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Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions is a unique firm in Charlottesville Virginia offering Information, homes, land, farms and estates to buyers of Charlottesville homes.



The market is making wild swings right now. Down 777 up 485 does it make sense to you? Here is what I know. 1. If you have a plan... you should stick with it 2. If your plan needs to be adjusted (because of your age, goals etc...) ... you should adjust it 3. If you are making investment decisions...
It appears that we are in a little financial trouble (so we hear from the media). With that said, it is time to re-evaluate the currency that we use. Below is a highly recommended replacement for the current dollar bill that is now almost worth-less:   NOTE: The above is all in fun and no politic...
Builders, Builders, Builders.... What are you thinking?   Our Housing market never really seems to stop building. We may have a single builder get out of the game (see: BUILDER calls it QUITS!). But the demand for housing is and continues to be strong for the Charlottesville Real Estate Market.  ...
TOMORROW is the DAY!!! (You may be reading this on Sunday morning and if that is the case TODAY is the day!) (Sunday Sept 28th, 2008) This "Family Day"at Foxfield Race Track (about a mile from my home) in Western Albemarle is an event not to be missed! There is of course the Steeple Jump Races of...
  I stumbled on this definition of the word POLI-TICS and I had to add to it a little...   There are 2 parts to the word   The first part derived from the word : POLY  a Greek prefix meaning "many" The second part : TICS - "Bloodsuckers" that attach themselves to warm blooded mammals...         ...
c1820 Home on 127 acres 16253 Marquis Rd, LAHORE, VA 22960 View Map This unique property on 127 acres offers many possibilities. A large kennel facility complete with 18 runs and two suites, central air & full bath and a smaller four run kennel; an expansive hunting preserve - sellers ran a phea...
  If you are attending UVA this video may be of help. Do not end up like Robin (featured in the video). A little planning about finances may save you years of trouble... About The Author Charles McDonald, Associate Broker at RE/MAX Assured Properties an...
Today I get to do one of my favorite things! Show off Charlottesville!     We have the University of Virginia!     It is fabulous "grounds" with all it's beauty and history!   There is so much activity there, it is very exciting!     Then there is the Downtown walking mall with shops and nice pla...
This morning I went for a walk with my favorite person (my wife). We try to take a walk in our area everyday but there are times when our schedule gets adjusted :-) This is a picture of one of our favorite places to walk (just a couple minutes from our home). Not sure you get the real idea of how...
NGIC REAL ESTATE The estimates were that some 900 new home owners would be relocating to our area near Charlottesville Virginia... A recent story on by Will Goldsmith stated the following: "All those home builders banking on selling houses to new National Ground Intelligence Cente...

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