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There are 73 million Gen Y, also called Millennials. They comprise 32% of all homebuyers and are 39% of 1st time buyers. They were born between 1977 and 1994. This generation is really overscheduled. They are well educated and have good jobs. Many have a fair amount of college debt. They are tech...
Gen Xer's or Baby Busters were born between 1965- 1976. There are 50 million of them. They comprise 33% of all homebuyers. They make up 40% of all 1st time homebuyers. They are considered the original "latchkey kids." They survived on fast foods and microwave ovens. Gen X pride themselves on thei...
There are 76 million Baby Boomers. Boomers were born after the end of WWII, between about 1946 - 1964. Boomers have long been considered the "Me" Generation. It's been all about them for a long time. They are the generation who said, "You can't trust anyone over 30." There is a Boomer turning 60 ...
Here is another great tool! (FREE) Go to to watch clever, informative tutorials on RSS feeds, blogging, social networking and many other topics.  This is one of the most innovative sites I have seen. As an individual, it is fun to watch and learn. As a manager of an office, I'...
How many mailing pieces: postcards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc. do you have to send out to make sure you reach your target market? How about marketing smarter? I know you can (in most states) obtain a list of names and mailing addresses from the title companies- for free. Unfortunately, ...
Has anyone tried holding an Open House from the comfort of your own home? Here's an idea for you: Let your prospects and clients know that you will be available online in the evening to answer their questions and provide them information. You could schedule an online "Open House"- you are open fo...
We discussed real estate numbers and the concept of creating an E-Farm. One of my favorite books (still!) is the Real Estate Rainmaker, by Dan Gooder Richard. It clearly explains the concept of growing a large database of prospects. He even described (what has been used as an industry standard si...
If so many consumers are going online, consider looking at your business from a different perspective. Think about creating an E-farm! Build a database of prospects, sphere, people from your geo farm. I know some people say real estate is not a numbers game. Actually, it is. It is a numbers game,...
We looked at marketing musts, let's take a moment to look at what tech tools the top agents are using and why. THE most important tool today is a smart phone. You need to be able to get back to consumers as quickly as possible. 84% of consumers are going to the web to search for info, if you do n...
What marketing tools are top agents using to appeal to and close more prospects, in order to close more transactions? Web site Blog Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Online flyers, e-postcards Syndicate your listings Data-mining, targeted postcards Social networking We all know the mo...

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