talking rock creek resorts: Investing in North Georgia - 11/30/13 02:52 AM
Are you looking to invest in the North Georgia Mountains. Or maybe you are just5 looking to invest in general in real estate. The you really need to listen to the mountain real estate report.
The mountain real estate report is heard every Thursday on Wyyz  Radio in Jasper Ga. We also store shows on our web site We have a great show stored on investing. One of our Realtors owns multiple homes and got stated with just one . he built up a great business through investing. Just Click the listen to the mountain real estate report icon below. All our … (0 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Talking Rock Creek Resorts New listing - 05/24/11 09:58 AM
We have the following new listing in Talking Rock Creek Resorts. It is a great clean Manufactured 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home on a permanent foundation.
The home is on over an acre and could be used as a great summer getaway or a full time residence here in our mountains.

This home has a fire place in the living room and has hardwood floors. It truly is an exceptional manufactured home . It is on over an acre. It has something else great to offer. A great long range mountain view

The price is a very attractive 84,800 … (1 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Today in the Mountains - 06/21/09 02:11 AM
Right now in the North Georgia Mountains it is breezy and warm. Further South it is just flat hot ! Banks and Shane were here in concert this weekend . What great fun. There are boating and party events all over the mountains. When you come to the mountains if you decide to buy consult your local Realtor at All Mountain Realty.
We will wokr with you and help you find the situation that is right for you. After all you are going to be our neighbors. Enjoy your visit and remember to call us at 706 579 1098 or visit … (0 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Talking Rock Creek Cabin - 05/04/09 03:04 AM
This cabin is a great new listing in Talking Rock Creek . The community is literally across the street from Carters lake. Carters lake is a 3100 acre Lake and very pristine. The home is in the gated community of Talking Rock Creek. Association fees are 500 per year. The home is 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom and sits on over 1 1/2 acres. It is a beautiful Mountain Get-a-way. FMLS # 3896018 Price 177,800 built 2006

This is the front of this beautiful log home. The community is gated so you have another set of locks protecting your weekend get-a-way … (9 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: The Canary in the Coal Mine - 03/06/09 05:38 AM
In 1995 Barings Bank Collapsed. It was the Oldest Merchant Bank in England founded in 1762. It was nick named the Queens bank. The collapse was caused by one man trading electronically.
This collapse was the Canary in the coal mine. It highlighted a component of the age we live in. 1's and 0's travel really quickly around the electronic world. In a matter of minutes billions of dollars can be traded. But we did not learn from this collapse. Instead in 2000 we passed the commodities act that re-legalized practices that were made illegal in the early 20Th century because … (1 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Confused over the bail out - 10/07/08 12:29 AM
Recent events have left some folks confused over the bail out. They thought , hey of we pas this bill things will get better. So why is the market down and doom and gloom economic number coming from every where ?
The politicians did a good job with this bill in the end. The first time it died. In the end they said it was good for main Street. By extension you thought that is you and me. But the bill was really meant to solve a crisis in the capital markets. I do not work in those markets . Most … (5 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Talking Rock Creek Resorts Real Estate - 10/04/08 03:51 AM

This Beautiful lot is a new listing in Talking Rock Creek Resorts. The lot is 1.4 acres and is offered at 34,900. The lot already has septic permit and water run to it. In addition you will have long range year round views. Talking Rock Creek resorts is a gated community in North Georgia. They have a pool and tennis courts. The community is amenity light. It is suited for those who want a second, or primary mountain home and do not want golf or other amenities. The community is directly across from the 3100 acre Carters lake. So bring … (0 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Real Estate Buyers Outlook - 09/09/08 11:57 PM
Yesterday I emailed all my buyer prospects. Below is what I emailed them;
"  Dear XXXX, I am emailing all my Buyer clients. The recent take over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the Government has created an opportunity to buy. Interest rates have come down. How long this opportunity will remain no one knows. With prices being where they are and rates coming down Now is the time to build your wealth and enjoy the benefits of owning a home . Please contact me so that we may get started. Charlie Ragonesi 706 579 1098" After this I am … (6 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Ball Ground Georgia Part 1 - 09/06/08 08:55 AM
Ball Ground is a small town in Cherokee County . It is at the foothills of the mountains. Many people consider this tiny town, No traffic lights, unlike Jasper, to be the new up and coming area. The Name Ball Ground is unique. It is unclear whether it is derived from Battle Ground, as this was the site of a famous battle between the Creeks and the Cherokees. Or Ball Ground as it was the site of many ball games played by the Native Americans.  This first pictures shows the flat and green areas that are Ball Ground. The Etowah River … (0 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: What's Really Important ! - 08/04/08 12:52 AM
There have been a ton of blogs about the new housing bill. After all there should be as this is a real estate oriented network. There are volumes of blogs about government bail outs taxers etc etc. Basically I read a bunch of stuff that is anti- bailout. I am generally anti- Bail out too. But there is one bail out NO ONE IS BLOGGING ABOUT.
On Feb 9 2009 all of us will convert to digital TV. If you do not have digital TV you need a box. You can get a coupon and a bail out for the box. … (6 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: The New Start (Spring) - 03/24/08 03:58 AM
It is Spring (officially) in the mountains. Friday we had 70 degree temperature. Today looking out my window we have snow flurries. If that isn't Spring I don't know what is. But this leads me to write a bit about the North Georgia Mountains.
The common misconceptions about Georgia are, It is flat , and it is hot. This is because many experience Atlanta in the summer, or drive through Georgia on I 95. In both cases it is hot and on I-95 really flat. But there are mountains in Georgia.. I am at 2500 feet. You can be as high as … (2 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Gated Communities in North Georgia - 03/16/08 03:35 AM
All Mountain Realty works in the gated communities of Big Canoe Talking Rock Creek  Benttree and Lake Arrow Head. This is not to say we do not work else where. I am writing this blog for folks who are looking for homes or property ,or agents who have clients looking for proerty in these communities.
It is important to know that you do not have automatic access to these communities. So if you are thinking about driving up and looking around you may have to think again. In some cases you will be refused entry. In other cases you will be … (1 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Almost Showtime - 02/27/08 07:15 AM
Tomorrow we leave for the Mountain Expo Show in Ft. Lauderdale. We at All Mountain Realty are very excited about this show.  For one we are advertising it here as our way of bringing the mountains to the buyers.
We will be in great company with other exhibitors from all over the Mountains. If you are in Ft Lauderdale this weekend and want to stop by. The show is at the airport Sheraton. This is one way we make a difference for our clients.

