activerain blogging: Top 3 Blogging Tips on ActiveRain - 09/05/15 04:14 AM
Seeing as this is a post on the emotional aspect while blogging, please note that these are things I learned in the beginning of my blogging life on ActiveRain. It helped me to realize that just because people commented on my post, I had to step in the other person’s shoes so I could see the possibilities of where the person was coming from.
I once had a post (a whole page long post) about me and why I kicked their posts out of the group I created, “Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul” (PAWS for short). I didn’t realize how negative … (55 comments)

activerain blogging: Does Your Blog REALLY POP? - 09/13/13 10:43 AM
Blogging on ActiveRain has brought me business from the very start. I also have connected on a personal level with many members as well. (It brings a bond unheard of in any other blogosphere)
Blogging means that I make my own ‘POP’ with content that will attract readers who wanted to know more about real estate, my local area and certainly …. A lot about moix.  
With consistency, dedication and a whole lot of hard work…
Were referrals from members and business from the consumer.
We all want to accumulate points, features and friends. It doesn’t come easy!  Writing … (12 comments)

activerain blogging: Our Legacy on ActiveRain ---and Our Written Words - 07/13/13 03:01 AM
We have been growing our ActiveRain Real Estate Network since the summer of 2006. It has grown into one of the largest real estate platforms that have a ‘hands on approach’ with the staff helping all of us to achieve a common goal.
While being a member on ActiveRain since March of 2007 I have tried to be a driving “POSITIVE” source in ActiveRain.  It never fails to amaze me how we can take a negative and turn it into a positive. ….OR Vice Versa.
The Legacy We Leave Behind: … (64 comments)

activerain blogging: Are the Content and Pictures in Your Blog YOURS?? - 03/11/13 02:44 PM
 When I started blogging in 2007, I wanted my blogs to POP.I wanted pictures to accompany the stories and a few times used cartoon pictures that I got off the internet.
I went back through my old posts (back in 2007) to make sure I didn't have any pictures inserted in them ....that WERE NOT mine. I had a few. I deleted them quickly as I was learning about NOT using animations, pictures, cartoons that were not mine. Obviously, it was “stealing” and I did not get permission to use them.
I always write my own content so I never had … (58 comments)

activerain blogging: Sowing Seeds with Negative Reads - 10/22/12 02:21 AM
The main reason we are online is for our businesses. We communicate and connect through this network and we have respect for one another that surpasses the written word. If we all live by a daily moral code of healthy beliefs then we have no problem with taking it to the online level.
On our ActiveRain Real Estate Network, they gave us this ability to create a conversation by commenting about the article we are reading. More often than we would like we see many negative responses and retorts..... but it up to each individual as to how they handle it.
In … (41 comments)

activerain blogging: Confessions of a Blogger? - 09/17/12 02:25 AM
What do you consider to be a blogging block?  I have been through the writers block several times and still kicked out some good read. I’ve seriously had a bad block and used the photos I took to create something….beautiful.
There was no stopping these hands from typing!
Now, my life has meaning?   I have balance and no longer need that ActiveRain blog fix. NOT!  After you’ve had the Addiction to ActiveRain there is no turning back.  Even while being busy I am feeling ‘guilty’ about not being on here every single day…..twice or three times a day.
I’ve had to … (22 comments)

activerain blogging: Are You Engaging Readers With A Variety of Topics? - 06/06/12 11:51 AM
Our own ActiveRain blogger for the past five years, Erica Ramus, was recently interviewed for an article for our Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Magazine “The Residential Specialist” written by Dan Tynan and his Fresh Take article. The theme is ‘Make your website a destination with strategies for keeping it engaging and up-to-date’ in which Erica explains how a blog article she wrote on ActiveRain produced a call from a consumer who did not understand that he was on her blog and not the restaurant site.
The Importance of a Variety of Topics:
The Local Expert:  As REALTORS® we all realize that … (45 comments)

activerain blogging: How NOT to Connect with ActiveRain Members - 04/07/12 03:26 AM
After 5+ years of being a member on ActiveRain Real Estate Network I’ve learned that ActiveRain is a place to mingle, connect and make friends with other Real Estate Industry Professionals.   We connect with other Real Estate Industry Professionals on a personal level by reading their posts, commenting and creating a pleasant conversation.
Why do we do we focus on connecting with other Real Estate Industry Leaders here on ActiveRain?  ActiveRain is by far the largest real estate network referral source for all of us. It has by far been one of the greatest marketing tools for our businesses and … (54 comments)

activerain blogging: How Does One Pick a TRUSTWORTHY Source on ActiveRain? - 01/12/12 03:59 PM
Being a Dedicated and Loyal Member of ActiveRain for the past (almost) FIVE years means that I have a little (well, maybe a lot) of information to share with all the NEW MEMBERS and well as some older members too. It DOES NOT mean I am any other expert just because I’m a long time member. You will come to that conclusion after talking and meeting with me.
As always, it’s not the length of time one has been a Real Estate agent but the quality of the services given as seasoned Real Estate Agents that … (48 comments)

activerain blogging: ActiveRain Reflections and Connecting the Dots - 01/01/12 03:10 PM
Today marks the first day of 2012. A shout out of “Happy New Year” and wishing each other a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012 is the holiday greeting for most. After a shout out to all I immediately reflect on years past and going in to my 5th year of blogging on ActiveRain. 
For all documentation purposes I joined as a member on March 10th, 2007. It intrigued me and I wondered just how one was to communicate through the written word and use it for business and referrals?  Until I grasped that concept …I just wrote and ‘mingled’ … (10 comments)

