june sells homes: Divorce and Homeownership - 11/29/22 09:34 AM
Divorce and Homeownership in Maryland
I had a conversation with my manager yesterday and she was saying this topic has come up a lot recently amongst agents in our office so, I thought it was a good time for a blog!!
The question:  My wife and kids are living in the home and I have moved out.  I am the only one on the title to the home can I list and sell my house?
Maryland is not a community property state so you would think that the answer would be yes the husband can sell his house.  However, the answer is no.  
Once the … (1 comments)

june sells homes: Gratitude - Family Realtor - 11/20/22 12:09 PM
Gratitude - Becoming the Family Realtor
What a great Challenge - November 2022 Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge.  We all have so much to be grateful for. 
In 2014 I sold a home to Devon Beverly.  A wonderful young man, so polite, well-spoken, and respectful.  He was a first-time homebuyer and had his act together, he had his downpayment together and good credit.  His Mom would often come with us when we were looking at homes and she also came to closing.  
From that one sale, I also sold Devon's cousin a home a year later.  His cousin referred me to a colleague from work a … (6 comments)

june sells homes: Photography for Marketing Your Home for Sale - 09/06/22 09:35 AM
Photography for Marketing Your Home for Sale
I am often surprised at the number of listings in our MLS that have no photographs at all and the number of listings that have only one photo.  In a day when everyone has a smartphone with photographic capabilities, why is there only one picture or none for that matter?  The other thing that surprises me, is the poor or blurry pictures.  
There are even add-on lenses for our cell phone cameras that are relatively inexpensive - I saw one on Amazon recently.
Here are a few tips for Photographing Your Home For Sale
At Coldwell Banker, … (12 comments)

june sells homes: Great Ways to Jumpstart a Stalled Listing - 09/03/22 02:40 PM
Great Ways to Jumpstart a Stalled Listing
Over the past few years, we have become used to homes only staying on the market for half a second.  As the market cools, listings will stay on the market longer.  However, if your home is on the market for more than 21 days then you may want to evaluate how your home appears online.
1.  Lower the price - I'm not talking about a little price drop either,   Make your price adjustment make a statement that you are serious about selling your home.  
2.  Raise the selling Broker commission - or offer a bonus for an … (3 comments)

june sells homes: Moving With Pets - 08/15/22 10:33 AM
Moving with Pets
We give so much thought to the move with our families, young children, and even teenagers that we often forget our feathered and 4-legged (and no-legged) family members.  Our pets' anxiety can often be greater than that of our children since they can't vocalize their fears.  
Before closing, take your dog by the house, walk them around the block and introduce them to some of the neighbors, walk them in the yard (if your new home has a yard.  Walk them up the front steps to the door, it might help to bring them to the final walk-through before closing.  
On … (14 comments)

june sells homes: How To Renovate Your Kitchen Use White Kitchen Cabinets - 08/12/22 01:50 PM
Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and light and bright is always a good thing so you can't go wrong with white cabinets in the kitchen (bathroom too).  Many color combinations come and go but white cabinets are always popular.  Save your pop of color for the walls or accent pieces, these things are easy to change as the popular color combinations change. 
Is kitchen renovation giving you a headache? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many homeowners are always stuck when renovating their kitchens.
You are likely to experience many challenges that will hamper your project’s final outlook. However, we’ve prepared a … (0 comments)

june sells homes: The Top 10 Things to Avoid with Your Listing Photos - 08/12/22 11:48 AM
I can't emphasize how important good photographs are enough.  As a listing agent that also represents buyers, labeling pictures is important too so the prospective buyer knows what the purpose of each room is and which bathroom they are looking at, especially, when the property is vacant.   Plus, we all have cellphones, there is absolutely no excuse for a listing with no pictures at all or just one of the exterior of the home.  
I include professional photography with each listing, at no charge to my seller!!
Listing photos are one of the most important elements when marketing your home. They’re often … (3 comments)

june sells homes: Why You Should Never Skip a Home Inspection - 08/02/22 09:14 AM
Why You Should Never Skip a Home Inspection
In Maryland, there are several levels of having a home inspection. 
The first is to decline the right to have a home inspection and just not have one.  For the seller, this is the most desirable one because then they don't have to worry about anything.   Just a word to the wise on this, in the contract disclosure package, is a Disclosure Disclaimer statement.  Even if the seller chooses to disclaim, if there are any defects the seller knows about now is the time for them to disclose those.  The seller MUST disclose any known … (11 comments)

june sells homes: National Girlfriends Day - August 1 - 08/01/22 08:59 AM
National Girlfriends Day - August 1
Everyone needs a girlfriend and as we get older having close female friends is important.  Girlfriends fall into many categories and the relationships evolve as we move, change and our life priorities change.  I haven't kept many of the girlfriends I had growing up and through college but I've cultivated different groups of friends since then.  I have my Canadian girlfriends that we've kept in touch even though I've moved to America.  I love my close circle of girlfriends both in and out of real estate.  I have a tight circle of friends in my quilting … (2 comments)

june sells homes: National Love is Kind Day - July 27 - 07/27/22 08:00 AM
National Love is Kind Day - July 27
Not that we need an excuse just to be kind, but Love is kind Day is today.  The purpose is not to remind us that we should be kind to those we love but it is a reminder to:
Celebrate all the victims of domestic violence and their freedom and independence from their abusers.
Recognize our right to be treated with kindness
Realize that kindness is the path to healthy and safer relationships, families, society, and the world.
Give the voice of hope to those who are still suffering in silence.
Spread the message of how we can all … (2 comments)

