zillow: A new “Reputation” widget… - 03/07/11 01:54 PM
Many of you know about the new Agent Reviews available from Zillow. Agent Reviews allows you to ask your past clients to post a recommendation on Zillow. There is a lot of BUZZ around this feature. When someone goes to Zillow they can see many, many satisfied customers raving about what a great job you did for them.  According to Erik Qualman in his Socialnomics video, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation. Only 14% trust advertisements. That makes these reviews such a powerful tool for you- especially when you consider how many unique visitors Zillow attracts each month. I thought this was … (6 comments)

zillow: Panel of Experts - 04/06/09 02:37 PM
The REBARCAMP event at Zillow was packed with information and people generously willing to share their expertise.  There was a great panel of blogging experts: Brad Coy, from San Francisco, Rhonda Porter, The MortgagePorter and Marlow Harris, CBBain.  They shared when, where, how often, and where to obtain content to blog to generate business.  All three generate the majority of their business online- through blogging.
They provide valuable information, answer questions and establish trust relationships before people are ready to buy and/ or sell.  When the time is right, they are the professionals of choice.  That was a wonderful example of … (2 comments)

zillow: 5 Pillars of Smart Marketing - 04/02/09 02:46 PM
Brian Brady, the MillionaireLender.com, had some pithy comments at the BloodHoundBlog event at Zillow on Feb. 12th, 2009:
# 1 job of real estate professionals is bringing in and securing customers.  (We forget. We are so focused on the people part of the business.  Without prospects, we have no business. )
Web1.0 was a brochure.  Web 2.0 is an exchange.
Facebook has 20 X the growth of Twitter; MySpace is growing 2X as much as Twitter.  IM is like the phone of 10 years ago.
Brian said there is so much information online that consumers are looking for reasons to reject … (5 comments)

zillow: Blood Hound Blog Unchained - 03/14/09 03:41 AM
Greg Swann, Broker of Blood Hound Realty gave a cheeky, irreverent and thoroughly dazzling presentation at Zillow on Feb. 12th.  Greg and Brian Brady present Blood Hound Blog Unchained annually.  This is an event where agents and brokers go to learn internet marketing tips, tricks, tools and techniques.  The work is sophisticated, smart and effective.
Greg provided a hands-on presentation, demonstrating how he uses engenu a program he developed to create websites for each listing with multiple photos, neighborhood info, etc. One of the many smart strategies Greg shared was to keep sold listings on his website.  That way, prospects can … (1 comments)

zillow: How's the Market? - 03/12/09 01:08 AM
The team at Altos Research, Scott Sambucci, VP of Sales and Analytics and Jason Buberel, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering, presented a session at RE Bar Camp. They suggested that agents prepare an "elevator speech" to be able to answer the question that EVERYONE asks agents- especially in today's market. That really resonated with me. I believe every agent should be prepared.  Preparation allows you to be knowledgeable and professional in every circumstance.
The next most common question they suggested that people want to know: What's for sale? After that people want to know: How much is my home worth?
They suggest that … (2 comments)

zillow: It has been awhile! - 03/09/09 03:31 PM
I cannot believe I took time off from blogging!  This goes against everything we teach in class.  No excuses.  However, after completing a book in mid- Jan and 4 new classes in Feb, I just couldn't do it!  If you have any suggestions on how to keep at it- I would welcome your tips.  I'll let you know a little about the book as soon as I get it back from my editor.
There are several things I would like to write about. I'll write about them a bite at a time.
The first item is that I attended the BloodHound … (3 comments)


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