north georgia mountains: Today in The North Georgia Mountains - 01/31/10 11:52 PM
It is sunny and going to be 50 today here in the North Georgia mountains. I mention this for a reason. Yesterday and the day before I posted great ice pictures. A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures after our winter storm. But today it is great
North Georgia gives you mountain living and 4 seasons. Byt the bitter and lasting cold and snow are not a feature of where we live. In the summer at my elevation , about 2500 feet, we may have used the A/C the total of 1 week. Weather wise North Georgia gives you … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: Wordless Wed. Is that you Deer ? - 12/02/09 05:19 AM
Yes I know it was a bad pun. But I cannot help myself sometimes. This young lady and I met quite by accident as I was walking out my door. This is the second posting I am doing about deer in a few days. I am remembering my camera so I am getting some good shots. This is a good one of a surprised young lady. Enjoy!


north georgia mountains: Mountain Real estate Report - 09/25/09 07:45 AM
This week the mountain real estate report focused in part on reverse mortgages. I am also including a link to a blog I wrote about this topic this week. Take a moment to read it. Those who did found some ways to use this product for their clients and their business.
link to blog is … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: Land for Sale - 08/29/09 10:23 AM
We have a unique opportunity here in the mountains. We have some good flat land for sale. We have a 9 acre tract at 10k an acre firm. This is relatively flat and not heavily treed. It would make a good horse farm. We have 28 acres 1/2 in pasture at 13000 an acre . This tract has county as well as well water . We have smaller flat tracts at 12-14k an acre . These are 2 plus acre tracts. What makes them unique is they are relatively flat and are good builds. For more information call us at 706 … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Great New home for sale in Big Canoe - 08/23/09 03:50 AM
I am saying listed however it is not yet listed on the Market. This is a rare opportunity to own a home with a million dollar view. The asking price is 990,000 so you could say you get a million dollar view with the house thrown in for free!!!

The white building you see in the distance is the Amicalola lodge. The line to the left of the building is Amicalola fall. These falls are the highest  falls East of the Mississippi. Also the Appalachian trail starts in that area so your views will be lovely for a long time … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Looking to start a Real Estate Career in the North Georgia Mountains pt 6 - 08/22/09 10:16 AM
After the sale
You have a contract on a house and are going to a closing. What more is there to do ? There are a lot of things you should be doing. But since this is about the North Georgia Mountains we will limit those things to things that are unique to our area
1 Wild Life management. You decide to put out bird feeders and maybe a humming bird feeder or 2.  Then one morning you walk to your window and see a 300pound Bear munching away. I have seen them climb up deck polls, the metal ones, over … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Morning Photo - 08/21/09 08:11 AM
Last night we had the Thunder, lightening,  and rain as the storm front moved through. But this morning it was calm and really pretty. We were up early and took this picture from our back deck as the sun started to come up over the mountains. Want to know why I am so blessed? Look below.


north georgia mountains: Looking to start a career in Real Estate in the North Georgia mountains Pt 4 - 08/19/09 12:33 AM
In this post in the series we are going to cover the "tools of the trade." I am not talking about lock box keys and things we all have in common. But let's talk about things a mountain Realtor should have.
1 A compass. This is a really important gadget for a mountain Realtor. You are standing on a deck looking into the mountains with a buyer and they say. "What direction are we facing?" If you think you are going to look for the moss on the North side of the trees forget it Hawk Eye. That does not work. … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Zondervan Farms North Georgia Real Estate - 08/03/09 01:43 AM
Zondervan farms is a new addition to our North Georgia Landscape. North Georgia has a very active and large horse loving community. Whether you are attending steeple chase in Alpharetta or riding our trail North Georgians love their horses. Zondervan farms specializes in Dutch Warm Bloods
Thatcher is a Champion Warm Blood. Here he is being handled by co-owner of the farm Jody Cunningham. This is a family owned business.  The folks here take care of their animals and work to provide only the best to their clients

Check out this great little guy. The folks at Zondervan breed their … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Big Canoe new listing 41 41 Laughing Fox Knoll - 08/02/09 08:50 AM