june sells homes: National Pecan Pie Day - July 12 - 07/12/22 11:00 AM
National Pecan Pie Day - July 12
I love a good pecan pie and one of the best I have ever made was with maple syrup and bourbon.  It is my oldest son's favorite and I make it for American Thanksgiving and his birthday and sometimes for Christmas.
My Pecan Pie Recipe
6 tablespoon butter 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 cup real maple syrup 3 tablespoons bourbon 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 large eggs 11/2 cups pecans 1 9 inch prepared pie crust 1.  Preheat the oven to 350 F, put pecans on a baking sheet, and bake in the oven for 4-5 minutes until lightly toasted.  Remove from the oven and let cool.  
2.  In … (3 comments)

june sells homes: IRS Increases Mileage Rate Effective 7/1/2022 - 06/22/22 08:48 AM
IRS Increases Mileage Rate Effective 7/1/2022
I am not sure what the price of gas is where you are but here, for regular it ranges from $4.83 per gallon to $5.29.  
I thought about buying a hybrid car when I bought my new car but it just wasn't in my budget so my average mileage is 28.9 miles to the gallon so I have to make each gallon count.
Today the IRS announced it is raising the mileage rate to 62.5 cents per mile up from 58.5 cents to help offset the increase in gas prices.  For those of us who are self-employed and … (9 comments)

june sells homes: Be Exceptionally Good at Something - 05/03/22 08:19 AM
Be Exceptionally Good at Something
In the words of Warren Buffet when inflation is on the rise, the best thing anyone can do is to become exceptionally good at something.  
Inflation is taking its toll on the American economy from gas to groceries.  Prices are skyrocketing and rising interest rates are taking a toll on the housing market.  However, rates are still historically low.  When I bought my first house my interest rate was 12.5% and I thought I was doing something great when I refinanced to 10%.  My interest rate on my investment property is 7.25%.  So, rates in the 5% range … (4 comments)

june sells homes: Testimonials - The Power of Positive Words - 04/26/22 09:30 AM
Testimonials - The Power of Positive Words
My manager received an email from a buyer I am working with yesterday.  The buyer was referred to me by her because they had been unhappy with their previous agent.  We have written offers but have not found a home yet.  How great is this?!
Testimonials are valuable but only if you share them with the general public.  Share those testimonials, and use them to direct more potential clients.  Testimonials are like business cards and they don't do you much good in your pocket!!

june sells homes: Paint Colors Can Cost You Thousands - 04/08/22 08:05 AM
Paint Colors Can Cost You Thousands
How many times have you heard that you should give your home a fresh coat of paint before you list it for sale?  You might love color in your home and after all, you live there so you should enjoy it, right?  Well, according to some national designers the color you paint your home could cost you thousands on the sales price.  
Intense and vibrant colors will decrease the value of your home no matter where they are used.  If a buyer doesn't already love your chosen color, the odds are very high that they won't like … (3 comments)

june sells homes: The Importance of Having Reliable Service Providers - 03/23/22 12:10 PM
The Importance of Having Reliable Service Providers
It occurred to me this morning how important it is to have someone you can call on for help.  I was on my way to my office this morning, running late so instead of making breakfast I stopped at the local Dunkin for coffee and a bagel.  When I came out my car (my son's car - mine is in the garage) wouldn't start.  I mean, it wouldn't turn over, the lights weren't on on the dash, I couldn't even lock or unlock the doors without the key.  
Now, I do have a regular mechanic that … (1 comments)

june sells homes: Just Sold - 18600 Thundercloud Dr, Boyds, MD - 03/17/22 08:25 PM
Just Sold - 18600 Thundercloud Dr, Boyds, MD
It's too late for you to purchase this home now, but, if you are seeking a similar home I may be able to help you with that.  Or, if you are thinking about selling your home I may be able to help you with that process too.
This great 5 bedroom home was under contract twice, but the first sale fell through due to complications from covid.  The home was relisted and sold for over the list price with multiple offers received.  
My sellers had this to say afterward:  We sincerely appreciate all your support to … (7 comments)

june sells homes: Just Listed - Investor Alert - 437 N Glover St, Baltimore, MD - 03/16/22 01:58 PM
Just Listed - Investor Alert - 437 N Glover St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Investor Alert!!   This property is located close to Johns Hopkins Hospital and ready for your creativity and your ideas!!  The property was the victim of a fire and not habitable in its current condition.  Prior to the fire, it had 2 bedrooms and a walk-through plus 1 bathroom upstairs.  The street is a one-way street with parking available on the street.  This is a great opportunity to purchase a home here before the redevelopment gets here, and it will, it's close now!!  
Priced at just $39,000

june sells homes: March is National Quilt Month` - 03/07/22 07:36 AM
March is National Quilt Month
For those of you that don't know, I am a quilter.  My office at home is set up with my two desks side by side and I roll back and forth between them.  Quilting helps me find solutions to difficult questions, it helps me stay focused and on task and it helps relieve the stresses of the day.  
This past weekend I spent the weekend with some members of my quilt guild, Baltimore Heritage Quilters, at a Come and Go Retreat.  We met at a local church where we spent the day quilting (9 am to 9 pm) … (3 comments)

june sells homes: Too Late - 4514 Landsdale Pkwy, Monrovia, MD 21770 - 03/07/22 07:11 AM
Too Late - 4514 Landsdale Pkwy, Monrovia, MD 21770
It's too late for you to purchase this beauty in Monrovia.  However, they are still building new homes in this development so I can still assist you in purchasing and customizing your dream home in this great community.  
This gorgeous home on a corner lot featured a gorgeous kitchen with an island, fully finished lower level, attached rear entry garage, and fenced yard.  This home sold for well over the listed price.
If you are considering selling your home let me walk you through the process and I can give you a no-obligation presentation of … (5 comments)

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