century 21 mililani: Create a Your Own Real Estate Newspaper at FeedJournal - 11/21/10 08:45 AM
I subscribed to FeedJournal a while back and didn't do a whole lot beside fiddle for a couple of minutes. I  decided to check it out this morning and actually do something with it.  It's free to try, so why not? 

What it is:  FeedJournal is a site where you can create internet content into a ‘newspaper' or ‘newsletter' into a pdf file to send to clients, friends, family and so forth. 
Think this might interest you?  Sign up for a free account now!

You'll first have to get a ‘feed' for your ActiveRain Blog and one of the places you can … (27 comments)

century 21 mililani: Honolulu Real Estate | Hawaii Homes Market Report July 2009 - 08/05/09 01:48 PM
Honolulu County Real Estate Housing Market Numbers
JULY 2009  
Honolulu County Hawaii Homes Market Statistics for JULY 2009  definitely shows an increase in activity and sales prices. Our market is stabilizing and we do believe we just may have bottomed out.
In the Honolulu Real Estate | Market Report for June 2009 our sales numbers for single family homes showed an increase from 225 in May to 254 in June. Now for July we have had 265 sales and the Median Sales price rose from $569,000 in June to $595,000 in July!  An increase upwards of 4.6% in sales prices and upwards … (9 comments)

century 21 mililani: Mililani Real Estate and Housing Market - Sales Numbers Climbing! - 04/26/09 12:16 PM
In 1971 my family moved to Mililani and it was in the beginning stages of a 40 year Master Planned Community development of single family homes, condos and townhouses with the first homes built in 1968. 
My children went through their school years in Mililani (they're adults now) and my mom still lives in the same house bought in 1971.
I remember when....
Miililani is centrally located to all military bases on the island and 5-10 minutes from Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield, 20-25 minutes to Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor Navy Base and over the H-3 to Kaneohe Marine Corp Air … (9 comments)

century 21 mililani: Featuring - New & Improved Hawaii Homes Market - 04/11/09 05:42 PM
After months and months of diligently working on my new website I got to the point...right now... to finally publish it and share it with you all.  I humbly request your consideration to view my website www.hawaiihomesmarket.com and give me your expert advice for any changes that I may need to do.
Below is a screen shot of my Photo Gallery and I intend to add more photos as well as some of my shows created from www.realestateshows.com.

Website created by Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, with Microsoft Expressions Web 2
I did it all by myself....for that I am proud.
So...what … (26 comments)

century 21 mililani: A 'Different' Approach for My Listings & Open Houses - 01/22/09 01:57 PM

This Sunday I will be holding an Open House for my Hilldale Listing in Mililani Mauka and decided that I wanted to use my show I created through www.realestateshows.com to pass out to the consumer on cd.
I also wanted to create the disk MY way :) (you can order the cd's from RES as well) so I had my husband burn it to cd. Since we have a cd printer he created (with my supervision) the picture that would display on the cd.
With four pictures on the cd and the name of the complex on the top and … (116 comments)

century 21 mililani: Mililani Hawaii Home for Sale, 95-091 Waipuka Place - 05/11/08 03:07 PM
SOLD! Mililani Home for Sale - Waipuka Place 95-091 Waipuka Place, Mililani, HI 96789 View Map Built in 1985, this four bedroom 2 bath home with double wall construction is a rare listing in this neighborhood. Located on the front side of Mililani-Waipio Valley with private mountainside in the rear of the property. Don't let the square footage under the roof fool you; with a flowing floor plan you'll see why! The living/dining/kitchen area is open for that cool breeze that flows straight through from front to back. The bedrooms are separated from the front living area w/ a long hallway … (17 comments)

century 21 mililani: What's in Your Wallet? - 11/27/07 04:07 AM

I am proud to be part of Century 21 and of our office, Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii. I am proud to be a Realtor Associate® and what I stand for in the Real Estate Industry. I AM a Professional. 
A Professional Attitude.... Brings a "Professional Salesperson" to the Table
But....that's not what this is about anyway.... :)
Over the weekend I got a head/chest cold/flu and had someone else work in Admin. for me yesterday (I also work part time for our office :) I spent all day printing out Holiday Cards for clients, family and friends, set appointments for showing a buyer … (59 comments)

