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Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions is a unique firm in Charlottesville Virginia offering Information, homes, land, farms and estates to buyers of Charlottesville homes.



My 13 year old understands finance better than a lot of people and he also has a great sense of humor. This week he emailed me this photo (I am sure it is circulating on the Internet) I realize that a lot of people are in trouble but sometimes we need a little humor to get though the tough times....
Just got an email where the builder will give you a 25 dollar bill (not really, just 25 dollars) for just showing one of their homes (as long as you have a client with you).   I am not really sure how I feel about this little incentive? My initial reaction is that if the home is worth seeing I am...
I just read an article in our local paper about how our Area’s high-priced homes are harder to sell – Daily Progress Well it got me to thinking about our local Association of Realtors – CAAR and how many agents are having a tougher year than in the past. Why baseball popped into my head I do not ...
We have a lot of friends in Charlottesville and this little friend keeps showing up at our pool! My wife commented that she will never eat frog-legs again! After meeting this little guy, I have to totally agree.   sure I sell Real Estate in Charlottesville but we also like to spend a little time ...
Many times I hear from people who think that a town of 50,000 is to small. Well they just do not get it. It is a great size, in fact many people do not want Charlottesville to get any bigger... I tend to agree. Sure Charlottesville is a small town but do we have some talent! Here are a couple of ...
First of all Crozet is not a dirty word, it is a small town just West of Charlottesville. Many times when I am out I find that I do not have a camera with me...but I always have my blackberry and it takes great photos. Recently I was out and took this photo: I was amazed at this skylight and the ...
I know this may sound a little crazy but here is what I am observing...   1. Many people are jumping all over the lastest Social Media (SM) bandwagon. Have you noticed that radio and tv stations are now on twitter and facebook? I am not saying there is not a place for these SM outlets in your bus...
  Swimming with friends can be fun!   Yesterday we went to our pool and we met this little guy swimming around the deep end...   Well, actually my wife tells me she has relocated him twice before but he keeps coming back... Problem is that he likes to swim without a lifeguard.   you know you liv...
    After looking at the US Census website: see I have found data that can be used for my buyers.  At least a place for them to find information. They have categories on: People and Households (including Housing) Business and Industry Geography Newsroom (press releases) and ...
Should I buy? Should I rent? How do I get Financing? Who can I trust? What is Dual Agency? Questions, Questions, Questions.... there are a lot of questions and you have just found a resource for all the answers. Working with First Time Buyers is very rewarding for me as I get to help you in a new...

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