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  Thought you folks would enjoy a few pictures of the Winter Surf on the North Shore of Oahu as well as see what it's like during the Winter Months here in Hawaii.     We started out with blue skies and crisp cool air hitting our faces and enough so that we didn't need the air con in the car.   O...
In my childhood years, there was very little technology as I know it today. Hmm, I remember watching the Ed Sullivan show on a black and white television. No cable back then; just rabbit ears at best. With young unsteady hands drawing wiggly lines to form blocks from 1-10 on the sidewalk and play...
Kathy McGraw wrote Monday Morning Gifts: What do Seagulls and Eagles have to do with you? The light bulb went off for our annual Holiday Contest for the Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul  Group. She stated, "So many times we aren't satisfied with who we are or what we have.  We want more, or b...
Another endangered species in Hawaii is the Nene (neh neh) or Hawaiian Goose and is amongst the thirty bird species classified as endangered by the Federal and State Governments. The Nene is found ONLY in Hawaii and introduced as the State Bird in 1959 when Hawaii became the 50th state. Even aft...
If you are one to always have a positive twist to all the winding roads in your life then you have many things to be thankful for each day, each year. Around the Thanksgiving Holidays we all start thinking about what we are thankful for and it dawned on me that I would not be able to write any of...
First of all there are plenty of Realtors® in Honolulu County to choose from. Hmm, last I looked there were about 6,000 on this island alone. So how do you choose a Realtor® who is knowledgeable in Military Relocations & Real Estate and VA Loan/Transaction process? There are plenty of Loan Office...
What's that saying that when one door closes another opens? I firmly believe that no matter what kind of situation or circumstance the bottom line for a positive outcome will always be because of "ALL IN THE MANNER OF HOW I HANDLED IT". After working so hard on getting every contingency met and ...
Marketing the property well was a given. With internet presence galore, the MLS, Open Houses and a couple of ads it's no wonder my listing was in contract within a month. Even in a a slower market. I even helped my guy clean up and repair a couple of minor things so they signed off on the home in...
 With cameras and video in tow we headed down to Waikiki from Central Oahu to the Waikiki Aquarium. Long talked about for something fun to do we hopped in the car after talking about it last night. We did everything we needed to do early this morning so we could have a few hours of pleasure.   I...
Well, we sure don't have the fall leaves changing colors and we don't have snow or seasonal pictures standing out in a crowd displaying the distinct months of the year. What we do have in Honolulu County is a warm tropical climate with blue skies that take your breath away day after day throughou...

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