century 21 mililani: Waimea Valley: History Uncovered, Preserved and Protected - 10/09/07 07:20 AM

www.localism.com featured post
Learning about the history and culture of the area you are planning on relocating to is surely a must!  
Waimea Bay is located on the North Shore on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. During the winter months the waves can get as high as thirty feet where some surfers dare to brave riding the wild surf. During the summer months the water is calm and great for swimming and snorkeling.
Follow the permanent river from the ocean of Waimea Bay into Waimea Valley and there is an astounding amount of history and over 80% of the archaeological sites in this valley have still not been uncovered.
Waimea was … (38 comments)

century 21 mililani: Relocating to Oahu, Hawaii? A Glimpse into Old Town Wahiawa - 09/13/07 06:15 AM
Wahiawa (Wha hee a wha) town on Oahu is an old neighborhood in Central Oahu and about 5 minutes from Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Field. 
Wahiawa Botanical Garden is located half way up Wahiawa Heights on California Avenue. It is a 27 acre Tropical Rain Forest and the deepest part of the ravine is 47 feet. Much effort has been made over the years to get the collection of native Hawaiian plants they have today.
A little history:In the 1920's the Hawaii Sugar Planter's Association leased this site for experimental tree planting and this property was transferred to the City and County of Honolulu … (36 comments)

century 21 mililani: Survival of the Fittest Realtors®! - 08/24/07 11:47 AM
A Realtor® abides by the Code of Ethics and I also believe we stand for more than just a bunch of words. We carry ourselves with a professional attitude that reflects on other people. We go above and beyond the call of duty and think in the best interests of our clients and others we come in contact with in our industry.
Neal Bloom wrote an article on Advertising yourself as a multi-million dollar producer...but are you really one? In my book it doesn't even matter how much money you make if you are not serving your clients best interests. It matters how … (46 comments)

century 21 mililani: Schofield Barracks, Hawaii's Fallen Soldiers - 08/24/07 04:34 AM
The military based here on Schofield Barracks (which is about 5-10 monutes from our Mililani office) and Wheeler Army Air Base are constantly on our minds daily. The majority of our clients and our tenants for our office rentals are military. A lot of them deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan who have families here. Who have babies that have never seen their mom or dad yet. That we are in constant contact with every day.
A Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Iraq on Wednesday and we all were waiting word to hear if we knew any of them. Two of my clients that are … (18 comments)

century 21 mililani: A Professional Attitude.... Brings a "Professional Salesperson" to the Table - 08/09/07 05:22 PM
All the media coverage that has been portrayed in triplicate by different actors at different times will not necessarily dictate the true nature of the individual REALTOR® that each client or customer will deal with on a daily basis. What will determine our success as a whole, is our professional attitude and behavior and how we conduct ourselves in our sales, our interactions with the general public and our peers.
It is a fact that the media "sells" news and we all know that the professional that obliges by going in front of the camera may be:
Great actors and/or actresses and comfortable in front of the limelight orVery knowledgeable and quick witted … (55 comments)

century 21 mililani: Oahu, Hawaii: Waipio Gentry, Pearl City, Aiea - 08/07/07 12:51 PM

Waipio Gentry is centrally located on the island of Oahu and has about 3363 units that are mainly single family dwellings and townhomes.  There are a couple of business areas and we are located 5 minutes south of Mililani and 5 minutes north of Pearl City.
The picture to the left is the walking jogging path located at the edge of our complex and it extends over a mile and leads down to the shopping center.
The colorful tree lined street to the right is Waipio Uka Street and is one of the main streets in Waipio Gentry that will take me to … (34 comments)

