social networking: I Just Don’t Have Time! - 02/19/11 02:17 AM
Ever hear that? Or, ever think that yourself?
Most often I hear that refrain when someone doesn't want to prospect or take the time to utilize some of the social networking sites that are actually generating business for many agents. In this market we should be prospecting 2-3 hours per day. However, most agents really don't like to prospect. They don't always remember that they need to prospect in order to generate business. Or, perhaps they just don't know how. If you schedule prospecting time, you'll do it. If you don't schedule time it will never happen.
Consider making an appointment … (4 comments)

social networking: Upcoming Panel Questions - 04/09/09 03:38 PM
As promised, here is the list of questions for the upcoming panel. 
What question or questions would you like to add?

Dan Mc Comb - BIZNIK- Social Media Guru
What made you and your wife Lara, decide to build Biznik?
Why not just online? Why Business networking vs social networking?
Why live events as well?
How many people participate?
How many real estate agents?
How have people told you business networking has impacted their business?
Facebook- social networking
How does this social networking site differ from business networking?
Why should real estate agents join Face book?
How should they … (4 comments)

social networking: A Chance to hear from industry innovators! Including AR's own Rich Jacobson! - 04/08/09 11:48 AM
Here is your opportunity!  Based on some great feedback, Seattle King County Association of Realtors and Real Estate Base Camp are sponsoring a Panel of Industry Experts.  
The panelists are:
Dan Mc Comb- Co-Founder of named Seattle's top 25 most innovative entrepreneurs by the Seattle Business Monthly.
Topics: social/business networking, including Facebook & Twitter
Denise Seavitt- CEO of Seavitt Real Estate: database of over 3000
Topics: web marketing, database management
Rich Jacobson- Community Manager of Active Rain: blogger extraordinaire
Topics: blogging, localism, community building
They are generously willing to share their time and expertise about how to successfully use … (2 comments)

social networking: Real Estate Cyber Space Conference and Exposition - 04/07/09 02:11 PM
Here are some of the ideas I liked the best from the CyberSpace Convention that I mentioned in a previous blog.  There will be another Convention next month.  It is free!  Check it out:
Matthew Ferrara: The Next Generation
His premise is that the next generation of real estate companies needs to be mission focused, consumer centric and technology enabled.  He mentioned that Gen X and Y are generally 20 years younger than the average Realtor.  They are online.  When shopping, they can find 7 photos on for a pair of shoes!  That is much more than most agents … (1 comments)

social networking: Working with Gen Y - 08/30/08 06:15 AM
There are 73 million Gen Y, also called Millennials. They comprise 32% of all homebuyers and are 39% of 1st time buyers. They were born between 1977 and 1994. This generation is really overscheduled. They are well educated and have good jobs. Many have a fair amount of college debt.
They are techno fused!  They connect through technology.  Gen Y like instant gratification buyers & like the social aspect of shopping with friends For housing they usually look for condos, lofts and small house. They like:
Simple, clutter and maintenance free No long commutes Small yards Open floor plans Most absolutely … (2 comments)

social networking: Common Craft = Online Learning - 08/22/08 12:56 AM
Here is another great tool! (FREE)
Go to to watch clever, informative tutorials on RSS feeds, blogging, social networking and many other topics.  This is one of the most innovative sites I have seen.
As an individual, it is fun to watch and learn.
As a manager of an office, I'd want to make sure my "seasoned" agents who may not be familiar with the benefits of social networking and blogging, could watch these tutorials and feel more comfortable with some of the newer marketing methods.
As a trainer, I licensed (for a small fee) a few of the tutorials so … (3 comments)

social networking: Marketing Musts - 08/03/08 05:33 AM
What marketing tools are top agents using to appeal to and close more prospects, in order to close more transactions?
Web site Blog Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Online flyers, e-postcards Syndicate your listings Data-mining, targeted postcards Social networking We all know the more prospects you have the more opportunity you have to list and sell.
If you don't have prospects, you don't have business. These are the marketing methods and tools that the most successful agents employ today.
They have a personal website which will allow them to market and brand themselves online. It must be content rich so there … (4 comments)


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