrong again about the timing and the accumulation. So how was this handled in Big Canoe ?
If you were coming as a guest or to do work the community gates were closed. This reduced the over all traffic . Also the emergency plan for weather went into effect. So if you made it home to Big Canoe you were … (1 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Big Canoe Community Update March 2013 - 03/07/13 04:41 AM
Folks are always asking me how is the market here in the Big Canoe community. Last year at this time there were 303 homes on the Market. Currently there are 249 Homes on the market. In 2011 there were approximately 78 sales. In 2012 there were 112 sales. So if you ask me how is the Market in Big Canoe ? I would have to say it is improving
The Market all over the North Georgia mountains is improving as well. We are seeing multiple bids on foreclosures and the over all number is going down. In Big Canoe we are seeing … (0 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Big Canoe Sight (photos) - 07/02/12 06:22 AM
Living in Big Canoe in the summer, in the mountains, can get kind of crowded  So you always have to be on the look out for pedestrians. You can tell they are not paying attention as they line up n the side of the road.

They are looking around at the sights. And after all our North Georgia Mountains are really beautiful. But then as one whole family they seem to say ,"I'm walking here!" and strut leisurely across the road.

These guys are crossing the dam on Lake Petit. They are one of many families you see in the summer. … (6 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Big Canoe homes for sale - 06/06/12 02:01 AM
There are currently 270 Big Canoe homes for sale in our great community. The prices range from a low of 65,000 to just under 3 million. The range and types of homes is just one indication of the richness and diversity of our community.
Now is a great time to buy in Big Canoe. The community has never been more affordable. Also interest rates below 4 percent make it even more attractive than ever.
Big Canoe is a mountain community with 27 holes of golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, a fitness center, 3 lakes, 3 pools ( one indoor) and a … (2 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Gibb Gardens Opens this year - 06/04/12 05:49 AM
Gibbs gardens is a new Grand garden that has opened about 10 minutes from us in Big Canoe. Talk about dedication , it was 20 years in the making. It boasts the largest field of Dafs in the country.

The picture above is one of the many ponds and beautiful greenery that surrounds it. There are walking paths that take you through the 300 acre garden.

This is a photo of the day lily garden. It stretches out for ever. And you can see it and walk on the cool grass. How do they keep this grass so … (3 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: This is Big Canoe - 06/01/12 05:35 AM
How does my day start living in Big Canoe ? It starts in the morning looking out from my back deck

Being in Real Estate is more than sitting home and looking at the mountains. it involves seeing neighbors as you drive thru Big Canoe

Some neighors are shyer than others even if you do not think so.

It is not all about nature however. you have to have some fun too !!

Some of the residents enjoy a good time. And why not there is plenty to do at our terraces venue. But at the end … (5 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Has the Dream shifted to renting? - 05/29/12 11:47 PM
Has the American Dream of home ownership shifted to renting ? This is the question I ask today. Why are more and more folks renting today?
 The Renting argument
1 There are credit issues. Many were caught in the mortgage crunch and have a foreclosure or a short sale they are working off. It may still be a couple of years before they can buy. And the bad taste of their prior experience may turn them off to buying again
2 It is cheaper to rent that to buy. In many markets rents are lower than payments for homes. Folks are … (8 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: The low ball offer - 05/27/12 11:50 PM
Jennifer Chiongbian writes a great post on this subject so I am including a link here.
So I am working with a young couple who are buying. This process is 2 years in the making. They are now financially ready to buy. Out of the blue they call me ( Big ego boost for me). We put in a couple of offers on foreclosures and do not get them. Then we see this lovely 3/2 priced really well. The selling agent says they have no offers on it yet. We look at the house and the buyer says to me, … (3 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Big Canoe Spring time sight ( pictures) - 05/24/12 12:10 AM
Yes it is Spring in the mountains. I did a blog a little while ago showing some spring pictures. These 2 pictures are a real joy.

The Geese are out on Lake Petit with their babies. it is really fun to watch them. But do not get too close as mommy and daddy are very protective

Crossing the road on the Dam at Lake Petit is a real sight. The parents stand out in the road like crossing guards and all the little ones scurry across . Big Canoe in the spring or for that matter any season has … (2 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Old Fashioned Barber Shop wins award - 04/03/12 05:25 AM
The old Fashioned Barber shop in Jasper Georgia has won a "Keep Pickens Beautiful and Green" award.

The shop features the large chairs as well as coffee and donuts for those who are waiting to get a Hair cut. Since opening in the last year and 1/2 the shop has gone from 2 to 3 to 4 hair cutting pro's

The ladies who work in the shop, from left to right are Misty, Mary (the owner) Crystal, and Heather. The good news about this group is that every one of them gives a great haircut. Even with 4 Barbers you … (5 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Don't delay - 04/02/12 02:26 AM
There are things that we all delay on. They are different for all of us for sure. For me with my 2 year old PC with all kinds of tech support it is creating a back up. No I did not blow up. But my partner that does our books did have a blow up. And so today I sent him a bunch of files. Right after that I signed up for a back up service.
Since I am now on a back up , well soon any way, I would recommend one of the off site companies. Why, Because if you … (6 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Why Pictures are important in a listing - 03/13/12 05:36 AM
NAR and major sites all do studies of how long people look at a listing. The time is in seconds but if you have pictures , and I mean good pictures of your listing and a lot of them folks will linger longer.
Today I had rather an interesting experience. I was showing a home in Big Canoe to some folks. This was their first time in Big Canoe. As we were in the house the wife said, " I have been in this home before ! I recognize this art work" Now I am thinking, they said they had never … (58 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: How's the Market ? A better question is, how are attitudes ? - 03/05/12 04:40 AM
We all know that markets are local. So one market may be hot while another is not. But I suspect that attitudes of buyers and sellers may be a more universal thing. So I am asking the question and would like your answers on How are attitudes ? Lets first focus on buyers. Here are some thoughts.  Is your market hot because of great prices or availability of jobs ?
In my market the attitude of buyers is mixed. Investors are moving in and are very definitely bullish on our market. There are first time buyers trying to get into what … (2 comments)

lake petit homes for sale: Lake Petit Homes for Sale - 02/29/12 01:33 AM
We have 2 great homes for sale on Lake Petit in beautiful Big Canoe. What makes these homes so special is that they are both some of the best priced lake front homes in Big Canoe
The first home is 1148 Thrush Turn;

This is a 3 bed room 3 bath home sitting right on a secluded cove of Lake Petit. There are some large windows in this home that look out to the lake and the mountains
But if a lake view is not enough;

You can sit out on your deck and enjoy the Mountain views as … (1 comments)

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