games people play: Poaching Clients and Showing Cleavage? - 04/19/11 12:08 PM
We have seen  all sides of the business.  We continuously see the good vs. bad, the positive vs. negative, the apple and the orange. Oh, goodness, but what about the ugly?  The class where you just shake your head in disbelief.
The truth is that we see all kinds in any walks of life.
It's not just the real estate industry!
Whew!  I thought I was losing my mind when I heard this story. Come on folks- this island is just too small to hear the nitty gritty about another agent.  NO, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO ME but if I heard … (30 comments)

games people play: Hawaii’s Visitors and Residents | BE SAFE Not Sorry - 03/23/11 10:52 AM
Remember when the movie "Jaws" first came out in 1975?  Okay, most of you may not have been born yet but it was a pretty scary movie for me.  All my years prior I was a ‘beach freak' and you could always catch me on the beach at Laniakea. I would also go swimming far enough out that I could float on my back and just hear a little ripple of the waves on a nice summer day.
It all came to a screeching halt after that movie and I would only go in shallow water just to ‘cool off'.
A … (10 comments)

games people play: You ARE STEALING When You Take MY Content! It's Called PLAGIARISM! - 03/08/11 03:57 PM
I thought I'd do a little Copyscape (Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software) to check if anyone was STEALING my posts, website content and so forth.
Oh goodness! Word for word except substituting San Antonio for Hawaii!  I felt ill to my stomach (for real) and felt like someone just broke into my home and invaded my privacy!  That's what it feels like when you take something from me without my permission.
This post I wrote Top Ten Concerns for the Hawaii Home Seller I originally wrote 08/17/2010 here on ACTIVERAIN and also decided to use it on my … (92 comments)

games people play: When a Home Seller Backs Out of a Binding Contract - 02/11/11 03:52 AM
Of course we can't ‘make' anyone do a darn thing. It's just the law of being a human being and it applies to us no matter through our business or life.  We do however have the ability to control our own self. No matter what the situation is the outcome will be in how we handle it.
We all have gone through similar situations though and it doesn't make us any less human to ‘feel' the emotion when a transaction goes south.  It brings to mind how we will never have any two transactions alike and how we conduct ourselves as … (20 comments)

games people play: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Fellow Agents Love to Work With YOU....or NOT - 12/01/10 01:47 PM
I'm sure we've all encountered our share of the agents (including, but not limited to- real estate agents, loan officers, home inspectors, escrow officers, termite inspectors , all involved in a transaction) whom we cringe at the very mention of their name- after that horrendous time we had to work on the other side of them.  (Boy, that was a "mouthful" in one sentence wasn't it?)
Needless to say we know that in order for a transaction to run its course smoothly we all work together as a team.  We are real estate professionals that think in the best interests of … (9 comments)

games people play: Sound Advice or Shall They Shoot the Messenger? - 11/15/10 01:21 PM
We all would like to be in control of our clients, right?  Wrong. Over the course of my online musings I've seen many a time where the agent is saying they "tell" the other agent what they would do in a situation such as putting in an offer, accepting an offer and so forth.  They blatantly say they tell the other agent this, that and the other.
What happened to the seller or buyer and their option to make the decision?
We ‘guide' and ‘advise' our clients while negotiating a contract. The seller's agent lets the seller know what they are … (36 comments)

games people play: Do You Turn a Blind Eye? - 09/07/10 08:24 PM

There are good and bad in all walks of life.
WE all know that.
It's a part of being human when we understand that being human includes not being perfect. There are no two people alike; no two minds thinking the same. Opinions from each human being are like apples and oranges that twist to suit the thoughts that come from ingrained beliefs.
So, what happens to our real estate industry when those ‘walks of life' that we don't agree with seemingly creep into the cracks of ethical walls?  For example: Back in the day, like in high school, you're … (17 comments)

games people play: Do You Remember Where You Came From? - 08/04/10 01:41 PM
A while back I wrote a post  Remember That We ALL Started Somewhere in Real Estate because real estate is a continuous learning process. We all start from the bottom and work our way up to be who we are today.
No matter what part of the real estate industry we are in, we ALL have started from the bottom.
Remembering where we come from allows us to have compassion, patience and understanding with those that we work with in our industry. It allows us to continue to help others who are starting from the bottom and we allow for the … (75 comments)

games people play: Isn't It the Lender Who Decides DEBT FORGIVENESS? - 06/20/10 10:51 AM
Along  my path in the real estate industry I learn and continue to learn. I know that going above and beyond and being a detailed Realtor Associate® leaves me respected by many.  I came into the market at the start of the boom and weathered the storm during the downturn and I am at the point in my career where I am ‘stable'.
I make a good living, I make sure to allot time for me, time for family and I certainly do not take on more than I can handle. I have control issues (which I'm sure many will agree … (43 comments)

games people play: Shake Your Bootie - 05/30/10 01:36 PM
All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong? ..... Beatles
ActiveRain is a huge REAL estate network and at times when I want to stick out my tongue at all the meanies ....this Hula Fairy below will suffice.  Use your imagination :)

