facebook: A new “Reputation” widget… - 03/07/11 01:54 PM
Many of you know about the new Agent Reviews available from Zillow. Agent Reviews allows you to ask your past clients to post a recommendation on Zillow. There is a lot of BUZZ around this feature. When someone goes to Zillow they can see many, many satisfied customers raving about what a great job you did for them.  According to Erik Qualman in his Socialnomics video, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation. Only 14% trust advertisements. That makes these reviews such a powerful tool for you- especially when you consider how many unique visitors Zillow attracts each month. I thought this was … (6 comments)

facebook: Let’s Work Smarter! - 11/26/10 02:29 AM
Week # 9.  Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

Here are some ways you can enhance your web site traffic:
Blog- blogging provides fresh content on your website. Fresh content will enable you to create "Google Juice" - be ranked higher on Google. If you blog consistently, when consumers search for Seattle Real Estate, your website and/or blog will appear. Make sure your blog is hosted on your website so you receive the traffic. You can be the agent consumers gravitate to for info about your area. Link your website to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media you use. … (3 comments)

facebook: Best Ideas from the Expert Panel - 05/02/10 04:41 PM
The Expert Panel, sponsored by the Seattle King County Association of Realtors, was a huge success.

 The panelists provided so many great marketing ideas.  Here are some of the highlights by the panel members:
Mike Carpenter (Aka: Mike the Money Man) suggested that you try out social media tools and decide which ones you enjoy. If you can have fun with the tools, i.e. Twitter, you will be more likely to use them.  If, on the other hand, you perceive it as just too much work, you will just drop it.  Mike uses social networking to stay in touch with … (3 comments)

facebook: How do I get started? - 04/23/10 03:55 PM
Many agents are not sure how to get started online. Many join Facebook because they know they need to connect with the first time buyers: Gen X & Y.  In class they often ask, then what...? Here are some steps to get you started online:
1. Build a personal website - According to NAR, only 34% of agents have a personal website.  Many agents are relying on their web page on their broker's site.  How many leads have you received from that web page? If it is the typical 1-3, you need a website of your own as well. That way you … (7 comments)

facebook: Upcoming Panel Questions - 04/09/09 03:38 PM
As promised, here is the list of questions for the upcoming panel. 
What question or questions would you like to add?

Dan Mc Comb - BIZNIK- Social Media Guru
What made you and your wife Lara, decide to build Biznik?
Why not just online? Why Business networking vs social networking?
Why live events as well?
How many people participate?
How many real estate agents?
How have people told you business networking has impacted their business?
Facebook- social networking
How does this social networking site differ from business networking?
Why should real estate agents join Face book?
How should they … (4 comments)

facebook: A Chance to hear from industry innovators! Including AR's own Rich Jacobson! - 04/08/09 11:48 AM
Here is your opportunity!  Based on some great feedback, Seattle King County Association of Realtors and Real Estate Base Camp are sponsoring a Panel of Industry Experts.  
The panelists are:
Dan Mc Comb- Co-Founder of Biznik.com: named Seattle's top 25 most innovative entrepreneurs by the Seattle Business Monthly.
Topics: social/business networking, including Facebook & Twitter
Denise Seavitt- CEO of Seavitt Real Estate: database of over 3000
Topics: web marketing, database management
Rich Jacobson- Community Manager of Active Rain: blogger extraordinaire
Topics: blogging, localism, community building
They are generously willing to share their time and expertise about how to successfully use … (2 comments)

facebook: 5 Pillars of Smart Marketing - 04/02/09 02:46 PM
Brian Brady, the MillionaireLender.com, had some pithy comments at the BloodHoundBlog event at Zillow on Feb. 12th, 2009:
# 1 job of real estate professionals is bringing in and securing customers.  (We forget. We are so focused on the people part of the business.  Without prospects, we have no business. )
Web1.0 was a brochure.  Web 2.0 is an exchange.
Facebook has 20 X the growth of Twitter; MySpace is growing 2X as much as Twitter.  IM is like the phone of 10 years ago.
Brian said there is so much information online that consumers are looking for reasons to reject … (5 comments)

facebook: Top 10 Holiday List - 12/08/08 02:48 PM
Here are the top 10 things that agents have done over the holiday that really worked for them:
1.  Hold an Open House - even if that is not normally what you do, the consumers who are out looking are serious, otherwise they would be shopping or at home eating "figgy pudding"
2.  Join a social network, like Face Book or LinkedIn.  It is a fun and easy way to build your sphere and create an online presence.
3.  "Drop-by" your past clients, with a plant, calendar or a little something like home-made jam.  Let them know you care.
4.  Meet your neighbors.  This … (43 comments)

facebook: Tech Usage- Growing Everyday - 09/06/08 11:59 AM
In the last blog, I mentioned some of the data collected on Gen X and Y. There were some insightful comments posted as well- thanks so much fellow bloggers!
This week I was preoccupied by the Hurricanes in the SE. My daughter and her family live in New Orleans. They evacuated safely for Katrina and returned to join the rest of the citizens committed to rebuilding New Orleans. This past weekend, they had to evacuate again- everyone was worried that Gustav would arrive as a category 4 hurricane with a direct hit on NO.  Fortunately, the storm downgraded to a 2 … (1 comments)


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