talking rock creek resorts: New Land Listings - 02/12/08 11:18 PM
We have some great New lots listed at All Mountain Realty. Visit us on line at to view some of them. We have 1 plus acre lots in gated communities starting in the 30,000's .We also have some distressed sales in the 20,000's for land. These are all great investment deal.
If you have a first time investor land is a good place to start.
You do not have many of the carrying costs and issues of a rental home.
Land tends to appreciate at a higher rate
The cost of getting is in many cases low enough that you can pay cash. … (2 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Realestate outlook 2008 North Georgia communities - 02/07/08 11:30 PM
As Johnny Carson would have done, I am putting on the Swami hat and saying the Answer is...
Big Canoe and Benttree will have a a mixed year. For that matter gated communities in general will have a mixed year. Consumers will look more for value. In the past consumers compared prices from where they were coming from to where they were going to. In a lot of cases the North Georgia Mountains offered  a less expensive life style. Consumers now instead of buying into that are looking at the value they get vis a vis other communities. New gated communities have … (0 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Hindsight is 20/20. It Should have been done this way - 01/18/08 07:04 AM
I read a Blog this morning by Jay Beckingham in South Florida. Basically he was talking about the 2 types of Sub prime borrowers. Type 1 borrowed, had fun, played, and went broke. Type 2 borrowed, fixed their credit, saved money, was good, and went broke. In the end Type 2 could not refinance because their equity was not there as values decreased.
Suddenly a thought occurred to me reading his blog. When you go to the store and buy something and get a guarantee, if things do not work out you have recourse. In the case of sub prime., the … (2 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: I need to ask for More !!! - 01/17/08 03:27 AM
I posted a blog with pictures for the first time the other day called Winter in the Mountains. Some of the responses I got asked about snow. Now wouldn't you know it. Here I am a couple of days later socked in with snow and some ice. Linda Carrig also wrote a blog about the snow today.
This leads me to believe I should have written a blog asking for more business or at least 6 numbers for a Lottery ticket. So for those of you who asked here goes. Yes we did have snow last night in the Atlanta and Northern … (4 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Winter in The Mountains - 01/14/08 08:09 AM
I am a wordy cuss so with a little help from Rick I thought I would let the images do the talking.
When you look out into the mountains the leaves are down. But the sky is crisp and blue. This is some of the best time to be in the mountains. You can see the land and what is around you. You are not masked by the foliage.
Some times it happens that instead of Flowers on tress you get a frost. The beauty of the North Georgia Mountains are that the winters are pretty, as opposed to harsh. Walking around and … (7 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: Big Canoe, Benttree, Talking Rock Creek Resorts, Lake Arrowhead in 2008 - 01/04/08 03:22 PM
A big question here in the mountains is how will the gated communities do in 2008. Typically the gated communities have amenities and homes are priced higher than their surrounding competition. The gated communities often draw  buyers from outside the area as well as outside the State.
So number one the prices will be higher. In a tight market this will have some effect.
We draw from outside the State so we are effected by markets, for good or bad, in other States.
Amenities attract people and retiring baby boomers do not want to sit around. Golf, Tennis, swimming, hiking, and boating will draw.
I … (2 comments)

talking rock creek resorts: As the Year winds down - 11/18/07 11:17 PM
Yes 2007 is winding down. It certainly has been an eventful year. Not all the events were good ! At this time as things slow a bit and I go out to split wood  I use this time to think about business. There are 2 things I think about. 1. 2007 and 2. 2008
For 2007 I think about what worked and what didn't. How did I track my year? Was I able to make corrections in my plans? How did the services I bought pan out? For me starting All Mountain Realty was the big event in the year.
For 2008 I … (3 comments)

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