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman is a Realtor-Associate with Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Hawaii. With a sharp understanding that a listening ear is the key to a client's needs  she serves all Hawaii Home Buyers and Sellers on the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) including all Hawaii Military Relocating to Hawaii, Hawaii Retirees, Hawaii Job Transfers and Hawaii … (5 comments)

games people play: Being Positive Doesn’t Mean I Let YOU Walk All Over Me - 05/27/10 02:26 PM
You know, many would think that when others have a positive attitude towards business, and life in general, is a means to try and trample over those without regard to how they affect them. That is not so and the positive are not weak in nature to begin with.
I have long since learned that a positive outlook doesn't mean I just follow others around and keep in tune with the "Joneses" but to be direct and honest WITH regard to my intent that in doing so I am not affecting others in a negative way. On the flip side, I … (72 comments)

games people play: The Road to RUIN or Success in Real Estate – YOU CHOOSE - 04/21/10 08:16 AM
Honolulu County IS the island of Oahu. We're just one island of the chain of Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  In other words, we aren't a huge state like the vast Continental United States and obviously it's not hard to run into people we know from time to time.
I don't know about some, but many of us in the Real Estate Industry REALIZE that our reputation is all we have on such a small island. Stepping on another's toes, giving phone call slaps or virtual smacks for the sake of being "competitive" is a no-no … (60 comments)

games people play: Stress-Less Your Home Buying Experience - 03/07/10 01:41 PM
Are you wanting to make your Home Buying experience a less stressful? How about a pain free transaction?  A loan process that requires no kinks or last minute documentation?  Or how's about a ‘perfect' escrow officer and a home inspector that only charges $2.00?
I'm here to tell you to wash away that mindset that everything in your Home Buying Experience should pull off without any quirks and qualms.  As human beings, we are not perfect anyway. We all will make a mistake at some point in our lives and being realistic is knowing that EVERYONE WILL NOT THINK LIKE YOU.

games people play: Are You Left In Awe When You FINALLY See the Property in Question? - 01/30/10 03:01 AM
I'm sure many have read those listing descriptions that just leave you in awe when you get to the property...only to be embarrassed in front of the buyer. Over the last couple years the list has grown and wondering if you all have anything to add to it?
It's a great reminder to those that try and cover up what's really going on that to waste someone's time without an accurate description is not going to sell that property.
Spacious -  Enough for the dog maybe Peek a Boo Ocean View- If you go to the bathroom window upstairs an look from … (25 comments)

games people play: Competing for List Price? In all Seriousness … I think NOT. - 01/15/10 09:06 AM
We are competitors with others in our field of expertise and being knowledgeable, detailed, patient and straightforward are some of the greatest attributes one can have.  There is no competition when I'm competing against those that think the opposite.
Representing a Seller can at times take a toll on the mind and struggling to keep a happy medium becomes a priority.  While grasping at straws to recoup the money invested in a home at the height of the market it becomes a saddened affair when they realize it isn't going to happen.
As a down to earth and straightforward person(who by … (81 comments)

games people play: Customs, Origins, Ethnicities and an Open Mind - 11/24/09 02:46 AM
In a large forum such as ActiveRain, we will run across many views and opinions from each member. Being mindful of another's customs are surely a sign of respect for another group of people ‘who are not like you'.  After seeing a few news articles and then seeing  Terry Chenier's post about a Japanese custom it inspired me to write my thoughts down.
I've traveled the world with my dad (Navy) and with my children's father (Air Force) and have been around many different cultures.  I expanded my mind to learn new ways of living in Japan, Philippines, Turkey and all … (34 comments)

games people play: I Just Don't Understand..... - 11/04/09 03:20 AM
I received this email a couple days ago and saved it so I could keep reading it. Before I continue ...this person is a Hawaii licensed real estate agent and a member of our board /mls. 
I have my own opinions about this scenario and keep wondering why a licensed agent and member of our board/mls would want others to look for property when they have access to the mls?
PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR LOOKING FOR PROPERTIES Hi, my name is XXXXXXXX and I am an investor in the local area.  Due to the current economic conditions, I have decided … (32 comments)

games people play: How Does It Feel To Be a Plagiarizer? - 10/21/09 02:21 PM
We blog so we can give the consumer information regarding the Real Estate Industry, our Local Areas, Businesses while giving them a bit about ourselves. It's a shame when one of those consumers reads something and then Googles it to look for other articles and finds out it's on another website too...written by another person. Or they see the same picture from one author or site and then see it on another. Shame, shame, shame.
 It's's plagiarism and you could be sued or heavily fined!
We talk about transparency and writing as if we're 'talking' with the person. Through our … (123 comments)

games people play: Gaming Gary - 10/17/09 11:10 AM
Once in awhile my husband and I catch each other on video. Don't you agree that when someone doesn't's that much more entertaining real? The following is what he does after a long days work while I'm blogging.
Take note of the whole set up. He's playing the "Need for Speed- Shift" game...but no...does he just stop there? Of course not! He gets the steering wheel and the pedals too!!
He used to tease me about blogging....but I keep telling blogging brings business....his games?  Ahhhhh, watch the end....what a kid. :)

games people play: Semantics on Words for Showing Appointments? - 08/31/09 05:01 AM
I'm going down the home stretch in getting showing appointments ready for Hawaii Military Relocation clients. We all have our HORROR stories with no responses for email and showing requests but I ran across something that has me, my broker and other agents I've asked......stumped.
It took one week for an agent to respond to my calls and emails....with a simple one line answer that there will be an "open house' on that day (the first showing) for a property that was just bought in 2007 for a 150k more than the listing price. I repeatedly asked by email (no phone responses) if it was a short sale.
Finally, the listing … (21 comments)

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