prospecting: I Just Don’t Have Time! - 02/19/11 02:17 AM
Ever hear that? Or, ever think that yourself?
Most often I hear that refrain when someone doesn't want to prospect or take the time to utilize some of the social networking sites that are actually generating business for many agents. In this market we should be prospecting 2-3 hours per day. However, most agents really don't like to prospect. They don't always remember that they need to prospect in order to generate business. Or, perhaps they just don't know how. If you schedule prospecting time, you'll do it. If you don't schedule time it will never happen.
Consider making an appointment … (4 comments)

prospecting: Make the Move! - 10/25/09 01:31 PM
Now that the deluge has begun again, I look back on this summer. This was one of the most incredible summers we have ever had in Seattle. We actually had a summer! One of my favorite one-liners is, “Welcome to the Seattle Rain Festival, Sept through June.” During this wonderful summer, where we had a record number of days over 80 degrees and no rain for almost 4 months, I made a move to Port Ludlow on Hood Canal.
Having moved from downtown Bellevue, this more rural environment is so delightful. Everyday feels like I am on vacation: the air is … (2 comments)

prospecting: Exceptional Seminar - 04/29/09 03:27 PM
I attended a seminar presented by Gary Keller last week. It was exceptional. There were so many things that resonated with the entire audience. The special take-aways for me were:
•   The quote by Peter Marshall presented by Gary Keller: "Diamonds are made under pressure"
•   This is a defining moment in the marketplace and therefore in our careers: It needs to be the era of extra effort- average won't cut it. Choose the results you want; then match your effort.
•   Twice as many sales get made before noon.  Prospect in the morning.
•   Use time blocking: How you spend your time is how … (4 comments)

prospecting: Question # 3: What am I doing TODAY to build MY business? - 04/24/09 02:33 PM
As CEO of your own business (most of you work with a broker, but you are in charge of the success or failure of YOUR business), you are responsible for business development:
Planning.  Budgeting.  Building Your Brand.  Marketing.  Prospecting.  Systems.  Follow-up.
Many people leave that to chance.  They say they are too busy.  But if they do not market and prospect, there will be no business - especially in this market.
                                      Hope is NOT a marketing strategy!
Start with a plan.  You need to know your numbers.  Every top agent treats real estate as a business-their business!  Decide what you … (8 comments)

prospecting: Question # 1 - 04/22/09 09:50 AM
Let's start with the question I posted as number 1 in my last blog.  Although we all agree that we should start with attitude, I'll save that - the best -  for last.
What am I doing today to generate prospects?
Sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring isn't the way to generate prospects.  My favorite one liner (which I know I have mentioned before) is: Confucius say, Man have to sit at desk long time before roast duck flies into mouth.
Here are some things you can do to generate prospects:
Preview property so you have an incredible … (32 comments)

prospecting: The Approaching Thanksgiving Holidays - 11/05/08 01:53 PM
Now is the time to write that note, create that post card or develop the e-card for Thanksgiving....
We discussed that in the last blog.  Knowing how easily it is to get distracted in this business, I have included a short script just to get you started.  Please feel free to "tweak" this or customize this to suite you.  Add a Thanksgiving graphic to make it eye-catching and send this out to your entire database, or put it on a postcard and mail it out. (Google- free Thanksgiving graphic- so you don't have to worry about copyright issues.)
As the … (2 comments)

prospecting: The Holidays have just begun... - 11/02/08 09:33 PM
This is my favorite time of year!  The holidays...
It provides the opportunity to get in touch or get together with people you don't see that often during the year.  It is a time of warmth and festivity.  It can be a stressful time for many.  This market has taken a toll on many really good agents.  Instead of looking with dismay at your numbers for this year and experiencing trepidation at the thought of creating a business plan for next year, here are some suggestions:
Look at what the top agents are doing...They are not sitting and waiting for the … (5 comments)

prospecting: More Prospecting Tips : B2B - 10/15/08 07:51 AM
Many of you generously posted prospecting ideas on former posts and asked for more.  So back by popular demand, from our "Painless Prospecting" class, here is another idea.
Build your B2B (Business to Business).  You conduct business with many local vendors, service providers, professionals and restaurants in your market area.  Make sure they are a part of your referral base to help you generate business.

There are several ways to do this:
Patronize the local business whenever possible- make sure they know your name and what you do (Tip well!) Offer to send them real estate info. … (3 comments)

prospecting: MORE Prospecting Ideas... - 10/06/08 12:42 AM
Here are a few more ideas to generate prospects in today's market. They are taken from our "Painless Prospecting" class. Please feel free to let me know what cost-effective ideas you have come up with to generate business.
Begin to migrate your geographic farm online. This will allow you to send an e-newsletter or targeted drip campaign to many more prospects. It saves the hassle and expense of bulk mail. Think of it as your E-Farm.  Agents who have a large database are able to continue to close business regardless of market conditions. They have a steady stream of business. Use … (5 comments)

prospecting: Generating MORE Prospects... - 10/01/08 01:46 AM
Last blog we discussed the fact that so many agents are going back to the basics to generate business.  I gave a couple of examples. Here are a few more simple ways to generate prospects:
On your voicemail greeting, ask for a phone number AND an email address.  Leave your email address when you leave a message.  That way, your customers and clients can get back to you easily and comfortably.  You're on email late at night- so are they!  They cannot call you then, but they can email you.  Many people like the anonymity of email rather than a phone … (71 comments)


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