north georgia mountains: Mountain Market Snap shot - 06/12/13 02:56 AM
The North Georgia Mountains are experiencing part of the housing market rebound. Prices are up about 8 percent in many of our mountain counties. Inventory in the under 200,000 category is Very Very tight. Homes appear and go under contract really quickly.
Thankfully the foreclosure market is shrinking. Last year at this time we had 60-90 homes in foreclosure in the market area.  Now we have 15. All indicators are that the market is recovering.
Now we are not moving at the pace of Atlanta or other areas in the country. But then our rate of slippage was not as steep … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: Fall is here - 11/09/12 02:55 AM
In our North Georgia Mountains , especially on the Southern end of the Appalachians, fall colors peaked this week. It was a tough fall for leaf watching. Just as we got close to peak a piece of Sandy hit us. For us in the mountains it was mostly a rain and wind event. There were some local power outages but nothing like the Northeast.

Here is the dell I drive by each day to get to my home. I live in Big Canoe. So if you are thinking I do not want to live in a gated community due to … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Big Canoe and the North Georgia Mountains - 11/04/12 12:05 AM
Our last 2 Mountain Real Estate reports focused on the community of Big Canoe and the North Georgia Mountains. The Mountain real estate report is heard on the radio weekly and is also streamed on line on Thursdays usually around 10:30 am Eastern time. You can also hear the show as we store the last 10 of them on our web site,
The first show talked about why North Georgia. A lot of folks who travel the I 95 corridor do not realize that there are mountains in Georgia. With our mountains being close to Asheville, Chattanooga , and Atlanta … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: It's Back !! - 04/09/12 07:38 AM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is back . We are streaming live every Thursday on WYYZ Radio. The new show is totally on line and is gathering listeners around the world. You can listen to the show by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog. It will send you to this weeks show. I do the show with Linda Carrig and we have a good time as well as provide information to buyers sellers and investors in our beautiful North Georgia Mountains.
The only downside to the show is that it is radio. So when we talk about where … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Jasper Homes for Sale, Maybe Not ! - 01/03/12 01:12 AM
Jasper Georgia is a great place to live and work. There are many homes for sale.  However in the case below I think the tree house home of this lovely couple is not for sale.
This photo was taken by wife Sally while moving through the Jasper area. In our North Georgia mountains we have so many wonderful natural sights and sounds. Some times if you just stop for a moment and look around you will be treated to some of our wonderful Natural sights.
If you are looking for homes for sale in Jasper do not despair . Even though … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: BRRRR - 10/01/11 04:41 AM
Today we work up to the first real day of Fall in the North Georgia Mountains. temperature dropped over night into the high 40's. However today is bright and sunny with a high expected in the 60's. This is the best time to hike and walk through our great mountains. The weather is great and the leaves are starting to change.
Everyone is gearing up for the fall festivals.this week in Jasper is the marble festival. And the mother of all mountain festivals, The Ellijay Apple festival is just around the corner, and up the road from us. Take some time … (9 comments)

north georgia mountains: Mountain Community update - 09/28/11 06:36 AM
We are starting to see the return of second home and retirement buyers to the North Georgia mountains. As folks are more able to sell their existing homes, they become able to buy here. We also see younger families leaving the big cities for a more traditional way of life. If you are in Atlanta or Philadelphia or Minnesota or where ever and are looking for natural surroundings in a good climate consider the North Georgia Mountains. We are affordable, amenity rich, and just a great place to be. Take  it from a NYC transplant !

north georgia mountains: Fall Mountain Festivals - 09/15/11 07:59 AM
Fall is a time of tons of things to do in our North Georgia Mountains. Why ? The weather gets cooler. . The evenings are wonderful. And the leaves are changing . There will be at least 20 Oktoberfests going on. The biggest in Helen. There are ART shows. Train rides and the Ellijay Apple festival just to name a few. So if you are looking for something to do in the fall. Look at North Georgia festivals and come on up. I will be posting a Calender of events in the near future.
Once you get here and fall in … (6 comments)

north georgia mountains: Big Canoe, Bent Tree, Talking Rock Creek, just a few of our Mountain Communities. - 08/05/11 04:48 AM
 Big Canoe Bent Tree and Talking Rock Creek Resorts are just 3 of our great North Georgia Mountain Communities. The North Georgia Mountains remain an economic, undiscovered gem of a place to live.

This is an untouched photo. Did you see last of the Mohicans ? This scene about 1 hour from the Northern end of Greater Atlanta could have been the one they used at the start of the film.

Maybe you are tired of cramped living and communities with homes one on top of another. Well this is Lake Petit in The mist in the gated community of … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: Jasper Art Festival - 04/18/11 01:55 AM
The Jasper art Festival kicked off the out door activities season  in the North Georgia Mountains.  It was a little chilly ,but the food was hot and plentiful. It was  a juried festival. So if you are like me, juried means that the exhibitors were all pre screened. Main Street was closed as folks walked around and had fun. 
There was also a great antique car show as part of the festival. These cars make your mouth water.

