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Whoa so the 2019-2020 school year ended quite differently than any of us expected. My son was in 1st grade and had to quickly learn how to adjust to distance learning for the last two months of the year. I also have a younger brother who graduated from high school and sadly, we had to watch from ...
There's many reasons why you should never stop dating your partner. Yes, I know it is much harder to date your spouse once you have started your family. However, you started a family with them for a reason. And I assume you didn’t just get to that point overnight. It likely involved multiple date...
 As a working mom, you definitely have your work cut out for you. From being the nurturer of the family to doing the homemaking to working, our list of tasks seems to be never ending.  But hey, I’m not taking credit away from dad, nope. My fiancé does so much for our family and your husband proba...
We just reached our two-year anniversary as first-time home buyers and yup, we sure did celebrate it. It’s honestly hard to believe that it has already been two wonderful years in our own home. And to think that two years ago, we never even anticipated to become home buyers. We were searching the...

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