charles ross: Navigating the Dynamic World of Commercial Real Estate - 11/20/23 01:24 PM
Commercial real estate (CRE) is a cornerstone of the global economy, serving as a barometer for economic health and a catalyst for urban development. This sector, encompassing everything from office spaces to retail complexes, offers unique opportunities and challenges for investors, developers, and business owners. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of commercial real estate and how to navigate this lucrative yet complex market successfully.
Understanding Commercial Real Estate
Defining CRE: Commercial real estate includes properties used for business purposes, such as office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Unlike residential real estate, CRE investments are often characterized by … (3 comments)

charles ross: The Transformative Power of Helping Others - 11/18/23 07:56 PM
In a world where individual pursuits often overshadow communal welfare, helping others is a beacon of hope and solidarity. This blog post explores the profound impact of altruism on both the giver and the receiver and how helping can create positive change in our society.
The Essence of Helping
Helping others is not merely a philanthropic act; it's a fundamental human experience that nurtures empathy, compassion, and understanding. It goes beyond monetary assistance and encompasses emotional support, guidance, sharing knowledge, and volunteering time and effort.
Why Helping Matters
    Fosters Community Bonds: Helping Build Stronger Communities When we help others, we create a … (6 comments)

charles ross: Mastering the Art of Home Buying and Selling: Essential Tips for Success - 11/18/23 07:35 PM
Buying or selling a home is both an exhilarating and daunting process. It involves significant financial decisions, emotional considerations, and strategic steps. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned seller, understanding the nuances of the real estate market can make all the difference. This blog post will provide essential tips to navigate the complexities of home buying and selling, ensuring a smoother and more successful experience.
Tips for Home Buyers
    Financial Preparation: Ensure your finances are in order before diving into home searches. This means getting pre-approved for a mortgage, understanding your budget, and saving for a down payment … (4 comments)

charles ross: "Unfolding Infinite Worlds: Why You Should Immerse Yourself in Books - 10/21/23 07:04 PM
In a fast-paced world where digital distractions are a mere fingertip away, the timeless allure of reading books might seem like a relic of the past. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Diving into the pages of a book offers irreplaceable benefits, enriching our lives in ways that modern technology cannot replicate. Here's why setting aside time to read books remains an essential endeavor for anyone wishing to enhance their mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.
Mental Stimulation and Cognitive Development:
Books are workouts for your brain. They stimulate mental faculties, keeping your brain sharp, alert, and active. This cognitive engagement … (10 comments)

charles ross: Why You Need a True Expert in Today’s Housing Market - 09/11/23 02:15 AM

The housing market continues to shift and change, and in a fast-moving landscape like we’re in right now, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted real estate agent on your side. Whether you’re buying your first home or selling once again, it’s mission critical to work with an expert who can guide you through each unique step of the process. 
The reality is, not all agents operate the same way. To truly make a powerful and confident decision as you buy or sell a home, you need a real estate expert who uses their knowledge of what’s really happening with home prices, … (4 comments)

charles ross: Wondering How Much You Need To Save for a Down Payment? - 09/11/23 02:11 AM
If you’re getting ready to buy your first home, you’re likely focused on saving up for everything that purchase involves. One cost that’s likely top of mind is your down payment. But don't let a common misconception about how much you need to save make the process harder than it could be.
Understand 20% Isn’t Always the Typical Down PaymentFreddie Mac explains:
“. . . nearly a third of prospective homebuyers think they need a down payment of 20% or more to buy a home. This myth remains one of the largest perceived barriers to achieving homeownership.”Unless specified by your loan type or lender, it’s … (3 comments)

charles ross: Why Buying a Home Is a Sound Decision in Salina Ks - 09/11/23 02:04 AM

