busy mom life: Self-Care is Important for Moms Too - 09/02/20 06:13 AM
I know as busy moms it can seem that we are just too busy to take care of ourselves. Our kids always need our attention or simply need something (anything) from us. 
And with our messy home and never ending to-do list, how the heck can we even prioritize some relaxation time? 
Well mama, we have to. 
Plus, it doesn’t even have to take long. Self care can take as little as 10 minutes each day or every other day. These Self Care for Moms ideas are all ones that you can incorporate into your lives starting now. 
I mean think about it. How can … (2 comments)

busy mom life: 3 Easy Ways to Prevent Working Mom Burnout - 07/12/20 11:23 AM
As a working mom, you definitely have your work cut out for you. From being the nurturer of the family to doing the homemaking to working, our list of tasks seems to be never ending. 
But hey, I’m not taking credit away from dad, nope. My fiancé does so much for our family and your husband probably does too. But as moms, we have to admit that we like things done a certain way. So I guess you can say it’s also our fault that we let ourselves get to the point where we experience working mom burnout. 
And yes, this is a … (3 comments)

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