selling your home: Home Wanted!! - 09/27/19 07:38 PM
Home Wanted
I have a pre approved buyer looking to purchase their first home.  
They are pre approved up to $170,000.
They need 2 or 3 bedrooms and would prefer the home to be all on one level with a fenced yard, off street parking and central air.  They are using FHA financing so the home needs to be in good condition.
Their preference is for south west or west Baltimore.
If you know of anything coming available in the Baltimore area please call me.

selling your home: Under Contract With Multiple Offers - 05/24/19 07:40 PM
Under Contract with Multiple Offers
I recently listed 1910 Penrose Ave in Baltimore.  This property is a tenant occupied property and provides a great return on investment.  Several investors looked at the property and I received 4 offers.  I asked for everyone's highest and best offer and one lucky buyer was triumphant.  
There has been a little bit of a delay due to the City of Baltimore computers being down after a Ransomware Virus attack.  We should be closing in the next couple weeks.  
My last 4 listings have gone to contract within a week and all had multiple offers, many sold for more … (3 comments)

selling your home: Arundel Village Home Under Contract - 10/15/18 07:47 PM
Arundel Village Home Under Contract
After multiple offers and competitive negotiations this gem at 5324 4th Street is under contract and proceeding towards settlement after being on the market for only 7 days. 
Are you thinking about selling your home?  It is extremely important for your home to be priced right for a quick sale.
Call me today and together we will discuss how your home compares to other similar homes in the area and we will discuss a good price that will get a SOLD sign out front!!

selling your home: SHOULD I BUY A HOME OR SELL MY HOME FIRST? - 08/10/18 11:07 AM
Should I Buy or Sell My Home First?
This is the age old question and the single most asked question among downsizing, upsizing or relocating home owners.  The answer is mostly sell first but it really depends on your financial position and whether you can qualify for a mortgage without selling your home or whether you have enough money in the bank to pay for your new home without selling your current one first.  I very rarely meet homeowners who are in either situation, then the answer is list your home for sale with an attractive price, then start looking for a … (2 comments)

selling your home: A Few Reasons to List Your Home for Sale During the Winter - 11/11/17 08:07 PM
A Few Reasons To List Your Home for Sale During the Winter
There is always a chicken and egg type scenario when it comes to listing your home for sale during the winter months.  Many agents suggest sellers hold off until spring to list your home for sale but there are several reasons for you to consider selling during the winter.  
The inventory is lower and there is less competition vying for the attention of would be buyers.  Your home stands out to serious buyers and the % chance of your home selling during the winter months is actually higher.

selling your home: Signs Your Selling Agent Isn't Right for You - 01/22/17 01:05 AM
Signs Your Selling Agent Isn't Right for You
Rismedia recently published an article entitled 5 Signs Your Selling Agent Isn't Right for You.  I was inspired.  It was an interesting article but I don't think it went far enough.  There is a huge difference between a great selling agent and a mediocre or a bad one.  And, a great selling agent can really make the sale of your home happen quickly and painlessly.  A lot of sellers hire the first agent they meet but you should really interview at least 2 agents before you hire one to sell your  home.  After all … (1 comments)

selling your home: Just Sold for Full Price - Lochearn, Baltimore County, MD - 06/24/15 04:53 AM

$244,500, 3Bd/2Ba Single Family House, 1155 sqft. 

selling your home: Things That Go Slither in the Night - 06/08/15 01:27 AM
Things that go Slither in the Night
To quote a well-known movie, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes”.  For those of you who know me I am not creeped out by much, but, I absolutely can’t stand things that slither and anything with more than 4 legs.  I understand that everything has its place in the food chain but that doesn’t mean it has to occupy the same space as I do.
This week in the news a couple have been driven from their home by an infestation of black snakes.  They bought their Annapolis home in December hoping to move … (4 comments)

selling your home: Curb Appeal and Your Listing - 05/30/15 11:13 PM
Curb Appeal and Your Listing
  I showed a lot of houses yesterday!! But the last one really stuck in my mind.  This seemingly unassuming home had been given a coat of lipstick and looked nice, it had a nice big yard and met most of my client's needs and wants.  It was located at the end of a very nice tree lined quiet street in a very quiet neighborhood and was close to everything.  
However, there were two deciding factors as to why they didn't choose this home.  The first was the entire neighborhood sloped towards the house.   And, the … (4 comments)

selling your home: I Have Buyers Who Want to Buy Your House!! - 03/25/15 10:19 AM
I Have Buyers Who Want to Buy Your House!!
The housing inventory is extremely low right now and I have buyers who can’t find a house to meet their needs.  Not many homes are coming on the market locally either.  Perhaps you are a home owner thinking about selling and you haven’t made the final decision yet.  Home values are going up in most neighborhoods now.  If you are thinking about selling call, text (410-292-0100 or 410-730-8888) or email me to arrange for a personalized market analysis of your home.
Towson – 2-3 bedroom home within walking distance of Towson University up to $250,000
Towson … (6 comments)

selling your home: 5 Cardinal Sins of Home Selling! - 01/28/15 02:17 AM
No matter what market you are in, these are some great tips to help get your home sold.  
There is nothing I hate more than reading in the comments that a listing is easy to show, then calling the showing service only to find that the home can only be seen on Thursdays between 2 and 4pm or Saturday mornings between 9 and 11am.  Most buyers work and don't want to take time off during their work day to see a house.  Also insisting that your agent be present for all showings also impedes the flow of free conversation and … (3 comments)

