activerain success story: ActiveRain Community Support- A Happy Holiday Wish To ActiveRain - 12/25/11 04:19 AM
It all started back in March of 2007 when I finally decided to accept an invite from Randy Prothero and start blogging on ActiveRain. I jumped right in not knowing what I was doing and actually started doing it for ‘fun’. Then I started reading from other members about why they blog and how they get business and referrals from other members who they connected with.
It’s been a long journey to gain experience of the whole ActiveRain who, what, when, how and why about blogging although it’s been a rewarding time indeed!  With business, referrals and the most important..the … (52 comments)

activerain success story: ActiveRain Success Story at 700,000 points - 10/05/10 06:42 AM
If there is anything more profound in my life and business thus far, it is without a doubt that ActiveRain IS the biggest part of my success story. How, you ask?   I've always been a prolific writer and write with transparency and content that I know would attract the consumer and my peers with knowledge and education on real estate. 
I learned long ago that giving a piece of myself through my writing would bring the kind of readers that I was looking for in my niche market in Real Estate.
Real Estate is not easy work. As an independent … (95 comments)

activerain success story: ActiveRain and the Social Media Connection - 05/23/10 09:26 AM
It is without a doubt that we walk hand in hand through ActiveRain to many social media sites. For one,we comingle around these sites with the solid fact that we will make connections with many others whether it be to reconnect with family, friends or to make new acquaintances and business connections.  Sooner or later we meet face to face or at the very least converse on the phone across oceans and miles nationwide and to other countries.
I had an epiphany when ‘traveling' through cyberspace while learning the ins and outs of blogging on ActiveRain and then hopping across the … (25 comments)

activerain success story: Defining Blogging Success - 06/02/09 06:20 AM
After being in and out of ActiveRain over the past couple days I came back online to  ActiveRain to see what was up. The first thing that popped up was an anonymous comment for an older post I wrote in the beginning of the year. The details don't matter anymore..the significance to put out there what I've learned in my time of blogging on ActiveRain is.
It's about those that haven't even tried it that sit there and condemn.
No matter how many years one has in the Real Estate Industry surely does not matter when it comes to bragging about it and trying to … (25 comments)

activerain success story: Mililani Real Estate, Mililani Home Buyers, Hawaii Military Relocations - 01/12/09 10:11 AM
For the majority of the professionals in the Real Estate Industry we love our 'jobs'. We want our clients to either achieve the American Dream of home ownership or help our sellers get the best price for their homes.
Real Estate Professionals thrive on going above and beyond.
The most important reason of them all is the heartfelt comments and a happy smile on my clients face at the end of the transaction to express their appreciation for the hard work and effort I put into it. Whoever said that we should not put any emotion into our business is not how I … (46 comments)

activerain success story: 2008 Success Contest Deadline Extended by One Week! - 12/30/08 12:38 PM
Bring on your 2008 Success Stories! Contest Extended to January 6th!
I'm so glad Brian decided to extend the contest so you all will get a chance to recuperate after the holidays and get in the writers mode to tell YOUR story of success.
I really anticipate a better turn out now so PLEASE enter your links for the contest in the comment section as the tags are still not working. Using the search takes even longer and some are being missed in the groups as there are only four pages and the most commented are getting moved up while the others … (11 comments)

activerain success story: An ActiveRain Thanksgiving - 11/25/08 04:51 AM
If you are one to always have a positive twist to all the winding roads in your life then you have many things to be thankful for each day, each year. Around the Thanksgiving Holidays we all start thinking about what we are thankful for and it dawned on me that I would not be able to write any of this right now, at this moment without ActiveRain. 
So, first of all I am thankful to Jonathan Washburn, CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveRain for without his ingenuity, insight and this 'gift' I would not have all the knowledge, business and friends that I have … (58 comments)

activerain success story: Relief Comes Quick: After Curve Balls & All - 11/04/08 08:46 AM