4141 Laughing Fox Know in BIg Canoe is a great new listing. It is 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. All three floors are complete. The exterior is log clad and has recently been painted and sealed for added durability. This is a great home in Big Canoe close to everything . There is a rushing stream behind the property
The interior really shows off the cabin features of this property. As you can see there is plenty of wood. Floors are pine and interior wood is pine and in great shape. Home was built in 2001 so it is … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Today in the Mountains - 06/21/09 02:11 AM
Right now in the North Georgia Mountains it is breezy and warm. Further South it is just flat hot ! Banks and Shane were here in concert this weekend . What great fun. There are boating and party events all over the mountains. When you come to the mountains if you decide to buy consult your local Realtor at All Mountain Realty.
We will wokr with you and help you find the situation that is right for you. After all you are going to be our neighbors. Enjoy your visit and remember to call us at 706 579 1098 or visit … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Do you have more than one camera ? - 06/14/09 02:47 AM
I need more than one Camera. The other day when a mother Turkey and her chicks walked across the road and I did not have my camera I vowed to keep my camera in my car. That worked well as I was able to post Bear photos earlier this month. But then a fawn walked across my yard and the camera was in the car ARRGGGHHHH.
I need more than one camera to show you all the great things going on in the North Georgia Mountains

north georgia mountains: The Visitor - 05/24/09 02:56 AM
So here we are Sunday Morning. Raining AGAIN here in North Georgia. We are eating breakfast in the living room watching TV. Naughty us! When suddenly a face appear in the window a couple of feet away from us. It is the first Black Bear we have seen this season. Talk about a morning wake up! This guy was probably about 1 to 1 1/2 years old. I made the mad dash for the camera. But he was gone. He did leave evidence that he was here though!           I will have camera at the ready and hopefully get a picture of … (10 comments)

north georgia mountains: Remember the Movie? A Mountain Scene - 05/20/09 08:12 AM
A very famous movie , Sgt York, with a very famous actor Gary Cooper is a classic. For those of you who remember the movie The whole trouble York got into was over a piece of bottom land. In the mountains bottom land used to be the most valuable. Why? because it was flat less rocky and you could farm it. Look at the photo below.      Pickens County is where this scene was shot. Take a look at the lush green and growing grass. This is bottom land. It is surrounded by mountains. Look how dense the grass is. Just as … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: 9 Million - 05/18/09 01:08 AM
Over the next couple of weeks armed with my camera I will be doing photos of the area. I have concentrated on Big Canoe and now will branch out. But let me set the table a bit in this post. Georgia in the last census was 9 million strong. Now think about other states 9 million just about covers a metropolitan area !!! We are about the size of New York State. The greater Atlanta area has 4 million of the 9. So what this means is there are some great open spaces in this state. In the mountains where i … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Big Canoe Snowy Day photos - 04/07/09 12:51 AM
 April and can you believe snow! These photos were taken from my back and front porch in Big Canoe. Now the beauty of snow here in the mountains is by tomorrow it will be gone, I think. One photo shows the snowy mist over the mountains and the second photo shows the snow in the trees and Mountain Laurels. . Oh by the way Big Canoe is a gated mountain community. Do these photos change your image of what yo think a gated community is? For a great outdoors and amenity filled experience Big Canoe here in the North Georgia Mountains … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Clouds in Big Canoe - 03/24/09 07:20 AM
No matter how tough it gets sometimes looking out my back window and seeing these clouds cheers me up. In a way the clouds are the mountains breathing much in the same way you would see your breath on a cold day. The mountains themselves live and breathe through storms and sunshine. Hope you enjoy the photo.

north georgia mountains: Seller expectations, Selling Land - 04/20/08 02:51 AM

This picture is just one view of a tract that is about 150 acres we are working to sell. We have a buyer !!!!! But the seller is the problem. When selling tracts there are good things and bad things. Unfortunately some of the things that sellers think are good are bad. These are things to consider when working a land deal.
1 First off there is a lot of pasture flat land on this tract. That is a good thing. Why, because clearing costs and grading costs(development costs) will be lower. A seller may consider the fact that the land is … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: New Benttree Lot Listing - 03/13/08 08:09 AM
This great lot is in the Community of Benttree. Benttree has an equestrian center as well as Golf. Tennis, a beautiful lake and much more. This lot is just under 1 Acre. Across the street from it is a rock outcropping with gushing water. This small falls sounds great. The lot is really flat. The falls goes under the road and a stream forms one border of the property. There are seasonal mountain views. The location is great and the price is 35,000. The pictures below tell the story. Many lots of this quality in this community are selling in the … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Talking Rock Creek Resorts - 02/22/08 04:52 AM
If you are looking for land we have some great listings in Talking Rock Creek resorts. They are all over 1 acre and they are all under 40,000. These are developed lots. Many of you have seen a lot of the marketing for this community. Please contact us. You do not have to spend 50plus for a developed lot in this community.
We at All Mountain Realty work in many of the mountain developments. What makes us unique is we sell value, not developers property. If the developers property happens to be a good value we sell it. So contact us if … (0 comments)

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