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you want to know the decision will be a good one. And for many, that means thinking about what home prices are projected to do in the coming years and how that could impact your investment.
This year, we aren’t seeing home prices fall dramatically. As the year goes on, however, some markets may go up in value while others may lose value. That’s why it’s helpful to keep the long-term view in mind. Experts project a return to a steadier rate of price appreciation in the years that follow.
Home Price Appreciation in the Years AheadOver 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market … (2 comments)

charles ross: How To Know If You’re Ready to Buy a Home in Salina Kansas - 09/11/23 02:00 AM
If you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to buy a home, there’s probably a lot on your mind. You’re thinking about your finances, today’s mortgage rates and home prices, the limited supply of homes for sale, and more. And, you’re juggling how all of those things will impact the choice you’ll make.
While housing market conditions are definitely a factor in your decision, your own life and your finances may be even more important. As an article from NerdWallet says:
“Housing market trends give important context. But whether this is a good time to buy a house also depends on your financial situation, life goals and readiness to become … (2 comments)

charles ross: Why It’s Still a Seller’s Market Today In Salina Kansas - 09/05/23 06:25 AM

Even though activity in the housing market has slowed from the frenzy that was the ‘unicorn’ years, it’s still a seller’s market because the supply of homes for sale is so low. But what does that really mean for you? And why are conditions today so good if you want to sell your house?
The latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows housing supply is still astonishingly low. Housing inventory is measured by the number of available homes on the market. It’s also measured by months’ supply, meaning the number of months it would take to sell all those available homes based on current … (5 comments)

charles ross: Buyer Traffic Is Still Stronger than the Norm In Salina,Kansas - 09/04/23 05:26 AM

Are you putting off selling your house because you’re worried no one’s buying because of where mortgage rates are? If so, know this: the latest data shows plenty of buyers are still out there, and they’re purchasing homes today. Here’s the data to prove it.
The ShowingTime Showing Index is a measure of buyers touring homes. The graph below uses the latest numbers available and compares them to the same month in the last normal years to show just how active today’s buyers still are:
As you can see, when June 2023 numbers are stacked alongside what’s typical for the housing market at this time of year, it's clear … (2 comments)

charles ross: Why You Need a True Expert in Salina Kansas Housing Market - 09/02/23 05:33 AM

The housing market continues to shift and change, and in a fast-moving landscape like we’re in right now, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted real estate agent on your side. Whether you’re buying your first home or selling once again, it’s mission critical to work with an expert who can guide you through each unique step of the process. 
The reality is, not all agents operate the same way. To truly make a powerful and confident decision as you buy or sell a home, you need a real estate expert who uses their knowledge of what’s really happening with home prices, … (6 comments)

charles ross: Don’t Expect a Flood of Foreclosures In Salina Kansas - 08/21/23 06:32 PM

The rising cost of just about everything from groceries to gas right now is leading to speculation that more people won’t be able to afford their mortgage payments. And that’s creating concern that a lot of foreclosures are on the horizon. While it’s true that foreclosure filings have gone up a bit compared to last year, experts say a flood of foreclosures isn’t coming.
Take it from Bill McBride of Calculated Risk. McBride is an expert on the housing market, and after closely following the data and market environment leading up to the crash, he was able to see the foreclosures coming in 2008. With … (3 comments)

charles ross: There's Only Half the Inventory of a Normal Housing Market Today in Salina KS - 08/11/23 06:25 PM

Wondering if it still makes sense to sell your house right now? The short answer is, yes. Especially if you consider how few homes there are for sale today.
You may have heard inventory is low right now, but you may not fully realize just how low or why that’s a perk when you go to sell your house. This graph from Calculated Risk can help put that into perspective: 
As the graph shows, while housing inventory did grow slightly week-over-week (shown in the blue bar), overall supply is still low (shown in the red bars). Compared to the same week last year, supply is down roughly 10% – and it … (8 comments)

charles ross: Pricing Your House Right Still Matters In Salina Kansas - 08/04/23 03:44 PM