Spring really is here.The North Georgia Mountains are a great place to visit or spend the rest of your life in.

north georgia mountains: North Georgia Today - 01/17/11 01:07 AM
The snow is basically gone and we are expecting temperatures in the 60's this week. So if you are thinking about looking for a home or land in our great North Georgia Mountains today, the weather, availability,prices, and interest rates all work in your favor. Shake off the cabin fever and call the folks at All Mountain Realty. There has never been a better time to own in our beautiful mountains

north georgia mountains: Advertisers It does not work !!! ( mini rant) - 01/12/11 03:11 AM
As I am snowed in I am getting caught up on a lot of things and exploring new things. But there is one thing that really frosts me. Ever log into a site that says free.... or into a site that has something you want? The first question I have is, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?
It is obvious that I am interested in the product because I clicked through. But I get really peeved when I go through 10 screens and am asked for credit card info and still do not have a price. I am equally peeved when I … (10 comments)

north georgia mountains: The New Years Eve/Day traditon - 01/01/11 04:36 AM
We have a New years eve/ New Years day tradition here. We go to a party on New Years eve at a friends home. They live in Big Canoe so we do not have to travel far. The evening is complete with all of us playing pool, ping pong, and a game of left right center. Everybody brings food and the wine is flowing. At midnight we watch the shows and all laugh because we do not know any of the performers. They are all folks maybe our kids would know.
On New Years day the same people ,who are Hungarian, … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: Big Canoe White Christmas - 12/25/10 03:49 AM
It was just a few blogs ago that I said we may have a White Christmas here in Big Canoe. I guess one should be careful for what they wish for;

This is at 11 am Christmas day. I went earlier to take out the trash . Got half way down the mountain and realized this was not such a good idea. The car is safe on the side of the road and I got my Christmas exercise walking up about 600 feet on the snow covered switch backs.

Well my sister in law is here from England but … (12 comments)

north georgia mountains: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 12/02/10 01:03 AM
This week we have a very special guest on our show; Ricky Jordan Fire Chief for Big Canoe. Ricky talks about unique situations and fire hazards here in our mountains. Also Ricky has holiday tips to keep us safe while stringing all those lights having those great winter fireplace fires. On the coast one needs to be concerned with waether and making preparation for storms. In the Mountains fire safety is the main concern. The mountain real estate report is aimed at bringing important inforamtion at all aspects of home ownership in the mountains. Enjoy the show and the great informatin … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: The in between time - 11/21/10 05:42 AM
Right now in the North GGeorgia Mountains we are in a period I call the in between time. The leaves are off the trees. The weather is not hot any more. But nor is it cold. When it gets gray it rains. It is too early for snow. Some nights are good for fires in a fireplace or a stove but not a lot. We are kind of waiting for winter.
But on the other hand it is in the 60's most of the time during the day. The bugs are gone. The leaves being off the trees mean that if … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: Post number 1000 !!!! ( with a twist) - 11/18/10 01:33 AM
Some where around post number 980 I realized I was going to reach the 1,000 post milestone. I obviously enjoy blogging and being here on ActiveRain. So I thought, What am I going to do post number 1,000 about?
I read all posts that are titled 1,000 because they are special. So, I thought I would blog about my experience here at ActiveRain. But I have done that. Others have done that too. Some have done that really ,really, well. I passed on that idea.
Then I thought I would blog about what it means to be a Realtor, and why … (32 comments)

north georgia mountains: The Mountain Real Estate Report Interview with The Federal Reserve - 11/10/10 12:44 AM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard through out our beautiful North Georgia Mountains. This week we are very pleased to provide you with an important interview we did with Tom Cunningham V.P. from the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. Tom focuses on Real Estate and the economy. There is a lot of great information and insight in this interview from the folks who should be i the know at the Central Bank for the United States. I hope you all enjoy this show and come away with good information on our housing market and the economy Your browser does not … (9 comments)

north georgia mountains: Controversial Photos in Big Canoe - 10/19/10 06:22 AM
I would not have thought I posted controversial photos but one of them has received comments that were not all good.

This photo with a blog was posted by me a while ago. The story is I was driving and there were some rocks on the road. I started to get out of my car to clear them when my wife said look up. There on a hill above me was this juvenile Bear peeking out from around a tree. I was lucky enough to have my camera with me and got this photo.
Now since posting it in various … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: North Georgia Volunteers - 04/06/10 08:16 AM
The Hyper local challenge focuses on our respective areas .  People make up areas. So this post is about some people and what they are doing. The folks below are working to be certified wild land fire fighters. We are in Fact Fire fighters already but have spent time and money to be volunteers in our North Georgia Mountains.

From left to right we have Mike , me, Joyce and Al. So part of being local is giving back to our community. We worked to put out a real fire that day and are now certified for Wild land … (4 comments)

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