selling your home: Valuable Info You Should Gather to Help Sell Your Home - 01/12/15 09:21 AM
Valuable Info You Should Gather to Help Sell Your Home
The real estate process is so full of information and sometimes I think that more information changes hands in a real estate deal than in a confessional or the doctor’s office.   These are some tips for you to prepare before the sign goes up in your yard.
Gather your receipts for improvements and repairs – This is excellent information that will help you fill out your Maryland Disclosure/Disclaimer addendum.  This addendum is an opportunity to show any potential buyers improvements that you have made to your home.  Along with this you’ll … (5 comments)

selling your home: Mr and Mrs Seller Do You Really Want to Sell Your Home? - 12/22/14 09:18 AM
Mr and Mrs Seller Do You Really Want to Sell Your Home?
I've been working with a lot of buyers lately.  Recently I took a new buyer out to look at homes.  I had 12 homes on my list.  3 of the homes were under contract and not updated in the MLS, 3 homes did not have lockboxes and the seller or the listing agent had to be present for every showing and 1 homeowner was home sick from work.  I showed 5 homes. 
Mr and Mrs Seller, if you want your home to sell quickly and for top dollar you … (1 comments)

selling your home: Top Features Today's Homebuyers are Hunting For - 10/13/14 12:48 PM
Top Features Today's Homebuyers are Hunting For
For today’s buyers, finding that perfect home goes way beyond finding the perfect neighborhood that’s a stone’s throw from the office. With must-have lists that can range anywhere from a few items to those that are more than a mile long, we Realtors certainly have our work cut out for us when it comes to finding our clients the home that’s just right.
While every buyer has their heart set on a whole list of specific things they absolutely can’t live without, here are just a few of the features they are looking for … (1 comments)

selling your home: Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes - 02/13/14 06:38 AM
Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes
This winter has been particularly cold and difficult for a lot of people.  We're seeing temperatures dip lower than in past years and some areas that don't normally get snow and bad weather are experiencing severe weather too.  I have helped 5 homeowners with burst pipes this winter and I've never had listings with burst pipes before. 
When you’re a homeowner, the threat of low temperatures, snow and ice come with a lot of fear and trepidation, one of the most feared being burst pipes. Not only does a burst pipe result in water pouring into your … (5 comments)

selling your home: 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Home Sale - 02/10/14 09:52 PM

This is a great list of things that sabotage your home sale.  A few others are:
Having an alarm that is difficult to get to with lengthy instructions.  If you have the ability to turn off the alarm during a window for showings it is much easier for agents and more comfortable for showings.  There's nothing worse that having a tiny key pad in a poorly lit location and having to struggle with flashlights, keys, handbags and paperwork to disarm the alarm before it goes off. 
A lot of buyers have allergies so having heavy scents of any kind like lots … (0 comments)

selling your home: Preparing Your Home to Sell; Top 10 Things Every Seller Should Do - 02/03/14 10:19 AM

Selling your home can be a daunting task and many sellers just don't know where to start.  Ellen has done an excellent job outlining some of the key things every seller should do in preparing their home to put on the market.
You also may want to have a Realtor come in and give you a critical opinion about preparing your home. 
Neutral is always a great start but neutral does not mean white or off white walls.  Neutral can also mean odors as well as how your home looks upon entering. 
Selling your home can be one of the most … (0 comments)

selling your home: With the Mortgage Debt Relief Act set to expire, distressed homeowners are running out of time. - 10/05/12 11:53 AM
With the Mortgage Debt Relief Act set to expire, distressed homeowners are running out of time.
Distressed homeowners in the Baltimore area are on the verge of losing the relief they could receive from the Mortgage Debt Relief Act. The law, enacted in 2007, helps distressed homeowners by relieving them of additional tax responsibility that often accompanies cancelled or forgiven debt.
Before the Mortgage Debt Relief Act, many distressed homeowners would finish the arduous process of getting the bank to agree to some form of debt forgiveness, only to find that they owed thousands of dollars in tax liability.  In most cases, … (3 comments)

selling your home: Sell vs. Rent - That is the Question - 09/05/12 09:27 PM
Sell vs. Rent - That is the Question
This question came from the local Trulia questions this morning and it's a great topic.  The question was:  "We have a property that we need to sell.  Is this the time for selling or should we rent it?"
Whether this is the time to sell really depends on what your personal circumstances are. Things to consider are:
Why are you selling? What are your future plans? Are you planning on moving from the area? Are you planning on purchasing another home and need to sell this one because of your debt ratios? Have … (1 comments)

selling your home: What Do You Need From Us To Sell Our Home? - 05/24/12 11:30 PM
The BLiz Team has done an excellent job of setting out how you need to proceed when you are selling your home. 
I think one of the biggest blockades to selling a home is being able to show it.  This is a sore point with me.  I'm mostly a listing agent but I do work with a limited number of buyers and when your home is hard to show and I have to give lots of notice or it's hard to get an appointment I might not show it at all and I think other agents aren't that much different than … (2 comments)

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