lead generation: houseseeker4u.com for lead generation? - 12/14/06 11:00 AM
Has anyone had experience with houseseeker4u.com for lead generation?  I am researching my options on things other them Housevalues.  I have had good luck with them, but want additional sources. 
What other types of programs have people had good luck with?  I am looking for people that know how to work internet leads.  I do well with any of the programs I am on, and want input from others that work internet leads the right way!

lead generation: success with online lead generation - 11/28/06 11:53 AM
I posted this elsewhere in response to a question about lead generation and whether it works.  Here is my response, in a blog that more people I believe will read then other forum I posted on:
I have to say, I have had great success with housevalues and other lead generation products.  Like Paul says, you have to treat the leads differently, and as he also mentioned, most people don't have the patience to wait 9-12 months for things to start paying off.  I think it's a combination of most agents trying the service don't really have the $$$ to start a … (2 comments)

lead generation: The power of the internet in lead generation - 11/21/06 01:29 PM
Just wanted to share an example of something that happened to me this past week.
Let me backtrack....I'm a little bit different then most, I don't do any cold calling, the only people I have ever responded with is "warm leads" or people that raise their hand looking for help.  I browse forums, look for anywhere people are placing information about moving, etc.   It's so much easier that way!
I posted an ad on Craig's list a few days ago.  Literally, within hours of me posting it, a head went to my website and filled out information for free home listings via … (2 comments)

lead generation: FSBO websites - 11/09/06 02:33 AM
Any other agents here have FSBO websites?  How do you advertise them?  Are you having luck converting them to listings?  
I have a website fsbohelpkit.info that actually points to a sign up form on my website.  The person then receives, every 4-5 days, a new email with "help" to help them sell their home themselves.  I'm thinking after 8-10 weeks of this, they may be more receptive to having their home listed by a real estate agent.
Anyone else having luck with this? Also, does anyone have a site that people can post their homes online?

lead generation: another Housevalue lead closes - 10/30/06 10:05 AM
I know many people have no luck with internet lead generation, but I have had great success.  Today I closed a 2 month old housevalues lead that was looking for 250-300k homes in the Indianapolis area(average home price here is about 145-150k to give you an idea of relevance to price)  Bought a 250k home from me.  I am also listing their current home in two weeks, which is worth about 200k.
I have noticed that I am able to close home buyers much more easier then people that request CMA's off the internet...I am still not for sure why this is … (2 comments)

lead generation: lead generation on the internet---best free sources you have found? - 10/26/06 02:17 AM
Something I have been thinking about the past few days.
What is a few "free" based areas on the web that you have acquired maybe just one or two closings from each year?  If we have 4-5 of these sites that can generate a few closings a year, that's worth 10 transactions a year...Maybe forums about local city information, forums for comsumers for buying or selling homes?  
A few of my favorite:
Craigs ListBackpage.com(free and paid)City-Data.com???others? … (3 comments)

lead generation: FSBO software I use - 10/24/06 04:40 PM
Since I was on the topic of software I utilize, here is the best FSBO software I have found.
FSBO Trac, you can see more information about this at http://www.realtoolstech.com/ 
From my experience over the past few years, they have the best prices, great technical support, and the purest data feeds of any of the FSBO aggrigats out there.

lead generation: featured agent success on realtor.com?? - 10/13/06 11:47 PM
I am looking to maybe spend the $$$ and get myself as a featured agent on realtor.com
has anyone else had success with this?  I know you need a good backend(website) that will capture the leads.
 Any success stories?  On that topic, what about the "featured home marketing system"?

lead generation: Housevalues? - 10/13/06 11:30 PM
I have been with housealues for several years and have had good success. Anyone else with success stories or not so good stories? … (3 comments)

lead generation: Internet lead generation - 10/13/06 11:29 PM
What is other agents using for lead generation on the internet?
 What are example home pages you have that are making you $$$ off internet leads? 
How many leads are you capturing per month or per week off your websites?
 My current page at http://myindianapolishome.com is capturing about 1 lead per day...it has been very good!  It's like candy every morning when i wake and I see another lead registered.

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