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Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions is a unique firm in Charlottesville Virginia offering Information, homes, land, farms and estates to buyers of Charlottesville homes.



Are you considering Lake Monticello? one of my associates is the expert in the area. They lives there, play there and work there. Always use an expert when buying (ask me why). Fluvanna County is located South East of Charlottesville. One of the main draws to Fluvanna is the Lake Monticello Area...
DO YOU LOVE OLD BARNS? Looking for Views? Skiing? Privacy? located just South West of Charlottesville is the incredible county of Nelson. With graceful roadways and the Blue Ridge Parkway Nelson is a truly magical place. The Afton area is truly amazing! We also have Wintergreen Resort for Snow Sk...
While doing a little shopping in the Richmond area we of course went to Short Pump. Located on the West side of Richmond, very convenient to Charlottesville home owners is a wonderful walking mall. The shops are fantastic and this photo is of the fountain in the middle of the square. Worth a visi...
I recently was talking with a prospect who was moving to the Charlottesville area. They were very interested in homes in the city and specifically "non-cookie cutter" homes. Well this is great, I told them, and I can certainly show you homes in the city but the truth is that I am not an expert o...
  Builders, Builders, Builders…. What are you thinking?   Our Housing market never really seems to stop building. We may have a single builder get out of the game, but the demand for housing is and continues to be strong for the Charlottesville Real Estate Market.   Some of the smart builders and...
  I think that this is one of those things that is area specific. I would ask it this way: Do Open Houses Work in your Area?   There are so many opinions about open houses.  Some do them just to satisfy the owner that they are doing their job.  The agent feels that they are really marketing the p...
You are looking for answers, not just a list of homes. Most agents and brokers do not understand this. They just pay to have a generic website and put it out there to see what happens. 5 years ago I started building my own website and have added to it consistently. I take feedback from clients an...
At Solutions we have a driving desire for you to succeed. Not just in seeing homes, but in finding the right home for you, negotiating the best deal and being sure all your needs are met during and after the transaction. Visit our site and see why it is one of the most popular sites in our area ...
What a wonderful holiday and with Christmas behind us, Santa is tired Today is about trying to get things back to normal (whatever normal is) and to start getting set for 2011. We have a lot going on at Solutions with a new office, new salespeople coming on board and of course the paperwork (nev...
  MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends, clients and family! This is a grand time of year and my wish is that we all keep Christmas in our hearts all year long!     Charles McDonald PRINCIPAL BROKER at Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions (main) 434-515-1585     (cell) 434-981-1585     (fax) 866-527...

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