While this isn’t the frenzied market we saw during the ‘unicorn’ years, homes that are priced right are still selling quickly and seeing multiple offers right now. That’s because the number of homes for sale is still so low. Data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows 76% of homes sold within a month and the average saw 3.5 offers in June.
To set yourself up to see advantages like these, you need to rely on an agent. Only an agent has the expertise needed to find the right asking price for your house. Here’s what’s at stake if that price isn’t accurate for today’s market value.
The price … (8 comments)

charles ross: Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Homes Attract Buyers In Salina,Ks - 07/29/23 05:01 AM

Are you planning to sell your house? If so, you may be surprised to hear just how much buyers value energy efficiency and eco-friendly features today. This is especially true as summer officially kicks off.
In fact, the 2023 Realtors and Sustainability Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows 48% of agents or brokers have noticed consumers are interested in sustainability.
 So, if you’re considering selling your house, why does this matter to you? It helps you know what you can do to make your house even more appealing to today’s buyers. According to Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and VP of Research at NAR: 
"Buyers often seek homes that either … (7 comments)

charles ross: Owning Your Home Helps You Build Wealth - 07/22/23 10:44 PM
You may have heard some people say it’s better to rent than buy a home right now. But, even today, there are lots of good reasons to become a homeowner. One of them is that owning a home is typically viewed as a good long-term investment that helps your net worth grow over time.
Homeownership Builds Wealth Regardless of Income LevelYou may be surprised to learn homeowners across various income levels have a much higher net worth than renters who make the same amount. Data from First American helps illustrate this point (see graph below):
What makes wealth so much higher for homeowners? A recent article from says:
“Homeownership has long been tied to … (5 comments)

charles ross: Explaining Today’s Mortgage Rates - 07/20/23 02:27 AM

If you’re following mortgage rates because you know they impact your borrowing costs, you may be wondering what the future holds for them. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to answer that question because mortgage rates are notoriously hard to forecast.  
But, there’s one thing that’s historically a good indicator of what’ll happen with rates, and that’s the relationship between the 30-Year Mortgage Rate and the 10-Year Treasury Yield. Here’s a graph showing those two metrics since Freddie Mac started keeping mortgage rate records in 1972:
As the graph shows, historically, the average spread between the two over the last 50 years was 1.72 percentage points (also commonly referred to as 172 basis … (1 comments)

charles ross: Lending Standards Are Not Like They Were. - 07/16/23 04:45 PM

You might be worried we’re heading for a housing crash, but there are many reasons why this housing market isn’t like the one we saw in 2008. One of which is how lending standards are different today. Here’s a look at the data to help prove it. 
Every month, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) releases the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI). According to their website:
“The MCAI provides the only standardized quantitative index that is solely focused on mortgage credit. The MCAI is . . . a summary measure which indicates the availability of mortgage credit at a point in time.”Basically, the index determines how easy it is to get … (4 comments)

charles ross: Why Homeownership Wins in the Long Run - 07/16/23 04:44 PM

Today’s higher mortgage rates, inflationary pressures, and concerns about a potential recession have some people questioning: should I still buy a home this year? While it’s true this year has unique challenges for homebuyers, it’s important to think about the long-term benefits of homeownership when making your decision.
Consider this: if you know people who bought a home 5, 10, or even 30 years ago, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding someone who regrets their decision. Why is that? The reason is tied to how home values grow with time and how, by extension, that grows your own wealth. That may be why, in a recent Fannie Mae survey, 70% … (3 comments)

charles ross: Where Will You Go If You Sell? Newly Built Homes Might Be the Answer. - 07/16/23 04:33 PM
Do you want to sell your house, but hesitate because you’re worried you won’t be able to find your next home in today’s market? You're not alone, but there’s some good news that may ease your worries. New home construction is up and is becoming an increasingly significant part of the housing inventory.
That means when you go to put your house on the market this summer, considering newly built homes is crucial for expanding the options you’ll have for your next move.
Near-Record Percentage of New Home InventoryNewly built homes today make up a near-record percentage of the total number of homes available for sale (see graph … (2 comments)