Wow...amazing how I feel so relieved from just coloring those boxes in at the poll center in my neighborhood this morning! A misty kind of morning to fit well with the mystery of the anticipated outcome of our election process.
In the meantime, while all the hoo haaa was going on the last 21 months during the campaigning I was out there keeping the balance with my work and family life. In my mind, soul, heart and being I have come to learn that balance will always be key to my success in all areas of my life.
You see, … (42 comments)

activerain success story: Real Estate Leads, Contracts, Relocations and Views - 10/05/08 12:36 PM

It's been a very hectic week for my Real Estate business. Well, with one coming down the stretch for closing, another escrow opened for a buyer on Wednesday that alone has been very busy for me. I also have a listing that I put up last Sunday with showings EVERY single day this week so I am now prepared to take the rest of the afternoon off. And so I'll spend it by Blogging, working  writing and getting some form of relaxation.
Many of my Hawaii Home Buyers are Military Relocating to Hawaii and it seems that during the past few months our market … (42 comments)

activerain success story: Hawaii Military Relocation | Clients Being Proactive! - 08/30/08 05:34 AM
He arrives back to the states after a tour in Iraq. He decides to take his family to Disneyland for a week vacation and his children are thrilled.
His wife is having a bunch of fun too....until he just can't leave Disneyland and all the WHOLE days events behind without....seeing the fireworks going off above the castle.
It was HIS Disneyland dream though he tried to play it off that this whole vacation was for the kids.  LOL!
This was one of the stories they told me yesterday after I picked them up from the airport.
They were adamant to be proactive … (28 comments)

activerain success story: The Haydon Family in Hawaii (And Randy Cheats) - 07/22/08 01:53 PM
Well, if you could just see Hawaii Randy running...yes, literally running to his car to beat me to blogging about our meeting with Cyndee & Jack Haydon along with their two wonderful boys!
Here's his story:  I Met the Haydens and Then Beat Celeste "WooHoo Sally" Cheeseman to Post About it
Yes, the Haydon Family made that LONG trip to Honolulu, Hawaii (unike Neal Bloom; who keeps saying the trip is too long) and have been surfing, snorkeling, sunning and funning for the last two weeks.
We met today at Zippy's Restaurant in Waipio Gentry around 11:15 and it was … (52 comments)

activerain success story: From Honolulu County to Ventura County: Welcome Katrina to ActiveRain! - 07/15/08 11:03 AM

Back in April I wrote a post about a successful transaction from relocation clients in:  LIVE on VIDEO: A Hawaii Military Relocation Story Comes to Life
At the end I paid tribute to a wonderful escrow officer: Katrina Dangleman and following is the exerpt.
Note:  Katrina Dangleman, Escrow Officer with Title Guaranty Escrow in Mililani informed me yesterday that she is moving to Caifornia. She has been part of the driving force of the meaning behind "teamwork" and for many important part of Title Guaranty in Mililani, Hawaii. Aloha O'e Katrina!  (Also, all of you out there keep a lookout. Katrina is … (30 comments)

activerain success story: My Long Journey: The PLATINUM Hall of Fame & 300,000 POINTS - 07/02/08 05:21 AM
The Star Hall of Fame groups were created by Neal Bloom-Realtor ® Assoc.-CRS-Weston  for the sole purpose of telling our story of each milestone and journey's in the Rain to get to each of these Star Hall of Fame groups:
Activerain Bronze Star Hall of Fame- In order to qualify you must reach at least 50,000 Activerain points. Activerain Silver Star Hall of Fame- In order to qualify you must reach at least 100,000 Activerain points. Activerain Gold Star Hall of Fame- In order to qualify you must reach at least 200,000 Activerain points. Activerain Platinum Star Hall of Fame- In order to qualify you must reach at least 300,000 Activerain points

activerain success story: Follow UP With Clients! When You Least Expect It - It Happens! - 05/26/08 04:47 PM
Keep ignoring those leads and past clients and you'll end up looking for a regular full job. Why?  No matter what area you live in we all pretty much have one thing in common. Sales numbers are lower than previous booming years and everyone's numbers may be down a little as well. Without those follow ups on leads, past clients and referrals you'll be lucky if you get a phone call on floor duty that amounts to anything but wasted time.
I am a GIANT advocate of working with leads for a few months up to a couple of years ...or more.  No biggie. … (82 comments)