activerain blogging: MAKE Your ActiveRain Blog POP! - 11/16/11 08:40 AM
Blogging on ActiveRain has been a long road that brought me business as well as connecting with my peers. Blogging meant that I make my own ‘POP’ with content that will attract readers who wanted to know more about real estate, my local area and certainly ….a bit about me.  Blogging isn’t just about me either.
With consistency, dedication and a whole lot of hard work…
Came business from the consumer and referrals from my peers.
We all want to have many featured posts, to  accumulate lots of  points and have LOTS of readers and business from our blogs. Well, … (57 comments)

activerain blogging: Are You Keeping Your Readers Engaged? - 11/06/11 08:48 AM
What makes a good blog?  Obviously, the content has to be interesting and the title attractive to lure the reader in.  There are many topics to choose from and though many may not agree that some topics are not Real Estate related; they need think again. 
LOCAL AREA and NEIGHBORHOODS:  If I am to be considered the “local expert” I better know my area. In Growing Up in the Mililani Community I not only give information about the Mililani Community but also HISTORY OF OUR MARKET throughout the years. Being a long … (37 comments)

activerain blogging: Pointing Fingers at Others and Ten Will Point Back at You - 11/05/11 04:55 PM
It’s one thing to be aware of other’s imperfections. It's definitely another story to see the flaws in another and then turn around and poke fun at them or call them names.
Who REALLY is the ‘Professional’ here?
Everyone has unique attributes and characteristics that define us as individuals.  Every single person on this planet also has MANY flaws and imperfections.  One may have one flaw that another lacks and that same person may have a talent that another lacks.
We all are unique.
Before poking fun at another’s imperfections and saying they’re unprofessional, why not instead offer a … (11 comments)

activerain blogging: Decluttering the ActiveRain Dashboard - 09/12/11 01:45 PM
Mililani, Hawaii -  It's 6pm and I've had dinner and settled down to read some ActiveRain blogs. I am really hoping to read some real estate articles and obtain more information and  insight from our nationwide bloggers. OR, maybe I just want to read some fun entertaining posts, a positive inspirational article or just a few stories about a local area business or perhaps about a fine dining restaurant.I watch the blog dashboard roll down while intently looking for something to catch my eye. I refresh the screen every so often  to see if something else pops up. Lo and behold, … (46 comments)

activerain blogging: ActiveRain Stewardship and Holding Self to Higher Standard - 09/08/11 11:28 AM
Four and a half years ago, I wrote a post here on ActiveRain titled Stewardship: The Way to a PLEASANT Blogging Experience.   The idea was from a post from a comment thread in which our own Bob Stewart - ActiveRain talked about holding ourselves to a higher standard. 
Bob wrote, ""If you have a following on ActiveRain, you need to HOLD YOURSELF TO A HIGHER STANDARD. Having a big following (and there are a ton of you commenting on this that do) means that you take stewardship over the community as a whole. ..........Your actions reflect positively and negatively on ALL … (54 comments)

activerain blogging: If You Don’t Answer Your Phone and Listen..... They Call ME! - 06/11/11 05:29 PM
The first tip to gaining a client is to ANSWER your PHONE!  How many times do they contact me and say the reason they decided to go with me was because I answered my phone and responded right away to a text or email. Goodness, it isn't rocket science to know that communication is the key to having a great business relationship!
We also LISTEN to our clients about what their priorities are when it comes to searching for homes.   How's about hearing that the home buyer kept insisting they wanted a certain criteria and the agent didn't seem to hear … (45 comments)

activerain blogging: Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 06/05/11 07:28 AM

A REBLOG for a highly recommended post with oodles of tips.
Rich Jacobson has long been a favorite of mine. His articulate writing for Activerain members to gain insight with his tips have helped many in the past, the present and no doubt the future...including me! 
For years he's provided support to all of us on ActiveRain and and his value to this network is notable and commendable. 
If you get the chance, bookmark this for easy access to his links on:
Blog Tips for Rain Drips  
The following archived articles are from a series I began a while back … (6 comments)

activerain blogging: Meatloaf, Lebron and IDX......Random Thoughts on a Friday - 06/03/11 05:51 AM

Bob gives us a great update into what's going on with well as some great tips and tricks for blogging, our businesses and more.....
He kind of switches back and forth but hey....if he gets more consistant with blogging, he will have been well deserved of the 20,000 points he will give himself. lol
And that little guy on the left in the picture?  He calls me Gramma Sally in Hawaii :) :)
When I first started upchucking random thoughts onto my computer screen I admitted that consistency has never been my strong suit. The first thing I've ever … (4 comments)

activerain blogging: ActiveRain is About REAL ESTATE, Our Communities and …..US - 05/06/11 12:29 PM
Real Estate is about our local communities.  A seasoned agent knows their local real estate market and also knows about their local area and communities too. ActiveRain believes in this theory and therefore started the ActiveRain Community Sponsorship (previously known as a ‘Localism Sponsorship').  The topics include everything and anything to do with our local areas including businesses, events, history, people, places and things.
Real Estate is about people. It's the people behind the words at ActiveRain.  We know that transparency is key to communicating online.
We write about personal dilemmas or triumphs and support each other through all. Writing as if … (38 comments)

activerain blogging: Who Google's Our Name? - 04/12/11 05:47 AM
Does the Consumer Google Our Name?
Heck, yeah!  I read a comment where someone did not believe that anyone would Google another person's name.  Remember, folks. Mentioning another's name (with ill intent) is not a good way to get your own good publicity)  It only shows who YOU are.
Focusing on another mirrors something we wish we had ....or had not.

Every so often there will be a seller who will search for my name find out how much I'm on the internet to market their home.  They search to find out if there are good reviews about "Sally" … (38 comments)

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