century 21 mililani: The Hawaii Real Estate Agent - 07/18/07 04:33 PM
What if we could turn back time? Would I change anything or would I have done things differently in my Real Estate Business if I could turn back time? Through all the trials and tribulations that I have gone through up until this point in my career; is this where I am supposed to be at this place and time?  Of course it is!
Every situation has an outcome. I choose (key word being choose) to have every transaction have some kind of learning experience from it. No matter what way I look at things it HAS to have a positive outcome. Even if the transaction should not turn out the … (40 comments)

century 21 mililani: Mr. "W" and The "Loyal Client" Transaction: WEEK TWO - 07/12/07 05:04 PM
It never ceases to amaze me how a transaction can be going VERY smoothly and ALWAYS hit a couple of snags along the way. It will ALWAYS be up to me in how I handle the situation regarding my attitude and being proactive as a "Professional" in the Real Estate Industry. I mean....no transaction is perfect, right?
First of all, if you have not read the previous stories on the "Loyal Client" you can read them here:  A Hawaii Real Estate Story: The Faithful and Loyal Client  (6/30/07); MAKING the Transaction WORK! (The Loyal Client Update) (7/3/07); No Professional Home Inspection?! (7/5/07) … (38 comments)

century 21 mililani: Mililani, Hawaii: Info and Pictures - 07/01/07 08:24 AM
www.localism.com  Featured Poat
We moved to Mililani when I was 14 years old and a couple of years after this Master Planned Community started building. It is almost finished now after 35 years of "growing" ....including the Mauka side of Mililani which is across the H-2 freeway.
We have 7 recreation centers (5 of which have pools) tennis/basketball courts, 3 shopping centers with a 14 plex theater and MANY shops and restaurants. We have it all here in Central Oahu!
Picture to the left is taken from Mililani Mauka on 6/30/2007 looking to the Waianae Mountain Range.
This past Saturday afternoon (6/30/2007) we went … (40 comments)

century 21 mililani: The Rewards? Smooth Transaction and Happy Clients - 06/28/07 06:28 AM
The rewards lie at the end of a transaction that went all too well! Don't you all feel that "feeling" when the client's were just so wonderful and listened to everything you said, and did everything you instructed them to do? Don't you get that "feeling" when both sides (buyer/seller) have no problems getting everything done in a timely manner? We all go through horrendous transactions and the ones that will always stand out (positively) are ones that go off without a hitch.
In Hawaii, we surely have different Real Estate Laws than other state and I am very sure (after reading many a post on Active Rain) that all … (55 comments)

century 21 mililani: Makakilo, Hawaii-A Mountain Community - 06/24/07 06:10 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Makakilo was on my agenda for  today because I did an Open House to help out a fellow agent who is in Japan. So, I took advantage of the scenery to take pictures as well as bring you some information about the Community of Makakilo. (the picture to the right is a beautiful blooming Plumeria Tree in the front yard of the home)
Makakilo is located on the southern end of the slopes of the Waiʻanae mountain above the city of Kapolei. The freeway divides the newer developed Kapolei (ocean side) from Makakilo.
Some history indicates that Pu'u (hill or mountain) Makakilo ("Maka" means eyes; … (24 comments)

century 21 mililani: Localism Client! Rewards of Posting Good Content! - 06/24/07 06:06 AM

And you want to know how Active Rain and Localism help your business? Write good content! Last Monday I received a call from a woman and she asked me some questions regarding homes for sale. We chatted for awhile and I took some information down so I could set her up with auto listings from our MLS site with the criteria she gave me.
I was going to give her my other information when she said it wouldn't be necessary. (WHY?) She then told me she already checked me out and had printed my info from the site she had found my … (37 comments)

century 21 mililani: The History of Surfing in Hawaii: Hang Five Braddah! - 06/15/07 02:41 PM
Everyone knows what surfing is right? Riding the big waves! Getting in the tubes! Well, we know what is is like now with reknowned famous surfing championships at all the world's finest surfing spots. How about "way back in the day"?
As far back as 1779, there was documentation from Captain King (who wrote in his journal back in the day of Captain Cook's voyages) who proclaimed that the "natives" chose stormy swells to run out with their slim boards that were rounded at the ends. When they battled the waves to get out further they turned around and layed lengthwise on … (12 comments)

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