activerain success story: Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off ..... And Start All Over Again (UPDATE) - 05/25/08 04:01 PM
With sales considerably lower from the start of last year, it was imperative that I regroup and make a new plan for this year. Not only did my business slow but it was also compounded with a few of life's challenges; so restructuring our household, our lives and keeping our sanity was top priority.
Throughout our travels in this game called life we all have challenges thrown across our nicely paved roads, and I am no exception. The trick to succeeding in life is how we all will handle these curve balls that life throws us and continue on our merry … (44 comments)

activerain success story: LIVE on VIDEO: A Hawaii Military Relocation Story Comes to Life - 04/09/08 12:10 PM
Real Estate Industry professionals have continuously evolved with marketing techniques on the internet. We started with websites. Then Web 2.0 and blogs and a lot of other internet savvy tools. Now....we have live video that surely brings each event full face with real movement, real voices, real people and an account of what we are presenting to the public and the consumer.
Advertising in the newspaper is costly and doesn't give the consumer anything but....words. Advertising to me is not so much about how much the professional has sold or made. It's about WHAT THAT AGENT WILL DO FOR YOU! 
It's about listening to the client's wants, … (58 comments)

activerain success story: I Went Out and Got a Life! A Life of Success! - 04/03/08 12:53 PM
I often sit and ponder ...on this thing called life. Back then...and now. My life now surely is unlike when I was younger. Gung Ho! Sporadic, impulsive, not consistent, spur of the moment and a radical gal with a rebel attitude.
Nothing could touch me (I thought) and I was invinsible (I thought) and not replaceable (I thought). 
That's what I get for thinking!
My beliefs instilled; taught by my parents, and most likely passed on from their parents through generations of what they all believed...what was best for us. At some point, I became an adult and changed my beliefs to suit my own needs....or maybe not.
My life … (57 comments)

activerain success story: One Year in ActiveRain: Time & Effort Equals Success - 03/09/08 07:38 AM
Not too long ago Rich Jacobson -Community Builder of ActiveRain asked us to write our  "Testimonials in the Rain" - What's YOUR Story?    A lot of my time here can be measured in this ActiveRain Community Building assignment ActiveRain Community Building: My "Testimonial in the Rain"  My first directly related to ActiveRain closing. Many leads but first closing and I am proud.
My most profound experiences on ActiveRain I wrote here: Looking Back on 2007: Giving Back to the Community  and it is there that I give credit and appreciation to new and old members for contributing to this community. I also stated, "If it is … (94 comments)

activerain success story: ActiveRain Community Building: My "Testimonial in the Rain" **UPDATE** - 01/23/08 01:51 AM
Rich Jacobson wanted to inspire us to do a little "community building" and he said, "Create a post that tells us what you've experienced, what you've learned; how you've benefited from your participation here; the friendships you've made; the ways you've grown personally". Read more of Rich's inspiring post here:  "Testimonials in the Rain" - What's YOUR Story? And join in on the comaraderie and community building.    (they changed it from building lol) 
ActiveRain introduced me to a REAL Estate Network to Blog for Business, to blog for conversation with my peers and to read informational and localized posts for all others areas and neighborhoods. ActiveRain is an all in … (71 comments)

activerain success story: There's No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here! - 12/27/07 10:36 AM
**Success is in the Eye of the Beholder** is the story I wrote on November 11, 2007 about the children's Disney movie  "Ratatouille". Basically, I stated, "The reason my husband and I continuously watch "children's" movies are because they are entertaining as well as they ALWAYS have a lesson to be learned".
On Christmas Day we had gone to Blockbuster to grab the movie "Underdog" to watch after we ate our late lunch with the family.
I have always believed in the Underdog and hold strong to the meaning behind the character. Underdog to me represented the good guy but not the most suave kind of … (78 comments)

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