pickens county: Jasper Trick or Treat - 10/23/10 12:10 PM
Next Friday the town of Jasper shuts down for a BIG Trick or treat day. The kids will be 3 blocks long in either direction.  This is quite amazing considering all of Pickens county is about 23,000 folks of all ages strong.  So come out next Friday Oct 29 at 3 and join the festivities. All the children will be in costume. All along the side walks merchants and vendors will be set up with tables. They will drop one piece of candy in each child's bag as they go by.
The folks at All mountain Realty will be there too. … (3 comments)

pickens county: Mountain Real Estate Report - 01/07/10 08:21 AM
This is our first show of 2010. We thought we would get the year off to a good start. So we have listed the top and bottom 3 home improvements. The top 3 return the most the bottom the least. We also talk about what to look for when selling your home and fixing those things that can be big time show stoppers. Hope you all have had a great New Year and enjoy !!! … (0 comments)

pickens county: Sanity photos - 06/11/09 09:15 AM
Ever have one, or more of those days when;
1 Your Internet connection resembles a Duncan yo yo at work
2 You are rushing to a showing and forgot your lock box key
3 You get to the appointment and the lock box is combo even though your mls says it is electronic. Of course the other agent does not answer the phone.
4 The soil test fails on a land deal
etc etc etc  So how do you stay sane?

Even in a thunderstorm the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains provides a moment of peace, tranquility and sanity

pickens county: Remember the Movie? A Mountain Scene - 05/20/09 08:12 AM
A very famous movie , Sgt York, with a very famous actor Gary Cooper is a classic. For those of you who remember the movie The whole trouble York got into was over a piece of bottom land. In the mountains bottom land used to be the most valuable. Why? because it was flat less rocky and you could farm it. Look at the photo below.      Pickens County is where this scene was shot. Take a look at the lush green and growing grass. This is bottom land. It is surrounded by mountains. Look how dense the grass is. Just as … (4 comments)

pickens county: Mountain Surprises - 05/06/09 07:48 AM
One of the things that I enjoy in the spring in the mountains is hiking through the woods. Some times on cut trails, sometimes along stream banks, some time just through open fields. Spring is a great time to hike. The weather really hasn't heated up yet and there are mountain surprises. Walking around a bend to discover rhododendrons in bloom is ia great surprise. Yes you grow them in your garden. You feed them, spray them, prune them, mulch them, water them, and love them. Then you see them in the wild . Mother nature is smiling at you in … (1 comments)

pickens county: Federal Reserve Cuts Rates - 10/08/08 12:30 AM
The Federal Reserve in a surprise move cut interest rates by 1/2 a point. This leaves the Fed Funds rate at 1 and 1/2 percent.  What this means is that borrowing money should get cheaper. The bailout has made it easier. Lets talk economics.
In the housing market there is the notion that NOW is a great time to buy. Even in the media I am hearing it. Rates may drop some for loans. Our market may start to pick up. We are starting to see activity grow. But all is not great.
In the financial markets the news is not … (5 comments)

pickens county: Real Estate Big Canoe Condominiums for Sale - 11/18/07 02:14 AM
Big Canoe is a great community in the North Georgia Mountains. We have 2 great Condos for sale. One is 169,900 2 bedroom 2 bath . the other is 3 bedroom 2 bath at 199,000. The second one is fully furnished
With 75 million baby boomers starting to retire and mountain real estate being the number 2 place they are loking , consider the North Georgia Mountains.
Whether you are looking for homes or land in the great communities of Big Canoe, Benttree, Talking Rock Creek Resorts. Or want to be in the Ellijay , Jasper, Blue ridge area we work will work … (1 comments)

pickens county: E=MC Squared, Newton, and the price of Carpet - 09/18/07 08:32 AM
In Physics the second corollary to Newton's third law of gravity is , The probability of the bread landing Jelly side down is in direct proportion to the price of the carpet. In todays vernacular put simply, "Stuff happens". In real estate stuff happens. But there is one thing that really frosts my beer mug.
Today our Justice department, with our tax dollars, that we make in our business, is suing NAR and MLS's for being monopolies. Forget that there are hundreds of MLS's. Forget that there are only 3 oil companies, one giant computer company, etc. etc. Our government thinks they can … (1 comments)

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