marketing: I Just Don’t Have Time! - 02/19/11 02:17 AM
Ever hear that? Or, ever think that yourself?
Most often I hear that refrain when someone doesn't want to prospect or take the time to utilize some of the social networking sites that are actually generating business for many agents. In this market we should be prospecting 2-3 hours per day. However, most agents really don't like to prospect. They don't always remember that they need to prospect in order to generate business. Or, perhaps they just don't know how. If you schedule prospecting time, you'll do it. If you don't schedule time it will never happen.
Consider making an appointment … (4 comments)

marketing: New Mobile App! - 08/26/10 04:01 AM
A friend of mine shared a new tech tool with me. I checked it out.  Vyoo. It was developed by Atomray Labs, the same team that created Postlets. It looks terrific, and it is FREE. Look up
Here is some info from their website:
" is a real estate mobile marketing application that extends your reach to people using mobile can optimize any existing listing for mobile access by quickly generating a mobile-friendly landing page. Mobile users will see this page; all others will be redirected to your existing non-mobile version. Shorten your listing page URL. No need to … (2 comments)

marketing: Best Ideas from the Expert Panel - 05/02/10 04:41 PM
The Expert Panel, sponsored by the Seattle King County Association of Realtors, was a huge success.

 The panelists provided so many great marketing ideas.  Here are some of the highlights by the panel members:
Mike Carpenter (Aka: Mike the Money Man) suggested that you try out social media tools and decide which ones you enjoy. If you can have fun with the tools, i.e. Twitter, you will be more likely to use them.  If, on the other hand, you perceive it as just too much work, you will just drop it.  Mike uses social networking to stay in touch with … (3 comments)

marketing: More Excerpts from “Make the Move” - 11/17/09 01:25 PM
Before I move onto some of the other agents featured in the book, I thought I'd add a few other comments from Donna Harris. Here is Donna, in her own words.
"I have grown my database with the Internet leads I have purchased. NAR says nationally the number (of Internet consumers) is 87 percent.  I'd rather spend my marketing dollars online.
 I also input my past clients into my database and my sphere of influence - actually everyone I meet or who contacts me. I have grown my database to over 3,500 prospects and clients since I started keeping track in … (4 comments)

marketing: Question # 3: What am I doing TODAY to build MY business? - 04/24/09 02:33 PM
As CEO of your own business (most of you work with a broker, but you are in charge of the success or failure of YOUR business), you are responsible for business development:
Planning.  Budgeting.  Building Your Brand.  Marketing.  Prospecting.  Systems.  Follow-up.
Many people leave that to chance.  They say they are too busy.  But if they do not market and prospect, there will be no business - especially in this market.
                                      Hope is NOT a marketing strategy!
Start with a plan.  You need to know your numbers.  Every top agent treats real estate as a business-their business!  Decide what you … (8 comments)

marketing: It has been awhile! - 03/09/09 03:31 PM
I cannot believe I took time off from blogging!  This goes against everything we teach in class.  No excuses.  However, after completing a book in mid- Jan and 4 new classes in Feb, I just couldn't do it!  If you have any suggestions on how to keep at it- I would welcome your tips.  I'll let you know a little about the book as soon as I get it back from my editor.
There are several things I would like to write about. I'll write about them a bite at a time.
The first item is that I attended the BloodHound … (3 comments)

marketing: The Approaching Thanksgiving Holidays - 11/05/08 01:53 PM
Now is the time to write that note, create that post card or develop the e-card for Thanksgiving....
We discussed that in the last blog.  Knowing how easily it is to get distracted in this business, I have included a short script just to get you started.  Please feel free to "tweak" this or customize this to suite you.  Add a Thanksgiving graphic to make it eye-catching and send this out to your entire database, or put it on a postcard and mail it out. (Google- free Thanksgiving graphic- so you don't have to worry about copyright issues.)
As the … (2 comments)

marketing: Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Market - 09/11/08 02:34 PM
This week while presenting "How to Get Your Listings Sold in Today's Market,"  to a smart, motivated class of real estate professionals, we had a lively discussion.  I was teaching pricing techniques.  We all know that price is the key to a sale - especially in this market! (Condition and staging are essential as well.)
While discussing initial pricing strategies, one of the agents in class mentioned his way of talking about price with sellers: "I tell the sellers it is like when stocks go into a decline.  You think, I'll sell when the price of the stocks goes above $10.  The … (5 comments)

marketing: My VA... - 09/08/08 02:59 PM
I have a Virtual Assistant. (I am so grateful!) Some skills I just do not have, and quite frankly do not want to learn. Doing some of the onerous tasks takes me at least twice as long and I don't do them as well. Besides, I just don't like to do a lot of the detail work.
I consider what is the highest and best use of my time right now. So, I always look at what do I need to do and what can I delegate to my VA. That is a vital concept, hard to implement especially for a … (10 comments)

marketing: Data-Mining for Dollars! - 08/21/08 01:15 AM
How many mailing pieces: postcards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc. do you have to send out to make sure you reach your target market?
How about marketing smarter?
I know you can (in most states) obtain a list of names and mailing addresses from the title companies- for free. Unfortunately, they don't drill down to provide the kind of demographic info that helps you really hone in on your target markets.
There is a site called which provides you the opportunity to target the people you'd like by income, time in their home, etc. The value of that is having the … (4 comments)

marketing: Marketing Musts - 08/03/08 05:33 AM
What marketing tools are top agents using to appeal to and close more prospects, in order to close more transactions?
Web site Blog Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Online flyers, e-postcards Syndicate your listings Data-mining, targeted postcards Social networking We all know the more prospects you have the more opportunity you have to list and sell.
If you don't have prospects, you don't have business. These are the marketing methods and tools that the most successful agents employ today.
They have a personal website which will allow them to market and brand themselves online. It must be content rich so there … (4 comments)

marketing: What does it take today? - 08/01/08 04:55 PM
In our new business planning class, we have agents look at budgeting as an essential piece of business planning. That may sound obvious, when creating a business plan, but I have been amazed at how many agents don't know their income YTD or their expenses YTD.  The new 2008 NAR Member Profile has some interesting info in it as a comparison.
The median expense for agents is $6580 annually. That is down 11% this year from last year.
The Median income for agents is also down:
Annual Income
Median Gross Income:
                Agents:                $32,900
Median Net Income after expenses:


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